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    This is a complete rundown of the three books in the Sin War novels: - Birthright Birthright, - Scales of the Serpent Scales of the Serpent and - The Veiled Prophet The Veiled Prophet. It contains full lists of character appearances, a brief rundown on what happens in each chapter and dedicated sections with everything of importance to the lore of Diablo clearly outlined.

    Spoiler Warning: This post contains every possible spoiler from the books, so if you do not with to read any spoilers you should not read any more beyond this.

    Pages: The pages of the book which the chapter spans.
    POV (Point-of-View): Lists all the beings that narrate the chapter. Characters are listed in order of narration and may appear more than once if they narrate more than once.
    Characters: Characters who are physically present in the chapter. Characters who might be there but who are never mentioned are not listed. Characters are listed alphabetically.
    Mentioned Characters: People and beings referred to or mentioned in the chapter. If Mephisto is mentioned, if only in passing, he is listed. If Lucion is called "Son of Mephisto", Mephisto is however not listed, since his name was only used to refer to Lucion in that case. Characters appear alphabetically.
    Locations: Physical locations in which the events of the chapter take place. Does not include mentioned places. Appear in order to appearance.

    Important points: Lists things that are of value in the chapter in terms of lore. Divided into several subgroups for easy reading.
    • Characters: Anything involving characters of the story that doesn't touch on the other points. Mostly descriptions, events and feelings.
    • Cosmology: Anything that deals with the grander scheme. Mostly angels, demons and Trag'Oul. Most mentions of powers or lore questions also end up here.
    • Monsters: Mentions and descriptions of monsters. Kind of in the middle between Characters and Cosmology, mostly used to describe demons.
    • Organizations: Things related to the Triune, Cathedral and mage clans mostly.
    • Sanctuary: Things about Sanctuary itself that are mentioned. Geography, wildlife, directions etc.
    • Other: Things that do not fit elsewhere. Also points that are important events in the timeline of the story, but which are of little interest outside of the story. The moment of Malic's resurrection is one example.

    Note: Several characters have multiple persona in the books. These are:
    • Inarius/The Prophet
    • Lilith/Lylia
    • Lilith/Serenthia during parts of Scales of the Serpent
    • Malic and Durram/Terul/Zorun Tzin/Amolia/Oris
    I only list the persona physically there. That means if Inarius appears solely in his human form in a chapter, only the Prophet is included in the character listing. If be appears as both, the both are listed. The same goes for the Lilith/Lylia combination.

    In the case of Lilith/Serenthia, only Serenthia is listed for as long as no one in the book is aware that Lilith is in fact possessing her (chapters 1-10).

    Malic kills whomever he possesses instantly, and so if he appears in a chapter in another's body, only Malic is noted down in under characters. - PlugY PlugY for Diablo II allows you to reset skills and stats, transfer items between characters in singleplayer, obtain all ladder runewords and do all Uberquests while offline. It is the only way to do all of the above. Please use it.

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    Pages: 1
    POV: -
    Characters: -
    Locations: -
    Mentioned Characters: Baal, Diablo, Inarius, Kalan, Mephisto, Rathma, Uldyssian

    A one-page intro the story of the Sin War novels. Mentions are made of the Burning Hells, the High Heavens, Sanctuary and the Sin War, but no further explanation on these subjects is presented.

    Important Points:
    • "The world was young, then, and only a few knew it as Sanctuary or knew that not only did angels and demons exist, but some of them had caused Sanctuary to be in the first place."

    Pages: 3-16
    POV: Uldyssian
    Characters: Atilus, Cyrus, Lylia, Serenthia, Tibion
    Locations: Seram, The Boar's Head
    Mentioned Characters: Achilios, Bala, Caligio, Dialon, Diomedes, Mendeln, Mefis, the Prophet, Thiel

    Uldyssian is introduced as a character, as is Serenthia and Lylia. Uldyssians personality and distrust of religions is established, as well as his beginning passion for Lylia and Serenthia's interest in him.

    Important Points:
    • Uldyssian is just over 6 feet tall (1.85m).
    • Tibion is senior to Uldyssian, but probably not old, and knew Diomedes.
    • Serenthia has blue eyes, ivory skin nad red lips. She is more than 10 years younger than Uldyssian.
    • Achilios is the best hunter in Seram.
    • Lylia has golden hair, green eyes, ivory skin and thin lips.
    • Uldyssian can read and write, but it seems not all can.
    • Serenthia's eldest brother is named Thiel.
    • Atilus and Caligio are priests of Bala and Dialon (or the other way around).
    • Triune Missionaries work in teams of three.
    • Recent mage clan infighting has created a power vacuum that the Cathedral and Triune are trying to exploit.
    • Cahtedral and Truine preach about angels and demons.
    • The Boar's Head is the only tavern in Seram.
    • Seram lies to the west of Kehjan.
    • About 200 people live in Seram. There is a smithy, meeting house, trading staion and guard quarters as well as houses.
    • Steel is not common in Seram. It is not used in tools for example.
    • Kehjan is called "The Jewel" of the eastern half of the world.
    • Tulisam is the nearest town to Seram, with at least 1,000 inhabitants.
    • Judiciary leader of Kehjan is titulated High Magistrate.
    • Military leader of Kehjan is titulated Lord General.
    • Uldyssian's family died of plague ten years prior to the books: parents, one elder brother and two sisters.

    Pages: 17-32
    POV: Mendeln, Uldyssian
    Characters: Achilios, Lylia
    Locations: Woods outside of Seram, Seram
    Mentioned Characters: Aronius, Caligio, Cyrus, Dorius, Gemmel, Jorilia, Lylia, Serenthia, Tiberius, Tibion

    Mendeln is introduced, as well as Achilios. Uldyssian's brother is portrayed as a little bit of an outcast. Not distrusted, but clearly different from farm folk. His interest in studying as well as his quick mind is shown. Achilios is presented as a talented and calm hunter.

    Lylia's charm over Uldyssian is further revealed. He finds a dead man in the woods, which turns out to be Caligio. Lylia faints, and Uldyssian brings her back to the village and the inn. There he is accused of being the murderer of a priest of the Truine who also wound up dead. He was killed with Uldyssian's knife.

    Important Points:
    • Mendeln in nine years younger than Uldyssian.
    • Uldyssian has so alike to his father that they could be mistaken for twins.
    • Mendeln is half a foot shorter than Uldyssian (5' 6'', 170 cm), he has a more narrow body type, and his eyes are black.
    • Achilios is blond and wiry, almost as tall as Uldyssian.
    • Achilios is a better bowman than anyone he's encountered, including traveling guardsmen.
    • Achilios is "more than half a decade" older than Meldeln.
    • Achilios possesses great sight.
    • Tiberius is the captain of the guard in Seram.
    • Dorius is the leader of the village.
    • Jorilia is the healer woman of Seram. She is old. She is believed to be a witch, but most likely only possesses healing power through herbs and ointments.
    • Aronius murdered his stepson Gemmel while drunk four years past in Seram. Aronius was exiled from the village to "the great city" to pay for his crimes.
    • Dorius was a friend of Diomedes.
    • Achilios finds a black stoneslab that glistens of silver. He shows it to Mendeln. He senses agelessness about it, while Achilios senses death.

    Pages: 33-47
    POV: Serenthia, Uldyssian
    Characters: Achilios, Lylia, Mikelius, Tiberius
    Locations: Seram
    Mentioned Characters: Cyrus, Dorius, Justivia, Marcus ul-Amphed, Mendeln

    Uldyssian is locked up in a prison cell in Seram. Desperate to get out, the cell magically unlocks itself. Scared by the event, Uldyssian freezes just as Tiberius walks in and sees the open cell door. The captain believes Uldyssian is innocent however.

    Lylia visits and starts to entice him and turn him against the church and temple. She warns him of the danger or inquisitors and peace warders appearing, and convinces him to stand up for himself rather than cower.

    Serenthia is about to visit Uldyssian, but hides when she sees Lylia and instead meets Achilios. At the same time, a party of Inquisitors reach the village. The master inquisitor is taken to the grave of the dead missionary, but it is revealed to have been desecrated somehow since the burial.

    Important Points:
    • Justivio is the second son of Marcus ul-Amphed in Seram.
    • Mikelius is a master inquisitor.
    • Inquisitors wear silver robes and breastplates with a golden sunburst set in the middle of the latter.
    • Master Inquisitor is a rank within the Inquisitors.
    • Tulisam is the nearest place where a permanent presence of the Cathedral and Triune exists.

    Pages: 48-63
    POV: Malic, Mendeln, Uldyssian
    Characters: Achilios, Lylia, Mikelius, the Primus, Serenthia, Tiberius
    Locations: Wood outside of Seram, Seram, the Grand Temple of the Triune
    Mentioned Characters: -

    Mendeln starts to have frequent blackouts during which he has visions from the mysterious killer that's loose. He also finds himself stained with dirt.

    Uldyssian is taken from his cell and given to the Cathedral, who want to question him.

    With the Master Inquisitor taking charge, Uldyssian is certain there is no escape for him when a furious storm quickly erupts and a lightning bolt strikes Mikelius in the village square, killing him. Uldyssian is mysteriously freed from his bonds, and the wind covers his and Lylia's escape into the woods.

    Lylia bruises her ankle, and Uldyssian appears to heal it, which he tries to deny but cannot explain any other way. He also seems to clear the storm above Seram by willing it.

    The Primus notices the events in Seram from his chamber in the grand temple as they take place.

    Important Points:
    • The Grand Temple of the Triune is located 2 days ride south of Kehjan.
    • There are three high priests, and the one of Mefis is the highest of them.
    • There is someone called a Procurator General in Kehjan. Unknown what his position and powers are.
    • Mikelius seems to recognize Lylia from somewhere.

    Pages: 64-79
    POV: Achilios, Mendeln, Uldyssian
    Characters: Cyrus, Dorius, Serenthia, Tibion
    Locations: Woods outside Seram, Seram
    Mentioned Characters: Lylia, Tiberius, Uldyssian

    As the storm crashes down on Seram, Cyrus is killed by a roof ripped of a house. He and Serenthia race out of the village to save themselves. Out in the woods, Achilios tries to track Uldyssian.

    Mendeln is at the same time at the edge of the village where the storm mysteriously stops. He enters the village once the storm has died, and begins to see and hear ghosts, though he does not realize it. The Inquisitors still alive seize control of the village and flogg Mendeln for being Uldyssian's brother.

    Uldyssian, sensing that his brother is in danger, races back to the village, where the weapons of two inquisitors turn against their own masters and kill them. The other guards are burned alive. Believing that Uldyssian is a monster, the villagers try to kill him with arrows, but he flees with Lylia, Mendeln, Achilios and Serenthia to the south-east.

    Important Points:
    • Cyrus dies
    • Achilios is hinted to have some special ability which allows him to track without actually seeing any tracks.

    Pages: 80-96
    POV: Uldyssian, Mendeln, Malic
    Characters: Achilios, Lylia, Serenthia
    Locations: Woods somewhere south-east of Seram
    Mentioned Characters: -

    Setting up camp in the woods, the split up to search for food. Lylia follows Uldyssian and continues to seduce him into using his powers and preaching to others. Uldyssian is wary, but she convinces him.

    Achilios accidentally reveals to Serenthia that her father is dead, and Mendeln leaves the camp where he spots a figure in black robes. Shortly thereafter, a monster attacks Mendeln. Achilios and Serenthia come to help him, but to not avail. The ground however swallows the demon. Serenthia is wounded, but Uldyssian appears to heal her. Lylia tries to blame the demon for the murders in Seram, but Mendeln is not convinced.

    Malic was the one who sent the demon to determine who he was hunting. He is days away from Uldyssian, but starts to ride towards his quarry.

    Important Points:
    • Mendeln encounters a monster that seems similar to a - Scavenger Scavenger (my interpretaion), but with more eyes and a thicker tail. It has a thick hide. He was sent by Lucion.

    Pages: 97-111
    POV: Serenthia, Uldyssian
    Characters: Achilios, Lylia, Malic, Mendeln, Rondo
    Locations: Heading towards Kehjan, Partha
    Mentioned Characters: Cyrus, Thiel

    The party heads off towards Partha and makes camp for the night. Uldyssian is starting to listen to Lylia more and more. No one else has uet shown any powers, so he tries to awaken it in Serethia. It succeeds, but Serenthia does not seem to like it.

    Lylia tries to talk to her the next day, but Serenthia panics and flees into the woods. There she encounters the group of Peace Warders that are led by Malic. He tries to trick Serenthia into taking him to Uldyssian, but she refuses, and he resorts to force instead.

    Important Points:
    • A truce between the mage clans is currently in effect.
    • Partha is larget than Tulisam and lies on the route that connects Kehjan to the largest seaports.

    Pages: 48-63
    POV: Malic, Uldyssian
    Characters: Achilios, Lylia, Malic, Mendeln, Rondo, Serenthia
    Locations: Heading towards Kehjan
    Mentioned Characters: Lucion

    Malic and Serenthia appear in the camp. Malic tries to foll Uldyssian as well. He fails however, and Peace Warders storm the camp. Uldyssian seems to use his powers again, but Malic is the stronger of the two and holds Uldyssian down.

    Uldyssian, angered and fearful of his companions, overpowers Malic's hold on him, which causes the priest to summon three demons. One of them vanishes, but Uldyssian is no match for the other two. Just as he is about to be defeated, a surge of power invigorates him and allows him to overcome his adversaries.

    Malic, confused by this surge, determines that it must come from somewhere else, and he realizes that Lylia is the source. He does not realize who she is though.

    Uldyssian comes for Malic next, but he manages to escape.

    Important Points:
    • It seems as if Uldyssian is really using his powers on his own here and isn't helped by Lylia, though it's not conclusive.
    • The first demon destroyed was a pyrioh, more dangerous than the other two.
    • The other demon was skeletal but had a birds beak and sucking appendages, and the other a long tongue and sharp teeth.
    Knaak Error
    • In the beginning of the chapter, Achilios is hunting, however mere moments later he is suddenly captured in the camp by Peace Warders. Uldyssian later comments that Achilios is not present in the camp.

    Pages: 128-139
    POV: Lucion, Malic
    Characters: Damos
    Locations: The Grand Temple of the Triune
    Mentioned Characters: Baal, Diablo, Lilith, Mephisto, Uldyssian

    Malic is first punished by Lucion for his failure, but the demon saves him and grants him another chance. He then changes Malic's arm into something demonic and takes him deeper into the temple.

    There he encounters the morlu, of which six are placed under his command to capture Uldyssian. Lucion is troubled by Malic's tale and suspects Lilith is involved, but he isn't sure.

    Important Points:
    • Malic incorrectly believes that the Three created Sanctuary, and that Inarius tricked them to take it for himself.
    • The Kiss of Mephisto is a stone that resurrects the morlu. It seems to have been named something else in the past.
    • The morlu are first revealed. They were once humans who are now clad in black armor with ram-like helmets without horns, skin like gravestones and an emblem, a skull laid on two crossed sorts entwined by snakes, emblazoned on their armor. They can speak, but do not sound human.
    • Damos is the name of a morlu, maybe the strongest of them.

