Diablo III - Book of Tyrael

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    Hey Guys!

    I just received my Book of Tyrael in the mail today, and i wanted to share with you some pictures i took.

    Hope you enjoy. :)

    Diablo III - Book of Tyrael on Flickr
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    Your thoughts about it? Worth reading? Some New information?
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    amazon shipped my book, but long way from the us to europe, didnt want it from eu amazon, because i wanted the engl version and on uk its a hell lot more expensive because of there stupid shipment
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    I'm still reading the book, but so far, i can tell that it helps a lot in the Lore for the Expansion.

    It tells the story and background of Adria, how the Black Soulstone was created, Zoltun Kulle's Past, the new Mortal Life of Tyrael, on Tyrael becoming the "Archangel" of Wisdom and that's as far as i got. :D

    But its as good as the first one, and it creates a foundation for the coming storyline. It's great.
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    Now if only blizzard could work out a way to let me use my earned Battle.net account money to buy this from the Blizzard store... So silly that they could not make that work...
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    I got the book of Tyrael on Friday and I read it all in one day was really cool and interesting :)
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    I really enjoyed this.

    This is actually the kind of thing I miss from the older Blizzard games. I remember when the games came with a manual that was a bloody text book, stuffed full of random lore. Now we get tiny little things.
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    ^^I loved manuals like that :D
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