    Pages: 48-63
    POV: Mendeln, Uldyssian
    Characters: Achilios, Lylia, Serenthia
    Locations: Lands outside of Partha, Partha
    Mentioned Characters: Ameli, Cedric, Ethon ul-Garal

    Having dealt with the Peace Warders, the party rides off in the night. Uldyssian, not knowing Mendeln is troubled by ghosts, thinks his brother is losing it.

    Mendeln sees the dead Peace Warders ride with them on invisible mounts, especially close to Mendeln.

    They rest at noon next day near a spring of tainted water. Uldyssian purifies it.

    Achilios then sees a local, and it turns out they are one hour from Partha, even though they did not ride in that direction. Lylia urges them not to enter, but Uldyssian disagrees, though they all suspect the work of Malic.

    There they meet Ethon, who is the headman of the city. He invites them to his home. On their way there Uldyssian sees a disfigured child whom he heals. He fears the reactions will be the same as in Seram, but people bow to him instead.

    Important Points:
    • Cedric is a young local of Partha.
    • Ethon is a trader and the father of Cedric. He is at least ten years Uldyssians senior, and he knew Cyrus.
    • Uldyssian's youngest sister's name was Ameli. She had a defect right arm and was very thin. She has always been very cheerful.
    • Partha has houses four stories tall, higher than any in Seram or Tulisam. The roads are made of stone, not mud.

    Pages: 154-168
    POV: Inarius, Lylia, Uldyssian
    Characters: Achilios, Bartha, Cedric, Jonas
    Locations: The Cathedral of Light, Partha
    Mentioned Characters: Lilith, Protheus, Tyrael

    The Prophet laghishes in his sanctum. He seems to be aware that Lilith is free from her prison.

    Troubled by current events, he retakes his angelic form which he has not done for centuries. He remmbers how he rebeled against both Heaven and Hell and how Sanctuary came to be as it is. He bears an intense hatred for Lilith and what she did before her banishment.

    Uldyssian and his party stays with Ethon. Uldyssian receives gifts from the townspeople. Their stay has lasted several days, and Uldyssian intends to do something about the giving. He heads to the town square to being explaining to the people that they can all do what he did.

    Bartha calls him "Holy One" when summoned, and Uldyssian tries to awaken the powers in her by having hear present when healing Jonas. It seems to succeed, and Uldyssian promises the townspeople much more. The people in turn all want it, ad Uldyssian realizes it will be some time before they can leave for Kehjan.

    Lylia watches as this unfolds, and betrays some of her sinister nature in turn. She planned to get to Kehjan faster, but becomes content with staying in Partha for awhile. She reveals that she will kill Uldyssian if it helps her reach her goal.

    Important Points:
    • The Prophet has silver-blue eyes with ivory skin and golden hair past his shoulders.
    • Bartha is the name of the mother of the child Uldyssian cured in the previous chapter.
    • Protheus was one of the founders of Partha and had preached kindness and understanding.
    • Jonas is an inhabitant of Partha and has a face that had been "ravaged by disease".
    • Inarius looks like "a towering, hooded figure with wings of that same flame, a figure who had no face as mortals understood it, but rather a wonderful radiance beneath long flashes of silver light that in their shaping somewhat resembled a magnificent mane of hair shadowed by the hood."
    • Inarius calls himself "He was again Inarius, once of the Angiris Council, once a commander of the Heavenly Hosts!" He also says that he was an advisor to the council.
    • He describes the conflict as follows:
    • "Since the dawning of reality, when the two celestial realms had come into existence and, shortly thereafter, discord, their vast forces had fought one another for the control of All. Anything of value became the focus of attack and counterattack, generally to its destruction. Angels— as his kind would have been called by humans—and demons alike perished by the legions, all in the name of the Angiris Council—they who ruled the High Heavens—and their eternal adversaries, the Prime Evils."
    • Tyrael is his brother in that their resonances are more similar to each other than others. Tyrael is also called the essence of Justice.
    • Lilith was to Inarius "The one with whom he would help forge a world, a place known to his band of rebels as Sanctuary."

    Pages: 169-181
    POV: Achilios, Mendeln
    Characters: Lylia, Rathma, Serenthia, Uldyssian
    Locations: Partha
    Mentioned Characters: Cyrus, Ethon, Mikelius

    Achilios finds Serenthia watching Uldyssian as he trains the townspeople. He tries to tell her how he feels about her, but fails to do so, and they watch Uldyssian. Neither of them understand why none of them have displayed any powers themselves, though Achilios tries not to embrace it at all.

    Mendeln meanwhile is walking in some shade of Partha, with no other people around save the ghosts of the Peace Warders that now follow him around. The road leads to a cemetary that does not belong there, and no matter where he turns, he moves closer to it.

    In the cemeraty is a statue of an angel, though Mendeln has no idea what an angel is and does not realise it.

    Though he cannot read what any of the tombstones say, suddenly he understands the script, and as he does, undead begin to rise from their graves. A back figure appears and dispels them however, sending him back to Partha. The ghosts are now also gone.

    They both head to the town square. Mendeln tells Achilios he did not enter the cemetary, but Achilios does not believe him, though he does not say so.

    Important Points:
    • Symbol of Trag'Oul: "Dragon. A loop twisting into itself, a thing without beginning or end."

    Pages: 182-193
    POV: Malic, Uldyssian
    Characters: Achilios, Damos, Ethon, Lylia, Serenthia, Romus
    Locations: Partha
    Mentioned Characters: Jonas, Lucion

    Uldyssian continues to awaken the gift in the townspeople, but to little effect. A man named Romus does manage to use his powers to heal himself, showing the people that it is possible, but Uldyssian warns it may take time.

    Meanwhile, Malic is hunting Uldyssian with his six morlu.

    After a days work, Uldyssian has a dream of Sacntuary being invaded, but he does not yet know it is done by Heaven and Hell. His friends die and the world is destroyed, byt Lylia is unharmed. She transforms into her demonic form. He is still drawn to her, but awakens soon thereafter. He dismisses it as a dream.

    Lylia however realizes that the dream could be a portent or warning, and though she does not know the source she dismisses Inarius or Lucion of planting it in Uldyssian.

    Important Points:
    • Romus is a bearded and bald man with a scar across his face, and apparently a criminal in Partha. Romus removes it himself when Uldyssian awakens the gift in him.
    • Uldyssian has a dream that is clearly a vision of what could be, and it is very accurate and contains information that he does not have himself. Either he possesses some form of sight into the future, or Trag-Oul/Rathma gave it to him. It is alluded that the latter is the case, but it's not confirmed.

    Pages: 194-208
    POV: Lucion, Uldyssian
    Characters: Astrogha, Balthazar, Ethon, Herodius, Ikarion
    Locations: Partha, the Grand Temple of the Triune
    Mentioned Characters: Achilios, Baal, Diablo, Malic, Mendeln, Mephisto, Romus, Serenthia, Tremas

    Uldyssian continues his work, and more people begint o show signs of powers. People from outside of Partha are now also coming since the news started to spread.

    That night, Uldyssian takes a walk. His friends seem to grow more distant by the day, though he does not understand why. As he walks the streets alone, he is attacked by an unknown foe (probably a morlu). Achilios timely arrival saves him, though the attacker escapes. Uldyssian wonders how Achilios knew, and the hunter responds that he had a hunch.

    Heading back, the encounter Ethon. He asks to inspect Achilios bow, and remarks that he'd like to see it in action again, though neither Uldyssian nor Achilios seem to connect that to the attacm just before that.

    Lucion meanwhile summons two other powerful demons, one from Diablo and one from Baal, to perform some powerful spell he cannot do on his own. He bargains with them by offering the body of a dead priest, and this binds them to the bargain.

    Important Points:
    • Achilios seems to be able to tell when his friends are in danger, and also knows where they are in those situations.
    • Tremas was Achilios father.
    • Balthazar and Herodius are the high priests of Bala and Dialon in the Triune, though it is not clear which for which.
    • Ikarion is a priest of the Triune. He knows Lucion's true nature.
    • Tomal is priest of the Triune. He knew Ikarion and brought the latter's sisters to Lucion to satisfy his tastes.
    • Lucion does not mind basking in Mephisto and the other Prime Evils glory.
    • Astrogha is a demon of Diablo.
    • Gulag is a demon of Baal. Appearance: "It took on a shape vaguely humanoid, vaguely porcine. Its body still maintained the stone design of the original floor, but approximately where the head should have been, three eyestalks suddenly sprouted."
    • “Stupid is Gulag,” came Astrogha’s monstrous voice from above. “Like his master he is…”
    • Clear reference is made to the stupidity of Baal's servants again by Lucion, who thinks: "It was as close to an acquiescence as Lucion would get from one of Baal’s minions."

    Pages: 209-221
    POV: Uldyssian
    Characters: Cedric, Ethon
    Locations: Partha
    Mentioned Characters: Achilios, Cyrus, Jonas, Lylia, Malic, the Primus, Romus

    Ethon, seeing Uldyssian is troubled, invites him to his study at midnight the next day. There they talk about the attacker, and Ethon suggests that Uldyssian should ride out and meet Malic, thus saving everyone else from danger. Just as Uldyssian is about to agree however, he senses that something is wrong with Ethon. at that moment, a morlu jumps down from the roof and grabs him, and Ethon is revealed to be Malic, who has taken the skin of the merchant and clad himself in it.

    Malic is also hunting for Lylia, though she eludes capture. Uldyssian tries to escape, and pushes his two guards out of the window. He deafeats them and rushes back inside.

    The chapter ends with a morlu descending his ax on Uldyssian.

    Important Points:
    • None

    Pages: 222-233
    POV: Achilios, Mendeln, Uldyssian
    Characters: Cedric, Damos, Serenthia
    Locations: Partha
    Mentioned Characters: Ethon, Lylia, Malic

    Achilios awakes during the night and sees Cedric walking around looking into rooms. He follows Cedric, but the boy is a morlu and fights with Achilios. His bow, previously disabled by Malic in disguise two chapters earlier, he misses his shots and is about to die when Mendeln saves him by uttering words of power and killing the morlu.

    Serenthia bursts out of her room, Achilios kills another morlu and they all rush into Udlyssain's room, where he is fighting yet another morlu.

    Mendeln stays behind while the others rush to the study. He realizes that the morlu, despite appearances, aren't dead, and perform a ritual to kill them completely.

    Uldyssian storms into the study, where he finds Malic and a morlu dead.

    Important Points:
    • None

    Pages: 234-245
    POV: Uldyssian, Mendeln, the Prophet
    Characters: Achilios, Lylia, Mendeln, Trag'Oul
    Locations: Partha, the Cathedral of Light
    Mentioned Characters: Cedric, Ethon, Lucion, Malic

    Uldyssian finds Lylia, who has killed both Malic and a morlu. Mendeln is suspicious of her, but Uldyssian trusts her story and dismisses any doubts.

    Mendeln begins to preach the teachings of Trag'Oul, though he doesn't realize it yet.

    Uldyssian is concerned about him, but sees that the message does good.

    Achilios approaches Uldyssian about Serenthia. The hunter is in love with her, and she with Uldyssian, but Achilios believes she may love him one day. Achilios says she wants to stay in Partha, and in turn so does he. Uldyssian is part glad and part sad by this revelation.

    Mendeln is coming to grips with his connection to death. He realizes someone watches over him, yet he is not frightened but rather curious of that fact. He enters the graveyard again, where Trag'Oul gives him a short message to stay with Uldyssian, and Mendeln races to catch him before he leaves Partha. He does not realize who Trag'Oul is at this point.

    Meanwhile, the Prophet paces the top of the tower of the cathedral and thinks about his current situation.

    Important Points:
    • Mendeln now sees better in the dark than even Achilios, or so he thinks at least. It is almost as good as during the day.
    • A blue sash across the chest is the way Parthan's honor the death of a great man.

    Pages: 246-260
    POV: Uldyssian
    Characters: Lilith, Lylia, Mendeln
    Locations: Partha, land outside of Partha
    Mentioned Characters: Achilios, Cyrus, Inarius, Malic, the Primus

    Uldyssian sneaks out of Partha alone and leaves for Kehjan, having realized that he cannot make Lylia stay behind any other way. She follows him however and cathes up just outside of Partha. She tries to convince him to take her with him, but just as he is about to budge, her true visage is revealed to him. Lylia tries to tell him it's a spell of the Primus, but Uldyssian does not believe it. Lilth, realizing this, drops the facade.

    She confesses to having summoned the storm and guided the lightning, as well as saying that she has guided Uldyssian all the time, this being the reason he has shown such quick progress. She also admits to killing the missionaries in Seram, as well as being related to Lucion and having had Inarius as her lover.

    Disheartened, Uldyssian thinks himself only a puppet, then realizes there must be more to him than that. Despite her demonic appearance, she seduces him anew, then disappears, having told him to see what he would be without her. He believes her every word.

    Important Points:
    • Physical description of Lilith again: "Rather, it was taller and hideously scaled, with a mass of fiery quills for hair, quills that ran down the spine to…to a reptilian tail ending in savage barbs. Where the delicate hands had been were now clawed fingers—four, not five. Worse, the feet were like hooves, yet splayed, too. The body was unclad and, although monstrous, still very, very female. The lush curves enticed, drawing his eyes despite his dismay. But most horrific of all was that, when he looked up into the face —the face with its burning orbs that had no pupils and teeth designed for shredding—he could still see the features that he recognized as that of the woman he loved.
    • “Are you ill?” the creature asked in her voice, a black, forked tongue darting in and out with each word."
    • Lilith is revlealed to be Lucion's brother, and to have had Inarius as a lover.
    • Lilith reveals that humans were originally born from angels and demons.
    • Lilith: "From demon and angel came the nephalem, greater than anything ever created in the cosmos!"
    • There is a strange break in climate near Kehjan. One moment you're in warm jungle, in the next in snow, as if some spirit had shaped the world at a whim.

    Pages: 261-275
    POV: Uldyssian, Lucion, Rathma
    Characters: Achilios, Mendeln, Serenthia
    Locations: Woods outside of Partha, the Grand Temple of the Triune
    Mentioned Characters: Lylia

    Uldyssian is found in the woods where he has passed out. He tells of Lilith to Achilios, Mendeln and Serenthia. They are all horrified, but believe him, and they head back to Partha. Disheartened, Uldyssian tries to run away. Achilios chases after him, but falls of his horse, causing Uldyssian to return for him. The party reuinited, they head of Toraja.

    Lucion meanwhile is looking at Uldyssian through a spell. He places a spell on Malic's arm that, when touched by Lilith, would make her vulnerable to Lucion's machinations.

    He had been the one to reveal her to Uldyssian.

    A conversation between Rathma and Trag'Oul takes place in the dream world the dragon inhibits.

    Important Points:
    • Astrogha is hinted to be more smart than Gulag because of his relation to Diablo: "The spider was a more cunning creature, being of Diablo’s calling."
    • A hint is dropped that Lucion may have plans of his own that are not in accordance with his father's wishes: "It would not be difficult to keep his two counterparts ignorant, for there was much that he had done since assuming his role as Primus of which they were unaware…of which even his father was unaware."
    • Physical description of Trag-Oul: "Above him, what appeared to be an array of distant stars formed. At first, they clustered together, but quickly began to spread far part. As they did, they formed a vague shape. Like a constellation, the stars create a half-seen, gargantuan image that, to his trained eye, resembled a beast as mythic as himself."
    • The spell that Lucion requested Astrogha and Gulag to help him with was a spell that allowed him to see Uldyssian from his temple.
    • The deepest part of the Torajan jungle lies to the southwest of Kehjan.

    Pages: 276-289
    POV: Uldyssian
    Characters: Achilios, Mendeln, Romus, Serenthia
    Locations: Lowlands before Tojara, Tojaran jungles
    Mentioned Characters: Lylia

    The party rides towards Tojara. On the way there they enter Lowlands, which are devoid of almost all large vegetation. The next day, they enter the jungles, and both Achilios and Uldyssian spot something which looks like a tree yet which cealry isn't.

    Achilios hunts two reptiles which are about five feet long, probably juvenile crocodiles. Uldyssian goes to look for firewood, and finds a Thorned Hulk who kneels before him. As Achilios comes however, the creature disappears back in the jungle.

    Achilios sees this as proof Uldyssian is of special significance, but Uldyssian does not believe it.

    Mendeln disappears in the dead of the night when Uldyssian is on guard. When he goes to look for him, he encoutners a host of Parthans led by Romus who've been following Uldyssian since his disappearance from their town.

    Important Points:
    • Achilios and Uldyssian both see something which must be a Thorned Hulk in the jungles.

    Pages: 290-303
    POV: Mendeln, Uldyssian
    Characters: Achilios, Bartha, Lucion, Nicodemus, Romus, Serenthia
    Locations: Tojaran jungles
    Mentioned Characters: Cedric, Cyrus, Ethon, Lylia, Nicodemus

    Mendeln is awakened in the middle of the night by someone calling his name. Not fearing it, he follows it out in the jungle where he finds and obelisk with the same ancient writing he's seen before. He reads and learn more and more as he does so.

    Uldyssian realizes that a quarter of Partha has followed him, and all are ready to follow him should he give the word. They go back to camp, but Uldyssian is again filled with doubt and try to flee once more.

    As he does, a white horse appears in the woods. Believing it to be a stray mount of the Parthans, he is about to mount it when Mendeln shows up and warns him of it. He says it is a demon in disguise, but Uldyssian doubts him, thinking Mendeln is the demon, not regocnizing his brother. Mendeln comes though, and Uldyssian breaks free of a trance that was maintained by Lucion. The demon attempts to trick Uldyssian yet again however, and they both tryto convince Uldyssian they speak the truth.

    Lucion's subterfuge fails however, and he resorts to force instead. Mendeln is pulled away, likely by Rathma/Trag-Oul, and Uldyssian is left in the hands of Lucion.

    Important Points:
    • Nicodemus is a native of Partha and a good tracker.
    • Lucion calls Mephisto "“But you never were, human. I am Lucion, son of Mephisto, the greatest of the Prime Evils!" This may be a biased statement due to Lucion's heritage.

    Pages: 304-319
    POV: Achilios, Uldyssian
    Characters: Bartha, Lucion, Romus, Serenthia
    Locations: Tojaran jungles
    Mentioned Characters: Inarius, Lilith, Lylia, Mendeln

    Back in camp, Achilios and Serenthia immediately sense something's wrong with Uldyssian and Mendeln.

    Achilios puts an arrow in Lucion's throat, but the demon simply heals. Serenthia brings the entire camp to bring down Lucion, but the peasants can do nothing but throw rocks and are no match. Uldyssian struggles but cannot free himself.

    Achilios continues to fire arrows, but it killed by Lucion. As he prepares to slay Serenthia, the Parthans begin their attack anew with magic. Just as they are about to die, Uldyssian breaks free of his mental block and saves the Parthans at the same time.

    Uldyssian fights with the demon, until eventually he deafeats him by willing him out of existence. Lucion simply ceases to be.

    Afterwards he heals all who can be healed, but Achilios cannot be saved. They bury Achilios.

    Important Points:
    • Achilios dies.
    • Lucion's comment on angels: “Well, ‘never’ is a relative term with her. Inarius should’ve known better. He should have slain her, but his kind always was too sentimental.”
    • Lucion's appearance: "Lucion stood half again taller than the demoness and much broader, but he, too, had the thorns that acted as mane all the way down his scaled back. Yet, where she had only had one tail, her cursed brother had three, all spiked from top to tip with daggerlike projects longer than Uldyssian’s hand.
    • Lucion took a step toward him again and, in doing so, revealed that he also had the hooved legs his sister did. His hands were different, though, for the fingers on each numbered more than five and the claws were like those of a badger, but dripping with what surely had to be poison.
    • And of the face, only the eyes were identical. Lucion, who played at being the handsome, schooled cleric, was a beast whose head more resembled a toad. His mouth was wider than the top of his skull, and row upon row of teeth greeted Uldyssian. The brother of Lilith had no nose, not even nostrils, and his chin was hooked so sharply in the middle that Uldyssian could almost imagine it being used as a weapon."
    • Lucion about Lilith: "Lilith is every creature’s desire, you know. She had so many lovers besides you, but only one did she love…oh, but not you.” An exageration probably, but there is a hint of truth to it, since we know Inarius was the only one she loved.
    • It is Parthan tradition to burn the dead, as opposed to Seram where the dead are buried.

    Pages: 320-326
    POV: Uldyssian, Astrogha
    Characters: Mendeln, Romus, Serenthia
    Locations: Tojaran jungle, the Grand Temple of the Triune
    Mentioned Characters: Achilios, Bartha, Cyrus, Gulag, Lilith, Lucion, Mephisto

    As the final corpses are burned, Uldyssian decides that the Temple must be brougth down. The rest of the Parthans, as well as Serenthia and Mendeln, are with him.
    Uldyssian akss Mendeln what is happening to him, but his brother replies that he does not yet know.
    In the Grand Temple of the Triune, Astrogha is startled by the return of the Primus. It is in fact however Lilith, posing as her brother, who returns.

    And Inarius, having watched events (though it is not clear which or to what extent) is pleased with how events unfold.

    Important Points:
    • Astrogha wonders whether Lucion had thought the nephalem could have raised him above the Prime Evils.
    • Astrogha and Gulag are representatives of Diablo and Baal, although Lucion was intended to lead: "Generally, the arachnid would retreat to one of the towers until Lucion was done with whatever it was he was working on. As the demon chosen to lead, Lucion had benefits that Astrogha often envied." - PlugY PlugY for Diablo II allows you to reset skills and stats, transfer items between characters in singleplayer, obtain all ladder runewords and do all Uberquests while offline. It is the only way to do all of the above. Please use it.

    Supporting big shoulderpads and flashy armor since 2004.
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    Scales of the Serpent

    Pages: 1
    POV: -
    Characters: -
    Mentioned Characters: Kalan, Uldyssian
    Locations: -

    Important Points:
    001 - Uldyssian's actions are called the "second coming of the nephalem."
    001 - Trag'Oul and Rathma are said to have been fighting for "centuries".

    Pages: 3-17
    POV: Uldyssian
    Characters: Jezran Rasheen, Mendeln, Romus, Serenthia
    Mentioned Characters: Achilios, Bartha, Ethon, Lilith, Lucion, Malic, the Primus, the Prophet
    Locations: Toraja

    The chapter starts with Uldyssian and his followers attacking the Temple of the Triune in Toraja. He has rallied many of the natives to his side. He had tried to convert the people peacefully, but the Triune reacted with hostility. Uldyssian and his followers attack the temple and slay most of them.

    Rushing into the temple, he and his followers are attacked by morlu aided by magic. They defeat the undead, though at heavy losses. Many of his followers have now evolved their abilities, especially Serenthia.

    Sensing demons and perhaps even Lilith, Uldyssian ventures deeper into the temple on his own.

    Important Points:
    • 005 - Uldyssian has a short beard.
    • 010 - Jezran Rasheen is a youth and was the first to approach Uldyssian as he started preaching in Toraja.

    • 003 - Mefis' symbol of love is red.

    • 004 - The colors of the Triune are azure, gold and black. Each color might represent one deity.
    • 012 - Bala carries a hammer and a bag with the seeds of all life, Dialon the Tablets of Order, and Mefis merely cups his hands. All three wear robes and are depicted as ethereal beings.

    • 003 - Toraja held the second largest triune temple in the land, second to the larger one near Kehjan.
    • 003 - Toraja lies to the west of Kehjan. It has a market beyond the northwestern gate that trades in almost every good. There is a garden several centuries old near the center that has "spire trees" and "Falo Blooms", which have more that a dozen colors on each petal and smell better than any perfume. There's also the Arena of Klytos, which houses the Nirolian games.
    • 004 - Uldyssian's people come from the northwest of the jungles. They have pale skin. The Torajan's have red and purple garments, and black hair.
    • 004 - Toraja must be much larger than Partha, as Uldyssian displays "astonishment at so many people packed into one place."

    • 003 - There's mention of an Arena of Klytos and Nirolian games. Unclear what the names refer to.

    Pages: 18-34
    POV: Mendeln, Uldyssian
    Characters: Astrogha, Lilith, Lylia, Serenthia
    Mentioned Characters: Bartha, Cedric, Ethon, Inarius
    Locations: Toraja

    Mendeln, Serentha and the rest are attacked by the three statues of Bala, Dialon and Mefis in the hall where the morlu attacked them.

    Uldyssian encounters Gulag, a demon of Baal, which he slays. As he enters Dialon's tower he catches a glimpse of Astrogha before he flees as Lilith appears in the guise of the Primus.

    Lilith tries to seduce Uldyssian and tells him that she wants him to continue to destroy the Triune and the Cathedral. Uldyssian tries to fight her, but she eludes his attempts at attack, and instead tell him to run and rescue his friends.

    Important Points:
    • 030 - Lilith is of equal height to Uldyssian.

    • 018 - First time "The Balance" is mentioned.
    • 018 - Dead morlu don't leave any spirits behind, for they're "long dead."
    • 021 - Uldyssian considers Lucion's cunning "nothing compared with that of his devilish sister."

    • 023 - Description of Gulag: "Something snagged his sinking leg, trying to completely draw him into the floor. A thick, slow, malevolent laugh echoed in the corridor.
    • Something formed just at the edge of the sphere’s light. It looked to Uldyssian like a grotesque, inhuman head made from the stone itself. A fissure opened, one that spread into a crude, bestial grin."
    • 025 - Gulag's death: "His form lost all substance. Gulag completely liquified, puddling on the floor." "An odor akin to rotting garbage assailed him."

    • 027 - Each lesser temple of the Triune is headed by a cleric from one of the three orders, and three priests below them serve each of the faiths at that temple. The high priests serve at the grand temple under the Primus.

    Pages: 35-46
    POV: Mendeln, Rathma
    Characters: Raoneth, Romus, Serenthia, Trag'Oul
    Mentioned Characters: Lilith, Uldyssian
    Locations: Trag'Oul's Realm, Toraja

    Rathma has a conversation with Trag'Oul in his realm, where they both agree that a more active role must be taken.

    Mendeln and the rest are fighting the Triune statues when Uldyssian arrives and orders them out of the temple. Uldyssian alone holds the entire temple stading until everyone has escaped, at which point it crumbles.

    Outside, they are met by Raoneth, who questions Uldyssian's motives. Uldyssian promises to leave in peace if he is allowed. Which he does.

    Important Points:
    • 035 - Trag'oul is ironizing over Rathma's opinion.
    • 038 - Mendeln casts what appears to be an Iron Maiden curse on the statue of Mefis.

    • 036 - Uldyssian and Mendeln are most probably bloodkin to Rathma, and so also related to both Inarius and Lilith. Both Rathma and Trag'Oul seem to signify that this heritage makes them especially powerful. This might indicate that Inarius and Lilith were themselves the two most powerful of the deserters.
    • 045 - Mendeln notes that many ghosts flock around Raoneth. In his eyes, this seems to indicate he has a strong presence, though he cannot tell whether the ghosts were friends or foes.

    • 043 - Raoneth is the Councilor Senior of Toraja. It seems to be something similar to a mayor.

    • 040 - A small breed of monkey called serka live around Toraja and are revered by the inhabitants.
    • 042 - Pale people from Seram, Partha and other places are called Ascenians for unknown reasons. It is a very old term.

    • 036 - Neither Inarius nor Lilith know that Rathma is alive at this point.
    • 046 - Mendeln suspects they will increase their numbers tenfold with new followers from Tojara joining them overnight.

    Pages: 47-59
    POV: the Prophet, Uldyssian
    Characters: Gamuel, Mahariti, Oris, Romus
    Mentioned Characters: Lilith, Rathma
    Locations: The prime Cathedral of Light

    The Prophet finishes a sermon for his followers, after which he retreats to his private sanctum. Once there, he transforms into his true form and flies into the night, shielding his presence from all. As he surveys the land, he briefly noticed Rathma's presence, though he thought he was dead.

    Uldyssian is awakene by hundreds of newcomers, all of which he gives the gift. Almost immediately, two disguised Peace Warders try to kill him. One dies, and the other commits suicide to avoid capture. A third Warder is found in the woods, killed by an arrow.

    Important Points:
    • 048 - Oris and Gamuel are the Prophet's two senior priests. Gamuel is the servant which most reminds Inarius of his true self.
    • 055 - Mahariti is an elderly Torajan woman with a thin and pinched face and beautiful brown eyes. She went to Uldyssian alone.
    • 059 - Achilios kills the a Peace Warder. This is his first confirmed reappearance since his death in Birthright.

    • 051 - Angels are not physical in nature, but "harmonic resonances."
    • 051 - Inarius is clad in a copper breastplate and robes "sewn from the very rays of the sun", possibly yellow or white.
    • 052 - Inarius says that he "FOUND MY SANCTUARY AND NAMED IT THUS..."
    • 052 - Inarius "searched for a place for the renegades to live, the creation of Sanctuary..."
    • 053 - Inarius feels his powers are finally able to shield his full presence from the Angiris Council, indicating that such has not always been the case. He denies that he has been hiding out of fear, and begins to show signs of deluding himself.

    • 047 - The prime cathedral can hold 3,000 pilgrims in it's main chamber, making it massive in size. It is located to the north of Kejhan.

    • 055 - About a hundred new people have arrived to join Uldyssian after Toraja.

    Pages: 60-71
    POV: Achilios, Mendeln, Uldyssian
    Characters: Serenthia]Serenthia
    Mentioned Characters: Lilith
    Locations: Jungles outside of Toraja, heading towards Hashir

    Achilios races though the jungle to make sure none of Uldyssian's followers find him.

    Uldyssian begins to have feelings for Serenthia, though he tries to deny it. He leads his followers on towards the grand temple of the Triune, hoping it wil be unexpected. That night in camp, Serenthia shows more signs of interest. Uldyssian sees Achilios, but dismisses him as an imagined ghost because of the guilt he feels. He sends Serenthia away after that.

    Mendeln awakes in the night. He does not know why, but thinks it means danger. He is drawn out into the woods where he sees Achilios. He believes it to be a trick of Lilith's doing, but Achilios saves him from a morlu who tries to attack him. He denies that Achilios has been raised, but Trag'Oul speaks in his mind, though Mendeln does not yet know the dragon. The chapter ends with him face to face with Achilios.

    Important Points:
    • 063 - Lilith takes possession of Serenthia's body (not confirmed until chapter 16).

    • 061 - All animals can sense the wrongness in Achilios because of his state, and they avoid him at all costs. It requires them to be very near, probably just a few meters.
    • 068 - Mendeln almost always has a few ghosts around him. They seem to want something from him, and disappear when they realize he cannot give it to them.

    • 060 - Sabertoothed tigers inhabit the jungles of Toraja.
    • 065 - Hashir is a town between Toraja and Kehjan. It is smaller than Tojara but still in the jungles.

    • 062 - Uldyssian names his followers Edyrem, instead of Nephalem as Lilith had called them. It means "those who have seen."

    Pages: 72-90
    POV: Astrogha, Uldyssian
    Characters: Diablo, Mendeln, Romus, Saron, Serenthia, Tomo
    Mentioned Characters: Achilios, Cyrus, Gulag, Lucion, Mephisto
    Locations: Grand Temple of the Triune, jungles heading towards Hashir

    Astrogha has noticed a change in Lucion's behaviour, but not believe anyone can impostor him and so does not realize it is Lilith in disguise. Diablo contacts him and Astrogha shares his thoughts and suggests that he should lead the Triune. Diablo listens.

    Uldyssian's group continues to travel. Serenthia makes more advances and tells Uldyssian she did not love Achilios. Mendeln interrupts, sensing a malevolent spirit in the jungle. It radiates fury and amplifies it in all of Uldyssian's followers. The spirit realizes that Serenthia is Lilith in disguise, but Uldyssian tries to protect her, unknowing of the fact, but walking into the jungle to meet the spirit.

    He senses that the spirit is demonic, and that it's something returned from the dead. Though visions he sees a male demon long dead, killed by Lilith. Awakened by Lilith's presence, he seeks vengeance, for she also killed his mate, a female angel.

    Mendeln tries to stop the demon, but his magic has no effect, since the demon is not truly dead. It lingers between life and death. The spirit retreats however

    Important Points:
    • 073 - Description of Astrogha: "Astrogha was a demon of many incarnations, many shapes. For this moment, he wore a form both arachnid and human, a macabre mix of the two. He now had eight limbs, broader and thicker than any spider, which could be used as arms or legs, depending on circumstance. All ended in clawed digits perfect for rending soft flesh, the better to stuff it into a maw with not only fangs, but jagged teeth that looked as if they had been filed. Astrogha’s torso was generally humanoid in design, but rounder and broader at the shoulder. He could make it otherwise, should the mood suit him.
    • Atop his head were eight more smaller limbs, each ending in human hands. They were good for dragging prey closer to his mouth and for plucking tiny vermin from his black-furred body for the occasional snack in between.

      His eyes were crimson orbs clustered together, each lacking any pupil. With them, Astrogha saw in almost every direction and beyond the sight of most mortals or even demons. With them, in fact, he could see back somewhat into the Burning Hells, where he would now and then report to his lord and master."

    • 074 - Description of Diablo: "Barely audible voices filled the chamber. There was a frenetic tone to them that raised the bristled fur covering his grotesque body. Astrogha could sense their pleading, their hopelessness. Their torments were such that he, who had caused so much terror himself over the centuries, shook hard.
    • Then, eyes that could see beyond Sanctuary now beheld a huge form seemingly halfway between realities. At first, it flowed toward him like an inky shadow, but as he caught better sight of it, he made out faces both human and demonic and all in midscream. The faces constantly melted into one another and none were ever perfectly defined, but rather more as if out of a nightmare.

      As the hideous specter neared, Astrogha then caught glimpses of a fiery red shape, huge fists with black talons, and a horrific countenance that was in part a rotting skull with blazing eyes that burned into the arachnid’s own. Monstrous, curled horns—like those of a ram’s gone amok—topped the thick-browed, scaled head. That shape vanished, to be replaced by a skeletal form in rusting armor and in whose arms it carried rotting organs covered in maggots. Then, that was without warning replaced by a reptilian beast with a maw like a huge frog and a tongue four times forked. The mouth looked wide enough to swallow a man…or an arachnid as big as one…
      The reptilian visage slipped into and out of his eyesight, mixing constantly with the shrieking heads.

      Yet, at last there came a powerful voice, with each word sounding like the crunching of a spider’s tasty flesh.


      The murky form shifted, most of it fading into shadow. Even Astrogha never cared to see his master in all his terrible glory. Some demons had been driven mad by such an audience. Astrogha was stronger than most, but the one time he had been granted a full visualization—and that for only a few seconds—it had left him shivering for years."
    • 077 - Saron and Tomo are Tojaran cousins who follow Uldyssian. They are his best scouts, almost as good as Achilios. Saron is five years older than Tomo.
    • 085 - A male demon is described as having pure white skin and iceblue orbs for eyes without pupils.
    • 087 - The male demon has four digits and very long nails. He looks vaguely like a man, but he has no rib cage but solid bone, and his bones are segmented differently.

    • 072 - Astrogha has "sat near the taloned hand of Diablo", indicating he is a favored servant. He calls Diablo the "greatest of the Prime Evil" which is certainly a biased opinion.
    • 073 - It seems Diablo could crush Astrogha if he wished, despite the different locations they're in: "Astrogha was overdue to give such a report. He did not like stirring Lord Diablo’s ire, for it would be a simple thing for the great demon to reach out from beyond to squash Astrogha like a bug."
    • 073 - Astrogha seems to think the humans have a natural affinity towards heaven: "the tendency toward good in them might make them ally themselves with the High Heavens…until the piousness and rigidity of the winged warriors sickened their stomachs as much as it did the demons'"

    • 077 - The jungles house poisonois snakes and constrictors, as well as other predators.
    • 077 - The tyrocol bush has red jagged leaves that are poisonous. A cut can kill.
    • 077- kataka are tiny crimson lizards. They are immune to the poison of the tyrocol, but keep it in their veins. Other animals that eat them suffer from the poison.
    • 079 - There are jungle spirits in the region they pass, supposedly due to some old ruins in the area.
    • 083 - The ruins are very old, as the bottom floors have been budied in the ground. The shapes and designs of the buildings are foreign.
    • 085 - The ruins was the home of a male demon and female angel who loved each other. Through visions he sees them dying and the landscape around them ravished. The landscape was not a jungle at that time but shared Seram's climate. Lilith is the one who killed them, learned through extrapolation.

    Pages: 91-104
    POV: Mendeln, Uldyssian
    Characters: Achilios, Rathma, Romus, Tomo
    Mentioned Characters: Jorda, Lucion, Serenthia
    Locations: Jungles heading towards Hashir

    Mendeln is troubled by Serenthia's apparent disregard for Achilios death and sudden interest in Uldyssian. At night, when no one noticed, he sneaks out of camp and meets Achilios. He thinks Uldyssian should know about him, but Achilios does not want that to happen.

    Rathma appears, and with the help of Achilios takes Mendeln away. Achilios remains however and hides in the jungle as he senses Uldyssian approaching.

    Uldyssian senses Mendelns sudden disappearence, but does not know what caused it. Serenthia joins him, but neither find Mendeln. They head back to camp, and Serenthia tells him she thinks they can combine their powers. It works, and although they probe a vast area around their camp, they find nothing.

    Distraught, Uldyssian leaves Sererenthia and goes for a walk. Achilios whispers to him from the woods to not give up, but Uldyssian still thinks it his imagination.

    Important Points:
    • 092 - Achilios differs from regular undead. Achilios being still inhibits his dead body, which is not the case with a ghoul or a morlu. His skin and his eyes have turned completely white.
    • 094 - Rathma's features are described as angular but "too perfect."

    • 102 - Joining together, Uldyssian and Serenthia (currently Lilith) are capable of much greater magic than they are on their own.

    • 092 - At precisely 100 steps from the camp Mendeln meets Achilios.

    Pages: 105-117
    POV: Arihan, Uldyssian
    Characters: the Primus, Romus, Saron, Serenthia, Tomo
    Mentioned Characters: Lucion, Malic, Mendeln
    Locations: Jungle heading towards Hashir

    Uldyssian's party has remained for two more days searching for Mendeln. The rest grow concerned for him, and he promises they will leave the next day.

    Desperate, he reaches out to the spirit he encountered with Mendeln, thinking it might have taken him. The spirit is weak however, and Uldyssian feel it wants to tell him something. Serenthia severs the link however. Not knowing better, Uldyssian thanks her. They leave the next day without Mendeln and head towards Hashir.

    In the main temple of the Triune, Astrogha is impostoring as the Primus and starts a plan that is intended to capture Uldyssian when he reaches Hashir.

    Important Points:
    • 113 - Arihan was the high priest of Dialon, and the successor of Malic. Before becoming a priest he was a thief, cutpurse and murderer. He was born of the low caste in Kehjan and is today gaunt, thick-bearded and apparently quite old.
    • 113 - Malic had been vain and only dressed in the finest of clothes. He had also been part ascenian.

    Pages: 118-133
    POV: Mendeln, Uldyssian
    Characters: Rathma, Romus, Serenthia, Tomo
    Mentioned Characters: Achilios, Malic, Saron
    Locations: Trag'Oul's realm, Hashir

    Mendeln is taken to Trag'Oul's realm along with Rathma, where he faces the dragon. After understanding a bit more, he realizes that Rathma is Lilith's son and tries to attack him, but Rathma explains the origins of humanity to him and why they have brought him to Trag'Oul.

    Uldyssian reaches Hashir and enters with a party of fifty. He heads to the market and starts to preach to the people. The people are very eager to receive his gifts, and as the throng pushes onto him, he sees Peace Warders and morlu masked in the crowd both by clothes and magic. They do not attack however, but take Serenthia away.

    Important Points:
    • 118 - Rathma is a full head higher than Mendeln.
    • 119 - Trag'Oul's speech takes time to get accustomed to for mortals and can cause great pain.
    • 120 - Rathma and Trag'Oul share a strong bond between each other, much like Mendeln does to Uldyssian.
    • 120 - Description of Trag'Oul: "And suddenly there were stars in the darkness above, a blazing multitude of stars that swirled about as if caught up in a tempest. They filled the area above to the point that Mendeln had to shield his eyes. At first there seemed no rhyme or reason to their movements, but quickly they began to spread apart and settle into certain areas. As they did, Mendeln noticed that a shape began to form, a shape only half-seen, yet seen enough to finally identify it.
    • It was a creature of myth, a thing in fairy tales and stories, but never truth. Uldyssian had cheerfully frightened Mendeln with tales of such when the latter had been a small child…and Mendeln had savored every story.


      It was a dragon. A long, sinewy, serpentine dragon beyond epic proportions."
    • 121 - Further description of Trag'Oul: "as the dragon spoke, he constantly shifted…and in doing so, revealed a more stunning facet. Within each of the “scales”—the stars—Uldyssian’s brother beheld short glimpses of life…his life. There he was as an infant, in his mother’s arms. Mendeln cried out at the sight of her, the pain of her loss—of his entire family’s loss—suddenly renewed.
    • He forced himself to look beyond that moment and thus witnessed one scene after another as the years of his pitiful little mortal existence raced along in what was for Trag’Oul surely the blink of an eye.

      Trying to shake free of his feelings of insignificance, Mendeln beheld the fantastic entity as a whole… and in doing so noticed that not only was his life displayed before him, but so were hundreds, no thousands more.

      We are all there, Mendeln realized. All of Humanity, from the first on…each scale…each scale is a measure of some part of us…

      And among those lives, his eyes somehow fixed upon Uldyssian. In fact, the images of the brothers intertwined constantly, which made sense, of course. Whether together or alone, they were bonded by more than simply blood.

      Yet…as the years of their lives swiftly progressed down the “body” of the giant, the two lives grew more separate. Mendeln saw the discovery of the stone near Seram and his brother’s seduction by Lilith as Lylia. The images flashed faster and faster. Partha. Lucion. Achilios’s death. Toraja. Serenthia. And on and on until—

      Trag’Oul shifted again and the lives of the sons of Diomedes became lost among the sea of other existences. The human let out another cry and stared at what passed for the face of the dragon.

      No more should you perceive, Trag’Oul told him. For beyond that is the realm of possibilities, where what you see are the paths that choices not yet made determine. It would be a danger to yourself and to this world to try to choose from them before life has assisted you in the decision…"
    • 123 - Diomedes was the son of Teronus, who was the son of Hedayssian, whos ancesteors came from Rathma.

    • 122 - Trag'Oul has existed since just after the beginning of creation, though in another form at that time. He is referred to as he, and he is not entirely aware of what he is himself.
    • 122 - Trag'Oul became the dragon he is now with the "finding of the Shards" and the "molding of Sanctuary" that Inarius, Lilith and the others did.
    • 125 - Inarius keeps Sanctuary secret from those beyond.
    • 132 - Uldyssian wonders why none of his converts want to use their powers for evil, and whether it's because he's the one awakening it in them?

    • 126 - Hashir is at most half the size of Toraja.
    • 128 - Settlers from Hashir originally built Toraja. The streets are tree-lined and there's a multitude of colorful birds that inhabit them.
    • 129 - The Hashiri dress similar to Torajans, but many wear silver sashes and the upper castes silver nose rings.
    • 129 - People east of Kehjan are yellow-skinned and have narrow eyes.
    • 129 - The jungle lion is the symbol of Hashir.
    • 132 - A woman with a veil covering her face approach Uldyssian first after his speech. It may be a common local piece of clothing.

    • 120 - Trag'Oul means "The One Who is Forever", among other things.

    Pages: 134-149
    POV: Uldyssian, Arihan, Achilios
    Characters: Astrogha, Diablo, Mendeln, Romus, Serenthia
    Mentioned Characters: Lucion, Rathma, Trag'Oul
    Locations: Hashir, Grand Temple of the Triune

    The sudden disappearance of Serenthia makes Uldyssian thinks some spell of the morlu caused it, and thinks the same happened to Mendeln.

    Serenthia quickly reappears, as the temple did not expect to catch Lilith in disguise, and she disposes of the morlu easily.

    Immediately afterwards, Uldyssian is struck by a sharp pain. His mind cannot make sense of anything, but Mendeln arrives from nowhere and takes him to Trag'Oul's realm. Meanwhile, Peace Warders and morlu appear from everywhere and start to attack the general populace.

    Arihan oversaw all from the grand temple, and immediately has to report this failure to the Primus. He realizes that it is Astrogha in disguise right before he is killed, to be used as a scapegoat.

    Outside, Achilios is circling the city to the far side of the temple where an escape route exists. He plans to kill the fleeing priests, but is attacked by a morlu, and then an underground demon that merely shows its tentacles. Achilios is just about to be ripped apart when a searing light strikes the creature and drives it back into the ground. Achilios, though dead, faints afterwards.

    Important Points:
    • 140 - Airahan thinks that Lucion would only fear the Prime Evils of all demons.

    • 146 - Description of the thonos: "The ground below him heaved up, as if about to erupt. What at first he mistook for the upturned roots of the nearby trees shot up and around him. Only after the first had snared his leg did the archer see them for what they actually were.
    • Tentacles…the tentacles of some huge, grotesque creature burrowing through the soft dirt.

      A creature that was not of Sanctuary.


      Instead, the only measure he had of his foe was that the ground everywhere around him continued to shake, as if whatever lurked below it was gargantuan.


      A black substance resembling tar dripped from the cuts. The two appendages were instantly withdrawn."
    • 147 - The thonos might be a servant of Baal.

    Pages: 150-164
    POV: Uldyssian
    Characters: Bul-Kathos, Mendeln, Rathma, Trag'Oul
    Mentioned Characters: Esu, Inarius, Lilith, Serenthia, Vasily
    Locations: Trag'Oul's realm, near Mount Arreat

    Uldyssian wakes up in Trag'Oul's realm. He meets both Rathma and Trag'Oul, but mistake them for an evil force trying to corrupt Mendeln. He escapes from the realm and appears in the cold lands near Mount Arreat.

    Mendeln didn't come with him, and Uldyssian calls out Rathma's name in frustration. This attracts the attention of Bul-Kathos. He awakens from a long sleep and is friendly to begin with until Uldyssian tries to reach Mount Arreat. They battle without a clear winner, but Rathma appears and stops the fight. He takes Uldyssian into Mount Arreat after that.

    Important Points:
    • 152 - Rathma is one of the very first nephalem.
    • 160 - Bul-Kathos says that access to Mount Arreat is forbidden. He has been placed to guard it.
    • 161 - Description of Bul-Kathos: "More and more the earthen creature gave way to an ancient warrior. Clad in kilt and sandals and with a golden band around his head, Bul-Kathos resembled some barbarian deity…a barbarian deity who radiated raw force such as Uldyssian had never faced, not even from Lucion."
    • 161 - Esu is called a master of the elements.
    • 162 - Bul-Kathos comments on his battle with Uldyssian that it reminded him of days past when he faced such challenges daily.

    • 152 - Trag'Oul's ream is, according to Rathma, "somewhere and nowhere"
    • 153 - The nephalem are different from the edyrem. Some of their powers have metamorphosed.
    • 153 - Inarius punished those of the nephalem who used their powers when all other angels and demons were gone.
    • 153 - Trag'Oul is "Born in creation, defined when the angels and demons who came here formed Sanctuary. He is more its guardian than any other can claim." Trag'Oul calls the description simplified but most accurate.
    • 158 - Bul-Kathos, one of the original nephalem, has been asleep for a long time and seems to have become some sort of earth giant. He seems to have undergone it purposefully.
    • 159 - Bul-Kathos guesses it has been at least a thousand years since he fell asleep.
    • 159 - Bul-Kathos calls Vasily brother, though it's unclear whether he means brother by blood or brother in arms.
    • 159 - Bul-Kathos comments that Esu would probably be enraged that her name was not remembered. When Uldyssian says that Mendeln is a victim of Rathma, he responds that Rathma never has any victims like Esu did.
    • 160 - Bul-Kathos suspects he and Rathma may be the last nephalem alive.
    • 161 - Bul-Kathos, along with unnamed others, swore to protect the Worldstone from anyone who would use its powers. It seems he had to protect it from Esu in the past.
    • 163 - Bul-Kathos may look like a living nephalem/human, but it is his spirit that lives on. His body is that of the earth.
    • 163 - Bul-Kathos seems to have had close bond, or at least some bond, to his parents. Perhaps many nephalem, or most, had.
    • 164 - There were other guardians besides Bul-Kathos in the past, but it is unclear whether any other still remain besides him.

    • 152 - Rathma means "keeper of the Balance"

    Pages: 165-179
    POV: Mendeln
    Characters: Helgrotha, Trag'Oul
    Mentioned Characters: Lilith, Malic, Rathma, Saron, Serenthia, Uldyssian
    Locations: Unknown place and time

    Mendeln appears in a dreamlike place of what the world looked like when Lilith had killed all angels and demons on Sanctuary. There are images, memories, of the dead celestials there, but not real spirits.

    Nephalem appear as well, but these are true dead spirits. They give him an ivory dagger, and accept him as a guardian of the Balance. Mendeln then continues with a ritual that shapes the ivory dagger to him. Trag'Oul then reveals to him that Serenthia is in fact Lilith in disguise.

    Meanwhile, Lilith has been assuming command of the edyrem. She has gone harshly on the local temple. She seduces Romus and begins to spread the thought that Uldyssian and Mendeln are both gone forever.

    Important Points:
    • 169 - Helgrotha is a dead nehpalem. She was once nearly as powerful as Rathma and was the protector of night time animals. She had been kind but firm in her protection.

    • 168 - Mendeln wonders whether angels and demons have souls, but doubts it.
    • 168 - The dead nephalem were many more than their angelic and demonic parents. Not just the first generation were nephalem either, but a few generations after the first as well.
    • 170 - According to Trag'Oul, the nephalem are "the first birthed in Sanctuary and are, because of that, still more of it than either Lilith or Inarius can understand, forever open the link between the phase of afterdeath and that of living…"
    • 172 - Description of the Balance: "The Balance is the even distribution of Light and Dark. Its essence is most significant to Sanctuary, but it goes beyond, to all of creation. A world where Dark rules would burn itself up. A world where Light commands would eventually stagnate. If either gained enough control of Sanctuary so that the other could not match it again, then that would be the end of all things…"
    • 172 - Trag'Oul comments that Heaven and Hell may not be the ultimate powers in all of creation: "The High Heavens and the Burning Hells create their own notions of their absolute might. The dragon paused, then added, They will someday find that they are far from the ultimate masters of all things created…"
    • 172 - Trag'Oul says that souls of humans go "To their rightful place…to beyond the reach of both the High Heavens and the Burning Hells and this universe of tragedy they have wrought…"

    • 167 - A demon, probably a megademon, is awakened by Mendeln. It looks much like the demon he and Uldyssian fought in the jungle, but this one is female. Other demons rise, both male, female and "other"

    • 165 - The nephalem predate the existence of Kehjan.

    • 170 - Pyragos is the "first word of summoning" for Necromancers. Unclear what that means exactly.

    Pages: 180-195
    POV: Uldyssian
    Characters: Rathma
    Mentioned Characters: Bul-Kathos, Ethon, Lilith, Serenthia
    Locations: The Worldstone Chamber

    Uldyssian appars with Rathma at the entrance to the chamber. Uldyssian does not like leaving Serethia even for a moment, but follows. As they enter the chamber, the light is so bright that they cannot see anything, and they're attacked by wigned guardians. Together Rathma and Uldyssian defeat them.

    Uldyssian beholds the worldstone, and Rathma explains to him what it is and what it does. Uldyssian proceeds to try and alter the resonance of the stone, similar to what Lilith and Inarius have done in the past, but instead changed the structure. Rathma cannot predict what it will mean though.

    Important Points:
    • 191 - The worldstone was created to hide Sanctuary from Heaven and Hell, but Inarius later changed it to supress the powers of each new generation of nephalem, eventually creating humans. Inarius despise both races, but cannot stand the thought of being alone, and so lets them live. Rathma, Bul-Kathos and a few other nephalem from the first generation were soon thereafter the only beings remaining with any powers.
    • 192 - Lilith is the one who altered the worldstone to no longer dampen. It is unclear whether this happened before or after Uldyssian's birth.
    • 193 - The Worldstone can be altered to work the other way, to buff the growing of their powers.

    • 187 - Description of the winged beasts: "winged furies with heads resembling skinned hounds dove down at him from various points above. The creatures had savage teeth and ears long and wide. Their snouts were fat, with wide nostrils. The only thing the heads lacked were eyes. There were not even gaps where the eyes should have been. It was almost as if whatever had created them had forgone such on purpose.
    • ...

      Each of the beasts had a wingspan of at least six feet, and like the bats they somewhat resembled in shape, those wings were also their hands. Yet, unlike bats, the claws of these aberrations were each longer than Uldyssian’s hand and so razor-sharp that to be cut by them even once would surely cause a gaping, dangerous wound."

    • 183 - The Worldstone Keep is a mazelike set of corridors that were built in the past, apparently by Inarius.
    • 186 - Description of the Worldstone: "stood well over a hundred feet high—perhaps even more than two hundred, since the base was too deep down to view—consisting of several monoliths jutting in a dozen different directions. Unlike the formations he recalled, this behemoth had a harshness to its look, with its jagged appearance and frightening crimson color."
    • 187 - Description of the Worldstone: "Each facet of the gargantuan formation contained thousands of minute ones. From within it emanated not only the illumination that had so burnt Uldyssian’s eyes, but, deeper yet, flashes of multicolored lightning. The overall light from the great crystal not only extended the entire length and breadth of the cavern—itself vast enough to fit the village of Seram and its surrounding lands within at least twenty times over—but looked as if it seeped through the very stone walls."
    • 187 - Fragments around the Worldstone: "There came another ear-tearing, shattering sound. Uldyssian looked up and for the first time noticed that smaller fragments of the crystal—”smaller” as in only two or three times his height and width—floated around much of the cavern in seemingly random directions. The harsh noise had come from two such pieces colliding. The broken fragments spilled around—and then began to re-form in different designs."

    Pages: 196-211
    POV: Achilios, Mendeln
    Characters: Lilith, Rathma, Romus, Serenthia, Trag'Oul, Uldyssian
    Mentioned Characters: Ethon, Saron, Tomo
    Locations: Outside of Hashir, Trag'Oul's realm, the edyrem camp

    Achilios wakes outside of Hashir once more. He has been unconscious for an unknown time, but Hashir is in ruins. The Edyrem have growm in numbers again, but Lilith leads them south rather than north towards Kehjan.

    Uldyssian and Rathma return to Trag'Oul's realm. Rathma returns Uldyssian to the jungle before leaving to meet Inarius with Mendeln. He sneaks near the camp, and sees evidence that Lilith is already reforgint the edyrem into a cult to worship her.

    Sneaking through the woods, Uldyssian finds Romus and reveals himself. He tells the man of Lilith in disguise, and they hatch a plan to defeat her. However, Romus is fully under Lilith's control and betray's Uldyssian as he enters Lilith's chamber.

    Important Points:
    • 200 - Trag'Oul must remain unknown to all. At present, it is likely no one knows of him but Rathma, Mendeln, Uldyssian and Achilios.
    • 205 - Tomo died at Hashir.

    • 202 - Time works oddly in Trag'Oul's domain: "It was now nightfall, something that at first disconcerted him. Time in the dragon’s realm seemed to pass oddly; he had expected it to be much earlier in the day."
    • 203 - Uldyssian had not been necessary to awaken the gift in the edyrem, Lilith has managed to do it as well.
    • 204 - Lilith has affected her followers with more than just words: "Even without trying, Uldyssian could sense a shadow over their souls, a taint that bespoke of Lilith."

    Pages: 212-224
    POV: Uldyssian
    Characters: Achilios, Lilith, Romus, Serenthia
    Mentioned Characters: Inarius, Rathma
    Locations: The edyrem camp

    Uldyssian awakes, captured by Lilith. Lilith kills Romus, who is now completely under her control. She plans to use his blood to control Uldyssian. Just as she is about to finish the ritual, Achilios starts to fire arrows into the chamber from slits in the roof. Using this distraction, Uldyssian manages to free himself, but fails to kill Lilith, which would also kill Serenthia.

    Achilios shows himself and tries to draw out Serenthia, and it works. Lilith literally crawls out of Serenthia's body, and escapes afterwards. Achilios tries to flee, but Uldyssian stops him, and the townsfolk, having heard Lilith's earlier screams, have arrived in the chamber.

    Important Points:
    • 215 - Both Lilith and Inarius are megalomaniacs in their own way.

    • 214 - Inarius cast Lilith out into the void, but it appears he didn't think she could possibly make it back from there.
    • 217 - Many of Uldyssian's followers were previous criminals and such, but under his lead they all followed and "did good". Uldyssian did not change their personalities though, only "buried" them. They were easier to turn for Lilith.
    • 217 - Lilith refers to the creation of Sanctuary all those "centuries" ago, not millennia. Might give an indication of how old the world is.
    • 217 - Lilith claims that the location was where one of the first points of reality were set, supporting the idea that sanctuary did not exist prior to the coming of angels and demon. All the rebels partook in this creation.
    • 217 - Lilith came back to Sanctuary more than three of Uldyssian's lifetimes ago. Uldyssian is at least 25, probably a little older. She may be referring to humans in general, which probably places he return at least 250 years ago if people live until 80.

    Pages: 225-239
    POV: Mendeln, Lilith
    Characters: Astrogha, Durram, Inarius, the Primus, the Prophet, Rathma
    Mentioned Characters: Diablo, Gulag, Lucion, Mephisto
    Locations: Mount Arreat, Grand Temple of the Triune

    Rathma takes Mendeln to Mount Arreat, near the Worldstone, where they meet Inarius. They speak, but ultimately Inarius disregards whatever they say and go to the worldstone. When he sees what Uldyssian has done he is furious, and leaves shortly thereafter without bothering more with Rathma and Mendeln. Inarius does not make any changes to the stony however, and Rathma guesses it means he will destroy all humanity rather than quell them again.

    Lilith returns to the grand temple and assumes the visage of the Primus. She plans to use the Triune, but must first deal with Astrogha. The two battle, and Lilith is victorious in the end. Astrogha flees from the temple entirely.

    Important Points:
    • 227 - Rathma's birthname is Linarian.
    • 227 - Rathma was forbidden to see the Worldstone. It is unclear whether this is why Bul-Kathos also guards the Worldstone, or whether that was for a different reason.
    • 228 - Description of Inarius: "From the angel’s back burst what at first Mendeln took for magnificent, fiery wings. Yet as they spread wide, he saw that they were more astounding than even that. The wings—so different from the feathered ones that Mendeln had most of his life imagined on angels—were actually strands of light that moved almost as if with animation of their own. They writhed and shifted like serpents or tentacles, a very contrary suggestion to what the angel represented. Inarius’s body and face contorted. A breastplate formed over his torso. The handsome, youthful visage sank into darkness beneath an immaculate hood, once within, finally transforming completely into shadow. It was as if there was no true physical substance to him."
    • 233 - Durram is an priest of Dialon, unknown rank. He knows of the Triune's secret. He is ambitious.

    • 229 - Inarius has no idea how Uldyssian managed to change the structure of the Worldstone as he did.
    • 232 - Inarius has the power to destroy and reshape the entire world, though it is not made clear what that actually means in practice.
    • 235 - Lilith believes that she can use the Worldstone to prevent the Three from retaking Sanctuary from her once she has control of it.
    • 238 - Astrogha is not surprised that he could not defeat Lilith. Her strength seems in some part to be because she is bloodkin to a Prime Evil.
    • Sanctuary:
    • 230 - Description of Arreat after Inarius destroys it: "The entire top of the peak had been radically altered. Now, it looked as if the mountain had grown a giant, three-fingered paw with jagged claws on two of the digits. He and Rathma stood on the outer edge of the third, a drop of well over a thousand feet merely one step away."

    Pages: 240-252
    POV: Uldyssian, Achilios
    Characters: Saron, Serenthia, Tyrael
    Mentioned Characters: Lilith, Romus, Trag'Oul
    Locations: Edyrem camp and just outside

    Achilios dashes through the crowd and into the night and escapes. Uldyssian dismisses the edyrem and explains to Serenthia what happened to her. Those turned by Lilith cannot be helped, and Uldyssian kills them and washes away their taint from the camp.

    Achilios races into the jungle, unsure what to make of what just happened. He decides to go back to the camp and let everyone know what he is, but at that moment Tyrael appears and the archer blacks out.

    Important Points:
    • 244 - After Lilith's possession of Serenthia, she has become almost as strong as Uldyssian.
    • 251 - First confirmed appearance of Tyrael. Achilios notes a blinding blue light, and remembers the one that saved him near Hashir, but does not think they're the same. Indicates that Inarius saved Achilios from the thonos in chapter Ten.
    • 251 - Tyrael has a silver-blue breastplate.

    Pages: 253-267
    POV: Uldyssian, Mendeln
    Characters: Malic, Rashim, Saron, Serenthia, Timeon
    Mentioned Characters: Achilios, Ethon, Inarius, Lilith, Rathma, Trag'Oul
    Locations: Edyrem camp, heading towards Kehjan, Partha, Trag'Oul's realm

    The edyrem stay for two days to search for Achilios, but do not find him. They continue to move towards Kehjan with all speed after that, as Uldyssian does not wish to give Lilithany more time than necessary.

    Mendeln is sent back to Partha by Rathma and Trag'Oul for a final test. There, he brings back Malic's spirit to Sanctuary. Mendeln tells him what has happened, and the spirit animates shadow morlu to fight Mendeln. He defeats them and strikes a bargain with Malic, now somewhat under his control. He places Malic in a bone fragment and then returns to Trag'Oul's realm.

    At this time, Rathma has noticed that Achilios is no longer under their command, and draws the conclusion that it's unlikely to be Inarius or Lilith, but rather another angel.

    Important Points:
    • 254 - Rashim, a Hashiri, Timeon, a Parthan, and Saron from Toraja are now the seconds in command, probably filling the gap left by Romus.
    • 254 - Timeon is a cousin of Jonas.
    • 255 - Rashim was an apprentice merchant before joining the edyrem.

    • 260 - There's a difference between dying and what Uldyssian did to Lucion, though Mendeln does not know what.
    • 266 - Trag'Oul wonders whether Rathma has "gazed upon all the planes" when searching for Achilios, to which Rathma responds he has. This can only mean that he has passed on from which no one can bring him back, or that someone else controls him.
    • 267 - Denizens of the burning hells leave a trace behind them, something Rathma can track. Angels do not however.

    • 255 - Kalinash is a town near Kehjan that is slightly larger than Hashir. It has a strong presence of the Triune.
    • 255 - Istani is a town near Kehjan. It is smaller than Hashir and not very rich. It does not have a strong presence of Triune.

    • 259 - Mendeln summons the spirit of Malic.

    Pages: 268-281
    POV: Uldyssian
    Characters: Jonas, Rashim, Saron, Serenthia, Timeon
    Mentioned Characters: Achilios, Mendeln
    Locations: Istani

    The edyrem march towards Istani. Once there, they find that the Triune left two days earlier and fled towards the supreme temple in Kehjan. The army camps for the night and adds more Istanis to their ranks.

    Marching towards the temple, Uldyssian keeps sensing that something's wrong. Shortly thereafter, he senses an entire army encroaching from behind which has been hidden from his sight by Lilith and the priests. He is also made aware that a larger army flanks them from Kehjan, this one several times larger and with hundreds and hundreds of morlu among its priests and peace warders.

    Important Points:
    • 270 - Serenthia is second in strength to Uldyssian even without Lilith in her.
    • 275 - Barenji is an official in Istani.

    • 272 - The representative of Istani is a plump man in his middle ages. He wears rich blue and green silk robes on the occassion and has an elaborate silver nose ring encusted with tiny rubies. He might be their leader.

    • 269 - Uldyssian sends a scouting party towards Kalinash because he fears a trap from the south. This implies they are traveling east as the proceed towards Kehjan.
    • 270 - Istani might be smaller than Hashir or Toraja, but it is much larger than Partha. The Triune temple is not very large.
    • 275 - pachyshon is the Sanctuary name for elephant.
    • 277 - Less than a day from the temple, coming from the west, Kehjan lies to the northeast.

    Pages: 282-295
    POV: Mendeln, Rathma, Uldyssian
    Characters: Achilios, Lilith, Saron, Serenthia, Trag'Oul
    Mentioned Characters: Inarius, Rashim, Tomo
    Locations: Trag'Oul's realm

    Rathma tricks Mendeln into believing there is no hope now that Heaven has learned of sanctuary's existence, upon which Mendeln immediately returns to Uldyssian to help him regardless.

    Meanwhile, the edyrem camp is attacked by the Triune on both sides. Uldyssian is forced to fight the Thonos while his followers face the morlu and Triune. Almost dying to it, Achilios appears and saves him.

    Uldyssian returns to the fight, but as he does so the slain rise from the dead and begin to attack the edyrem.

    Important Points:
    • 285 - Tomo was slain by a morlu in an earlier chapter.

    • 282 - Because Hell wanted to avoid Heaven learning of Sanctuary's existence, they would want to move at a "slow" pace.
    • 287 - The willpower of the edyrem seem to be where they draw strength from. Once it is broken, their powers are as well.

    • 288 - Thonos is the name of the tentacle demon. Uldyssian thinks it not very intelligent, but merely responding to instinct. It is the same that fought Achilios.
    • 289 - The Thonos is made of tentacles, and it's body is an oval around the size of twelve Uldyssians. It has more than a hundred tentacles. The only parts not covered with tentacles are human eyes in varying sizes, but most larger than a human's head.
    • 292 - The Thonos' mouth is a "beak-like" projection underneath the body with a thick tongue.

    Pages: 296-306
    POV: Uldyssian, Serenthia, Mendeln
    Characters: Lilith, Serenthia
    Mentioned Characters: Achilios, Rathma, Timeon, Trag'Oul
    Locations: Edyrem camp near the grand temple of the Triune

    Mendeln returns and begins to destroy the undead as well as the still living morlu. The edyrem regain strength, but they're still losing the battle. uldyssian, tormented, imagines that he has her in her grip, and suddenly she is there.

    Startled, Lilith transports them both from the battlefield. Mendeln notices this. Desperate to help his brother, he sends the bone fragment containing Malic to aid him against Lilith.

    Mendeln desperately try to kill all the morlu, but he doesn't have the power. Just as he is about to fall however, both Rathma and Trag'Oul seep their powers into him. This allows him to simultaneously kill all the remaining morluy, still hundreds, turning the battle.

    Important Points:
    • 300 - Timeon is killed by a morlu.

    • 304 - Trag'Oul uses his power to aid Mendeln. Unclear if this is within his bounds to safely do.

    Pages: 307-322
    POV: Uldyssian
    Characters: Durram, Lilith, Malic, Trag'Oul
    Mentioned Characters: Lucion, Mephisto, the Primus
    Locations: The supreme temple of the Triune

    Uldyssian appears in a maze in the main temple, unable to get out. He receives the bone fragment containing Malic. The priest tries to guide him through the maze, but Uldyssian falls into a trap of morlu.

    He drops into the chamber where the Kiss of Mephisto is located, and all the morlu he kill instantly rise anew. He finds the stone and shatters it, whereafter he kills all the morlu.

    Escaping throught the maze, Uldyssian finds him in a great hall of the temple. Hundreds of triune members appear, all disguised a Lilith to Uldyssian. He realizes the deception, and defeats them all until only the real Lilith remain.

    They fight, and Uldyssian manages to best her and brings down the entire temple on top of her. She deceived him into thinking she is dead just as he passes out from exhaustion. Trag'Oul brings him back to the edyrem camp.

    Important Points:
    • 315 - Durram dies, killed by the bone fragment containing Malic thrown by Uldyssian.

    • 315 - The main temple of the Triune is possibly located on a nexus where the world was forged together.
    • 321 - It seems the main temple is made of hundreds of thousands of tons of stone and wood.

    • 309 - The maze was created by Lucion and was for his amusement. It is filled with deadly traps of unspecified design.
    • 313 - The Kiss of Mephisto is a black gemstone nearly as tall as Uldyssian embedded in a column of red-streaked marble.

    Pages: 323-327
    POV: Mendeln, Rathma, Lilith
    Characters: Inarius, Jonas, Serenthia, Uldyssian
    Mentioned Characters: Achilios
    Locations: Edyrem camp outside the main Triune temple

    Uldyssian returns to the camp, and the edyrem recuperate after the battle.

    Rathma also visits the temple ruins, and he is also fooled by Lilith's deception before leaving.

    Lilith crawls out of the ruins only to meet Inarius and discover that he was the one who saved her from being detected. He once again sends her into the void before leaving for his cathedral.

    Important Points:
    • 326 - Lilith still desires Inarius, though she also hates him.
    • 236 - Inarius once promised never to let anyone strike Lilith down or to do so himself.

    • 237 - It appears Inarius did a mistake when he imprisoned her in the void the first time, a mistake that allowed her to escape.
    • 237 - Description of Lilith sent into the void: "Lilith screamed and cursed, but her voice—as well as she—grew tinier and tinier. The sphere became a marble, then the size of a pea. And then, for all mortal purposes, shrank so tiny as to become nothing."

    • 324 - Mendeln's arm, which he lost during the battle, was restored by Rathma afterwards. - PlugY PlugY for Diablo II allows you to reset skills and stats, transfer items between characters in singleplayer, obtain all ladder runewords and do all Uberquests while offline. It is the only way to do all of the above. Please use it.

    Supporting big shoulderpads and flashy armor since 2004.
  • #4
    The Veiled Prophet
    Pages: 4-17
    POV: Zorun Tzin, Mendeln
    Characters: Rathma, Serenthia, Terul, Uldyssian
    Locations: Kehjan, jungles of Kehjan
    Mentioned Characters: Achilios, Cyrus, Inarius, Lilith, Lucion, Lylia, Trag'Oul

    Zorun is interrogates a triune cultist he's tracked down from the destroyed main temple.

    He attemps to get information regarding Uldyssian and the edyrem from him, but learn little.

    Mendeln meets with Rathma in the jungle. The nephalem wants Mendeln to warn Uldyssian of Inarius, which the brother says is no use. Mendeln returns to camp after that and meets with Uldyssian, who thinks Rathma should stop hiding and stard with the rest of them. An unknown party approaches the camp, and both Uldyssian, Serenthia and Mendeln go to see who they are.

    Important Points:
    • 003 - Zorun Tzin is a dark-skinned Kehjani mage.
    • 004 - Zorun is a neat man who keeps his sanctum clean. He wears a brown, wide-shouldered tunic and flowing pants. He keeps a trimmed beard and his thin hair oiled back.
    • 006 - Terul is a small hulking Kehjani man. Zorun brought him out of the slums. He has a small head and is great at obeying orders. He doesn't speak. He is a large man.
    • 007 - Mendeln is of average height, which means that 1m 75cm is average height for males.
    • 003 - The mage clans have had to toil for most of their lives to get their powers, as opposed to the edyrem who merely had them awakened.
    • 004 - The edyrem neither use chants nor gestures when using their powers, something the mages do.
    • 008 - Mendeln calls the potential of the nephalem unlimited, a word that should be taken with a grain of salt.
    • 008 - Lilith murdered all the refugee angels and demons.
    • 009 - Lilith changed the Worldstone after Hell discovered Sanctuary.
    • 011 - The Burning Hells has known of Sanctuary for centuries.
    • 016 - The more powerful edyrem seem to show signs of trouble in controlling their powers, most evident in Uldyssian and Serenthia.
    • 003 - The Council of Clans is the collective leadership among the mage clans.
    • 009 - Urjhani is a town that held a minor temple of the Triune.
    • 011 - There are about a hundred Parthans left. In the past there were many times that, but most have died during the journey.
    • 007 - Mendeln wonders whether Rathma's garments are alive, since they move without wind.
    • 008 - Rathma is called an Ancient, signifying that it means the same as being a nephalem.

    Pages: 19-33
    POV: Uldyssian, Achilios
    Characters: Hadeen, Mendeln, Serenthia, Tyrael, Vidrisi
    Locations: The edyrem camp, jungles of Kehjan
    Mentioned Characters: Inarius, Lilith, the Prophet, Rathma, Trag'Oul

    The camp is attacked by what appears to be farmers. The edyrem rout them without casualties. Mendeln ressurects two of the slain for questioning.

    He raises two shades, and they both claim to have come to save Kehjan from the edyrem, which they believed are a threat to all. The Cathedral has spread this message, turning Sanctuary against Uldyssian and his followers.

    Enraged by the angel, Uldyssian loses control and sets the forest aflame. Mendeln tries to stop him. At that instant, Achilios appears and pierces Uldyssian's chest with an arrow, toppling him.

    Achilios is being controlled by Tyrael who has instructed him to kill Uldyssian and Serenthia, and he can do nothing about it.

    Important Points:
    • 027 - Hadeen is a man from Toraja. He a middle-aged man with the beginning of a bald and strong shoulders and arms, possibly a farmer. He came from Toraja and was killed by the edyrem.
    • 027 - Vidrisi was a female around twenty. She is thin and pinch-faced, probably from Toraja as well.

    Pages: 35-48
    POV: Mendeln, Uldyssian, Zorun Tzin
    Characters: Durram, Inarius, Jonas, the Prophet, Saron, Serenthia, Terul
    Locations: Jungles of Kehjan
    Mentioned Characters: Achilios, Lilith, Lucion, Malic, Rathma

    Uldyssian appears to be dying, but manages to heal himself thanks to Achilios miss. They return to camp, and the next day set off towards Kehjan. They make good speed, but four days later they are still within the jungle.

    As Uldyssian falls asleep that night, Inarius visits him in his dreams and a attempts to trick Uldyssian into giving up. He resists however, and Inarius leaves.

    Zorun Tzin is outside of Kehjan when Durram stumbles upon him. The priest has had neither food nor water for days, and dies almost immediately. He appears to have been tracking Uldyssian.

    Important Points:
    • 036 - Achilios missed Uldyssian's heart, a mistake he must have done purposefully due to his great skill with the bow.
    • 038 - Saron us in a constant sour mood since his cousin died. They were closer than brothers in life.
    • 046 - Durram is in his late twenties.
    • 43 - Inarius on how he created Sanctuary: “I forged this world from raw forces taken from the place of Creation! I sculpted the lands and filled the seas. All exists because of me; all remains at my whim…including you, my child.”
    • 045 - Red and gold are the colors of the mage clans' master council.
    • 039 - Kehjan lies near the path towards the Cathedral of Light from where they are.

    Pages: 49-63
    POV: Uldyssian
    Characters: Aztuhl, Fahin, Mendeln, Saron,
    Serenthia, Terul
    Locations: Jungles of Kehjan, road towards Kehjan
    Mentioned Characters: Cyrus, Inarius, Lilith

    The edyrem party come across a road leading towards Kehjan, upon which thye meet Fahin, a wealthy merchant Serenthia met once.

    After meeting with him, Uldyssian decides to enter Kehjan alone in the hope of getting an audience with both the mage clans and the prince. He leaves the edyrem camped two days from the city and proceed with the merchant's party.

    That night they are attacked by the trees near the road.

    Important Points:
    • 050 - Fahin is one of the welthiest merchants in the lowlands.
    • 052 - Fahin has black hair with streaks streaks and a jeweled nose ring. His skin is dark,
    • but lighter than that of Saron. He wears extravagant clothing but Uldyssian does not take him for overly self-indulgent. He's also quite heavy.
    • 054 - The captain who leads Fanin's guard is Aztuhl. He's an obstinate man.
    • 055 - The Kehjani prince is Ehmand. He is young and still tries to establish a solid powerbase.
    • 057 - Larius is a merchant from Tulisam. He's a bald, beefy man.
    • 061 - Aztuhl is Fahin's bastard son. He is killed by the raging trees.
    • 062 - Fahin is killed by Terul.
    • 056 - The Cathedral and the Triune rose to power swiftly and at roughly the same time.
    • 053 - Sherah was a pony owned by Fanin when he visited Seram. It was entirely white except for a black streak above its eye.

    Pages: 65-77
    POV: Zorun Tzin, Trag'Oul, Uldyssian
    Characters: Rathma, Terul
    Locations: Near Kehjan, Trag'Oul's Realm
    Mentioned Characters: Durram, Ethon, Inarius, Lilith, Mephisto

    Zorun had been the one to cast the spell nearby. All die except for Uldyssian, and he later sends his guards in and kill them with the spell as well.

    Rathma and Trag'Oul come to the conclusion that Tyrael is the angel pulling Achilios strings.

    Uldyssian is tortured by Zorun in his sanctum. The mage is interrupted by the arrival of other mages, and leaves Terul alone with Uldyssian. The servant slowly reveals himself to be Malic, and that Malic possessed Durram previously.

    Important Points:
    • 069 - Description of Trag'Oul: "he had existed since this world had been molded by the refugee angels and demons. The essence of creation that they had stolen to forge Sanctuary had included what was him. He had grown as the world had grown, and his fate was tied to Sanctuary as much as was that of the humans now populating it."
    • 071 - Zorun has a long beard.
    • 077 - Terul is possessed by Malic, who was previously in Durram.
    • 070 - Description of the Balance: "The Balance represented the equilibrium of the world. A descent into utter evil meant terrible destruction; a turn to the complete absence of evil meant stagnation and decay. The middle, where good and evil coexisted but neither had the great advantage, was, in their minds, the best and only choice."
    • 071 - Tyrael is called the "Angel of Justice".
    • 074 - Zorun has managed to get a hold of a fragment of the Worldstone, which apparently greatly helps in his spellwork. It amplifies magical effects.

    Pages: 79-92
    POV: Serenthia, Uldyssian, Zorun Tzin, Kethuus, Oris
    Characters: Amolia, Gamuel, Malic, Mendeln, Nurzani, Terul
    Locations: The edyrem camp, Kehjan, Cathedral of Light
    Mentioned Characters: Cedric, Ethon, Fahin, Jonas, Lilith, Lylia, Mephisto, the Prophet, Saron

    At probably the same instant as Uldyssian is captured, Serenthia feels something's wrong. She wants to go after Uldyssian, but seeks Mendelns councel first.

    Mendeln has met the ghost of Fahin, who has told him everything. Serenthia wants to march on Kehjan and demand his return, and Mendeln agrees for lack of any other options.

    Meanwhile, Malic attempts to possess Uldyssian's body, but Uldyssian breaks free of the spell containing him. He kills Terul and wills himself away afterwards, unwilling to face any more opposition.

    Zorun Tzin is meeting with three mage council enforcers in his public room when Uldyssian flees, causing the entire building to shake. Zorun rushes down into the chamber, only to find everything burned. He sees Terul's body however, and the crystal fragment there. As he grabs it, Malic takes control of his body. When the three enforcers reach the room, Malic is gone.

    In the Cathedral of Light, the Prophet has locked himself in since his encounter with Uldyssian.

    Important Points:
    • 083 - Malic tells Uldyssian that he has manipulated Zorun Tzin and that it was he who captured Uldyssian, which makes sense considering Uldyssian's considerable magical prowess.
    • 085 - Nurzani is a tall and spindly enforcer mage of the master council. He is apprently quite gifted.
    • 085 - Kethus is an enforcer with skin black as shadow.
    • 085 - Amolia has skin pale as ivory and is of Ascenian descent. She is also an enforcer.
    • 086 - Zorun Tzin is the second son of Liov Tzin. His father was a famous mage.
    • 088 - Zorun Tzin dies, taken over by Malic.
    • 090 - Oris loves Inarius
    • 085 - The master council's enforcers wear orange and brown colors, and voluminous cloaks with high-peaked hoods
    • 085 - There is a merchant's guild in Kehjan.
    • 090 - The staff of a mage is very important to them.
    • 091 - The Cathedral is incredibly tighyl controlled by the Prophet, as his high priests dare not act without his consent.

    Pages: 93-107
    POV: Uldyssian, Inarius, Gamuel, Serenthia, Achilios
    Characters: Ehmad, Mendeln, Oris, Sehkar
    Locations: Kehjan, Cathedral of Light, near Kehjan
    Mentioned Characters: Diomedes, Fahin, Lilith, Linarian, Malic, Rathma, Trag'Oul, Tyrael, Zorun Tzin

    Uldyssian, confused and dazed by his teleportation, stumbled across Kehjan in the search for prince Ehmad. He encounters him however, and Ehmad takes him back to his palace.

    Inarius broods in is sanctum. Uldyssian did not realize it, but when he confronted Inarius he did to Inarius what would have made him dead had he been mortal. Inarius fears Uldyssian, and summons Gamuel to take care of the human for him.

    The edyrem march towards Kehjan. They are met by a patrol of guards of ahundred mean, which they easily kill. Mendeln tries to stop it, but no one else seems to realize the ease with which they kill anymore.

    At that instant, Achilios tries to kill Serenthia, but the dead warn Mendeln and he is able to take the arrow in his shoulder. As she heals Mendeln he confronts her about the bloodlust, but she does not see it.

    Important Points:
    • 094 - Prince Ehmad is a young handsome man with dark brown eyes. He wears a resplentend breastplate and a metal kilt.
    • 094- Sehkar is a charioteer of the prince.
    • 095 - The prince is well liked by the people.
    • 097 - Inarius seems to believe he was, for the briefest of moments, dead. How he could be dead for only a moment isn't explained, but it is something Inarius has never before experienced.
    • 097 - Inarius have tried to undo the change Uldyssian did to the Worldstone, but have failed. This is why he has hesitated to kill Uldyssian. Since his last encounter, he now fears Uldyssian as well.
    • 107 - This is the moment where Tyrael appears to star having doubts about humanity and their fate, though it is doubtful whether it's honest or a ruse. Achilios, according to Tyrael, managed to resist Tyrael's command both when targeting
    • Uldyssian and Serenthia.

    Pages: 109-123
    POV: Uldyssian, Malic
    Characters: Amolia, Ehmad, Kaylei, Kethuus, Nurzani
    Locations: Kehjan
    Mentioned Characters: Diablo, Fahin, Lucion, Mephisto, Terul, Zorun Tzin

    Uldyssian is taken to the palace, where the pricne reveals that he knows who he is. Uldyssian's almost attacks the prince, thinking it all a front, but stops himself. Uldyssian begin's to explain his situation when the mage enforcers arrive.He explains to them what he knows of Malic, and though they accept it as a possibility, they also try to capture him for questioning.

    Malic walks the streets of Kehjan, realizing he uses up bodies faster and faster as he switches. He is found by two mages, but using the powers of Hate against them he turns them on each other instead. He flees into the sewers where he finds two bandits. One he possesses, and the other he sacrifices to a demon of Diablo.

    Important Points:
    • 109 - Ehmad lacks an ego, so to speak.
    • 110 - Kaylei is a servant in the royal palace. She has black hair and delicate hands and wears a low-cut blouse and billowing leg coverings.
    • 111 - Uldyssian tries to stop his powers, but fails to do so. This is a further step of the edyrem's inability to control their powers.
    • 117 - Malic possessed Durram for weeks before black spots became apparent, Terul for two days, and Zorun Tzin merely hours.
    • 122 - Malic refers to a pact of the Three, which compels servants of one demon lord to heed summons of servants of other demon lords.
    • 122 - A demon of Diablo: "A forest of leafy tentacles hung under the fiend, each one arrayed with serrated edges. Fragments of meat and other grisly objects hung from many of the appendages, but they were not nearly so horrific a sight as within the boneless mound that was the creature’s body. In there, already dissolving, was the carcass that had once been Zorun Tzin."
    • 116 - Kethuus is capable of teleporting away without the use of gestures or words, something that seems hard for mages to do. This is later revealed to be done through the amulets they wear.
    • 118 - Harakas and Sarandesh are two mage clans.
    • 109 - Description of Kehjan royal palace: "The palace consisted of four rounded buildings surrounding a fifth one several times their size. Small, decorative points topped each. The main entrance was a wide, columned affair that could only be reached by a lengthy series of wide stone steps.
    • Six columns flanked each side of the brass doorway. Every column had been carved to resemble some animal respected by the ancient Kehjani builders, including the great cats of the jungle and the massive, prehensilesnouted creatures the lowlanders used for heavy burdens."
    • 111 - There's a balcony in the palace named for the Chadaka King. Chadaka are a king of tailed primates that live in the jungles.
    • 111 - The Chadaka King is the fabled king of the chadaka. They are said to be the most clever of primates, and stories of him contain lessons of pride and rule.
    • 113 - Taiyan tea is a sweet tea that can be served cool.
    • 119 - Kehjan is built on the ruins of old structures, and people have no idea what exists deep below, but deadly things lurk there.

    Pages: 125-138
    POV: Uldyssian, Inarius
    Characters: Amolia, Ehmad, Gamuel, Keethus, the Prophet
    Locations: Kehjan, Cathedral of Light
    Mentioned Characters: Ethon, Fahin, Malic, Mendeln, Serenthia, Zorun Tzin

    Uldyssian easily shrugs off the attacks attempted by Amolia and Kethuus. The prince interrupt them before anyone gets hurt, and the mages agree to let Uldyssian speak to them of his own free will to the council before leaving.

    No words arrives that day however, and Uldyssian falls asleep in his palace chamber. There he is attacked by Gamuel, who has been sent to kill him. The assassin strikes a mortal blow, but Uldyssian takes his wo ndeath and pushes it onlo Gamuel, killing him. Inarius whiskers away his body immediantely however, leaving no evidence of the attack.

    Frightened by this, Inarius realizes that the edyrem have become the threat he always feared, and opts to destroy Sanctuary.

    Important Points:
    • 125 - Amolia is blond.
    • 137 - Gamuel does not die his own death, but Uldyssian's.
    • 125 - Kethuus is said to be still here, when he in fact teleported away in the previous chapter. Nurzani should be the mage with Amolia. Or Nurzani should have left in the prevsious chapter. This is an error in writing.

    Pages: 139-152
    POV: Mendeln, Inarius
    Characters: Achilios, Diablo, Jonas, the Prophet, Saron, Serenthia, Tyrael
    Locations: Near Kehjan, Cathedral of Light
    Mentioned Characters: Cyrus, Malic, Oris, Rathma, Trag'Oul, Uldyssian

    The edyrem continue to march towards Kehjan. The edyrem think Uldyssian dead, and Mendeln fears a bloodbath should they reach Kehjan.

    He trails off into one of the villages abandoned prior to their arrival, and encounters Achilios. Achilios claims to only want to talk, but Mendeln do not believe him and try to kill him. Eventually Mendeln realizes that Achilios could have already killed him had he wanted to. Tyrael appears and tells Mendeln that one of the Three has entered Sanctuary.

    Meanwhile, Diablo visits Inarius in his Sanctum. He presents the angel with an alliance between them, one that will destroy Uldyssian and keep Heaven from discovering Sanctuary. Neither of them know that Tyrael has already found it.

    Important Points:
    • 148 - Diablo says of Inarius: "I deal with a traitor, a liar, and a murderer, said a voice that, despite Inarius’s claim, sent a slight chill through him. It’s almost like dealing with one of my brothers."
    • 148 - Inariu's reaction to Diablo's appearance: "Inarius showed no sign of anxiety when that figure became another winged warrior he knew so well. “You are not Tyrael, and I am not afraid of him.”
    • Are you not? Then why do I resemble him?
      “Because you are a fool, demon.”
      This brought a chuckle. Then, as the other “angel” moved forward, he shifted form again. Now he was a human, but not just any. He was Uldyssian ul-Diomed.
      The Prophet bared his teeth. “Again, you are a fool. You have some reason for approaching me. Do so without the theatrics!”
    • 151 - Inarius thinks Lilith more cunning than Diablo.
    • 148 - Diablo has a clear sense of humor, something Inarius, and other angels as well, seem to lack.
    • 149 - Diablo doesn't dare reveal himself fully, for fear of alerting Heaven.
    • 149 - Diablo and Inarius agreed last time they met that it would be the last. They have had dealing before.
    • 150 - Inarius, even with all his power of the Worldstone, still struggles against Diablo.
    • 150 - Even though Diablo appears to have taken a non-descript form, he's still standing on the ground and his taloned paws scrape the marble. It seems to indicate that Diablo doesn't actually shift physical form, he just appears to do so visually.

    Pages: 153-166
    POV: Rathma, Uldyssian
    Characters: Achilios, Ehmad, Kethuus, Mendeln, Trag'Oul
    Locations: Near Kehjan, Kehjan
    Mentioned Characters: Amolia, Malic, Serenthia, Zorun Tzin

    Rathma materializes next to Mendeln amidst the edyrem marching. He senses that Mendeln hides something, and incorrectly believes it to be Achilios when he senses him in the woods.

    Rathma attempts to destroy Achilios, but Tyrael stops them. Before he can do anything, a swarm of giant mantises attacks the edyrem. They do not kill anyone however, they only stall them to prevent them from reaching the capital.

    Uldyssian is given an audience with the guilds and clans at nightfall. Kethuus arrives to tell him that Zorun Tzin is dead, and takes Uldyssian to the place in the sewers. Uldyssian believes him to be Malic however, and is about to attack him when the demon Malic summoned before appears and drags Uldyssian into the deeps. He fights the demon, and although he destroys it he is knocked unconscious and falls into the water, while Kethuus remains unconscious as well.

    Important Points:
    • 159 - Kethuus uses a medallion that might be similar to Zorun Tzin's staff, as in it's a powerul artifact used in spellcasting.
    • 160 - Angels and demons might have built the ruins on which Kehjan is built.
    • 164 - Kethuus says "By the seven!" in surprisea. This might refer to seven mages, perhaps who founded the most powerful clans.

    Pages: 167-180
    POV: Trag'Oul, Malic, Serenthia
    Characters: Amolia, Ehmad, the Prophet, Saron, Tyrael
    Locations: Trag'Oul's Realm
    Mentioned Characters: Achilios, Gamuel, Inarius, Jonas, Lilith, Lucion, Mendeln, Rathma, Uldyssian

    Trag'Oul cannot contact Rathma, and senses a veil has been laid over much of the area surrounding Kehjan. He realizes that this is the work of Inarius and a powerful demon, and decides that he must enter Sanctuary himself.

    Just as he is about to enter Sanctuary, the voices of the others hit him, preventing him from leaving his realm. No information is given about them other than that they also guard their worlds, but they convince Trag'Oul not to enter.

    Malic has taken possession of Prince Ehmad, and does the same to Amolia when she appears and tells him Uldyssian has not shown up for his meeting. Using her new body he prepares to visit the master council.

    The attack on the edyrem ends, but only because the insects retreat. Serenthia organizes the battered edyrem, but is worried they will not last. As she falls asleep, Achilios comes to visit her however. She follows him out into the woods, where she meets Tyrael. Tyrael explains to Serenthia what is happening in Kehjan, and that Inarius has made a pact with Diablo. She thinks they must march immediately, but Tyrael stops her and shows her what is currently happening in Kehjan.

    Important Points:
    • 167 - Trag'Oul has entered Sanctuary only once, when he laid the groundwork of Rathma to find him.
    • 168 - The other's "Filled with an unaccustomed anger, he confronted the voices. This is my burden! This is my duty! You have no say in this, none of you!
    • There was a moment of silence, and then, together, they responded, But we do…this goes beyond Sanctuary now. Beyond all of us who stand sentinel.
      The dragon grew wary. How so? How can that be?
      As ever, they answered as one, and, as before, their words struck him as nothing else could. Because the war is coming to Sanctuary, and if you interfere with what the Balance demands, it and all existence may be forfeit."
    • 178 - Inarius bound the Worldstone to himself so that only he could draw its power. It would also appear that the renegades stole the worldstone from somewhere.
    • Both of these quotes may be outright lies as Tyrael seeks to throw the world into chaos, or it might be the beginnings of his change of heart regarding humans.

    Pages: 181-196
    POV: Malic, Uldyssian
    Characters: Amolia, Diablo, Kethuus, Mendeln, Nurzani, Rathma
    Locations: Kehjan
    Mentioned Characters: Ehmad, Fahin, Inarius, Lilith, Mephisto

    Malic appaers before the collected leaders of the merchant's guild and the mage clans. In the guise of Amolia, he claims to now serve Uldyssian, and proceeds to slay all but two of them with the power given to him by Diablo and Inarius. He then disappears before the guards outside the chamber enter.

    Uldyssian finds himself deep under water in the underground canals. He does not understand why he isn't dead when Diablo confronts him and tells Uldyssian he saved him from drowning. At first he believes Diablo, but just before he opens his mind to the demon does he realize he is being tricked.

    A short battle ensues where Uldyssian scares Diablo away turning his fear-instilling tricks against him. He awakens Kethuus, but right after that a dozen enforcers appear. As they are about to kill Uldyssian (or try to), Mendeln appears as well and casts a bone wall around them. He then gives Uldyssian his dagger, which teleports him outside the city to Rathma. He tells Uldyssian what has happened the last few hours.

    Important Points:
    • 191 - Uldyssian defeats Diablo by showing him his own reflection. He doubt it would work under normal circumstances, and it is unlikely that Diablo is at his ufll strength here.
    • 181 - The mage council consists of one choser member from each of the seven largest clans, each with one vote, and 7 other members from the next seven largest after that without a vote, bringing the total number to 14.
    • 181 - Enforcers are chosen from all clans, and are forced to give a part of their "essence", which is given to the council. They belong to no clan after that, and are picked use many criteria.
    • 181 - The leader of the mage council rotates with each new moon.
    • 193 - The essence that enforcers give up can be used to track them.
    • 188 - Diablo claims that water has natural magic properties. Unsure whether this is true or not.

    Pages: 197-210
    POV: Mendeln
    Characters: Inarius, Malic, the Prophet, Rathma, Uldyssian
    Locations: "a limbo", Cathedral of Light, near Kehjan
    Mentioned Characters: Amolia, Trag'Oul, Tyrael

    Mendeln is killed by the mages, but before he dies he is trapped in a state of limbo by Inarius, who resurrects him from that empty state.

    Inarius confronts Mendeln about who guides him, and while he initally fears Inarius is referring to Trag'Oul, he thinks Tyrael is the one guiding Rathma and Mendeln. When he refuses to acknowledge this, Inarius drops him into a pit, where Malic, in the body of Amolia, tricks him into believing she is a fellow prisoner.

    Mendeln sees through the deception, and Malic flees. Reaching out to his dagger, Uldyssian and Rathma locate him and bring him to safety.

    Important Points:
    • 201 - Inarius displays emotion, something Mendeln thinks he has picked up after spending so much time with humans.
    • 200 - Inarius summons a being that is reminiscient of the angel, but it's hard to say what it is: "next to Mendeln materialized a figure that seemed half golden sunlight, half wind.
    • It was neither male nor female and had no legs, but rather what seemed a stream of tendrils akin to those of the angel. With hands that consisted of only three digits, the being held a glittering tray upon which appeared a goblet made of pure diamond."
    • 210 - Confirmation that the heavenly host is on its way to Sanctuary.
    Pages: 211-223
    POV: Uldyssian, Rathma
    Characters: Inarius, Mendeln, Rathma
    Locations: Near Kehjan, Cathedral of Light
    Mentioned Characters: Achilios, Diablo, Malic, the Prophet, Saron, Serenthia

    Rathma suggests they make a pact with Inarius against Heaven, and leaves immediately.

    Uldyssian and Mendeln return to the edyrem camp, where Serenthia is gone. Uldyssian goes to search for her, but finds Achilios and her lying in ambush for him. They've been tricked into believing that he is possessed by Malic by Tyrael.

    Seeing no other way, Uldyssian defeats both of them and convinces Serenthia by not killing her. Mendeln arrives and stops Achilios from shooting Uldyssian, and the two reveal what Tyrael has been up to.

    Rathma appears before his father and present his offer, but Inarius is blinded by madness and casts Rathma into the void.

    Important Points:
    • 213 - Rathma is unsure whether Tyrael evr laughs, an indicator of the more emotion-less angels.
    • 214 - Saron is shorter than Uldyssian
    • 221 - Inarius madness has been hinted at in the books, bt he now fully believes that he is in total control of events and he denies that Tyrael is there.
    • 223 - Rathma describes the bond with his father: "At that moment, Rathma realized the gap between even himself and what his sire was. It was a jest of the cosmos that they were father and son; there was more of a physical bond between Rathma and a toadstool."
    • 212 - Trag'Oul attempts to hide Sanctuary's "true location" after Heaven is already en route.
    • 213 - Kehjan is the greatest city on Sanctuary.
    • 212 - Rathma maintains that Tyrael has been playing all of them and lying to them in order to further disarray Sanctuary.

    Pages: 225-240
    POV: Uldyssian, Mendeln, Uldyssian, Mendeln
    Characters: Jonas, Lilith, Rathma, Saron, Serenthia, Trag'Oul
    Locations: The edyrem camp, the void, Trag'Oul's Realm
    Mentioned Characters: Achilios, Ehmad, Inarius, Tyrael

    Kehjan attacks the edyrem in full force, army and mages combined. the edyrem prepare to defend themselves. Just as the battle starts however, Mendeln is dragged away by Trag'Oul.

    Desperate to avoid bloodshed, Uldyssian has his followers feed him their power. Bolstering even his power, he uses it to shield the mages attacking them back in Kehjan, and then causes the entire enemy army to fall asleep, ending the battle with no bloodshed.

    Trag'Oul brought Mendeln to him to rescue Rathma from the void, where Inarius sent him. Mendeln enters it, but finds Lilith instead. He sends her back into the void before finally locating Rathma as they both move back to Trag'Oul's realm.

    Important Points:
    • 235 - Description of the void: "and only then registered that the blackness in which he floated was not the domain of Trag’Oul. This place radiated such emptiness that Mendeln suddenly clutched his arms tight around his body and wished fitfully for the relative cheer of the dragon’s home."
    • 235 - Clarification by Trag'Oul: "What could be called the remotest part of existence! A place so far from all else that to be trapped here is to be cursed forever."
    • 235 - Trag'Oul has to strain himself to maintain the link to the void.
    • 237 - Trag'Oul, either refering to the others or the Heavenly Host in terms of who he is using the ruse on: "Use your power to draw him near. Hurry! They suspect the ruse!"
    • 239 - In rescuing Rathma, Trag'Oul could not keep up the shielding of Sanctuary, thus allowing the Heavenly host to locate it.
    230 - There are at least twenty mage clans

    Pages: 241-256
    POV: Tyrael, Malic, Uldyssian, Serenthia
    Characters: Jonas, Mendeln, Oris, Rathma
    Locations: Overlooking Sanctuary, Cathedral of Light, the edyrem camp, Burning Hells
    Mentioned Characters: Achilios, Amolia, Inarius, Lilith

    Tyrael surveys the land and confirms Rathma's suspicion: he has been duping everyone to throw the world into disarray.

    Malic has gone to the Prophet. Diablo has left the world it seems, and this is his only option left. The Prophet grants him the body of Oris, instantly killing her.

    The edyrem being marching towards the Cathedral, but have to make camp during the night with only two days remaining before Rathma estimates the Heavenly Host arrives.

    Serenthia goes to sleep and sends her mind out over the glasslands in search for Achilios. There she finds a gateway to Hell, which she enters long enough to see an army of demons amassed before leaving and telling Uldyssian.

    Important Points:
    • 243 - Description of the Prophet in war gear: "clad in gleaming silver armor that hinted of his true status. In fact, a stylized winged warrior was the centerpiece of his breastplate. Over his golden hair, he wore a rimmed helmet with an arched metal crest that ran all the way back to the base. At the Prophet’s side hung a scabbard containing a sword with a jeweled hilt."
    • 241 - Tyrael thinks some artifact or source of power that belongs to Inarius caused the delay of the host, but it was probably Trag'Oul's work that did it since Tyrael knows of the Worldstone and what it does.
    • 247 - Time flows differently for the angels says Rathma, but that's probably beecause they have yet to enter Sanctuary.
    • 251 - Description of a path between Sanctuary and Hell: "It was not truly physical but bordered between that and some plane of existence almost akin to that which she currently inhabited. The gap was wide enough to fit a man or something slightly larger, but the
    • edges seemed in flux, as if prepared to close…or open farther."
    • 253 - Possible desciption of Hell: "she could not help but glance more and more at what
    • passed for its walls. Inspecting closely, Serenthia discovered that they were not even completely solid but actually like black pitch that constantly dripped."
    • 246 - The Cathedral of Light lies in the grasslands, a plain in the middle of all the jungle that allows for easy travel to and from Kehjan.

    Pages: 257-271
    POV: Achilios, Uldyssian
    Characters: Mendeln, Malic, Serenthia
    Locations: The grasslands
    Mentioned Characters: Inarius, Lilith, Oris

    Achilios is out scouting the grasslands in the night, when the grass attacks him and pulls him under, a trap left by Inarius for the edyrem.

    In the morning, the edyrem walk into the grass and become trapped as well. Uldyssian burns it all down with fire that does not harm people, but his powers take control of him and he begins to burn down the jungles and the whole world. Mendeln breaks him out of it, but in his rage Uldyssian accidentally strikes his brother down.

    At that time a thunderstorm breaks out and hordes of Inquisitors begin their charge from the Cathedral. Inarius is utilizing the full power of the Worldstone to strengthen his warriors.

    Important Points:
    • 265 - Description of the Cathedral: "The gargantuan edifice gleamed despite the thick cloud cover, gleamed as if made of diamond. Uldyssian could not make out any details save the sharply pointed spire towering over all else."
    • 265 - The Golden Path is the name of the road between the Cathedral and Kehjan.

    Pages: 273-287
    POV: Uldyssian, Mendeln
    Characters: Achilios, Jonas, Malic, Rathma, Serenthia
    Locations: The grasslands
    Mentioned Characters: Inarius, the Prophet

    The edyrem are attacked by the Inquisitors, aided by Inarius' magic from afar. Though the enemy is initially successful in breaching their ranks, Uldyssian manages to kill most of the attacking army on his own. In the aftermath, Uldyssian and Mendeln realize that Malic came among their midst and possessed an edyrem. Rathma leaves at this point to find other nephalem to aid in their struggle.

    Mendeln goes to look for Malic in the now destroyed battlefield. With everyone preparing for Inarius' next assault, Mendeln is ambushed by Malic. Just as the shade is about to possess Mendeln, Achilios arrives and stops Malic.

    Important Points:
    • 275 - Inquisitors use curved swords and spiked maces.
    • 280 - Nearly a quarter of the edyrem died in the assault by the Inquisitors.
    • 285 - The Inquisitor charge was most likely only done to allow Malic close access to Uldyssian.

    Pages: 289-302
    POV: Uldyssian, Mendeln, Uldyssian
    Characters: Achilios, Inarius, Jonas, the Prophet, Serenthia
    Locations: The grasslands
    Mentioned Characters: Lucion

    The Prophet appears and confronts the edyrem, commanding they seek forgiveness. When none do, he attacks them.

    As Achilios wrests with Malic, Mendeln forces his dagger into the shade, inevitably killing him and undoing the magic tying him to Sanctuary.

    The Prophet and Uldyssian do battle, and though it seems Uldyssian is victorious, the Prophet transforms into his angelic self and draws upon thefull might of the Worldstone.

    Both are drawing from the Worldstone, and powers of immense proportions are unleashed in the process.

    Important Points:
    • 302 - The Heavenly Host enters Sanctuary: "For now the sky looked as if it were not real, as if it were instead a vast drawing on a gargantuan piece of parchment. More impossible, that parchment had a vast rip running across it, a literal tear in the sky.
    • And through that tear flowed an astounding, breathtaking swarm of magnificent beings whose armor gleamed brighter than the sun and whose many wings created a dazzling display of colors unmatched upon the mortal plane."
    • 297 - Getterac, meaning "The Gate of Paradise", was for a brief time a glorious monument to Inarius, far larger and taller than the Cathedral, that he raised in his own honor. It was destryed moments later by the edyrem.
    • 301 - The Cathedral of Light is destroyed in the battle between Inarius and Uldyssian.

    Pages: 303-316
    POV: Uldyssian, Achilios, Serenthia
    Characters: Achilios, Bul-Kathos, Inarius, Mendeln, Rathma, Tyrael
    Locations: The grasslands
    Mentioned Characters: Malic

    Even as the Heavenly Host descends, Inarius remains wholly focused on Uldyssian. As the angel is about to finish Uldyssian, he manages to sever the connection between Inarius and the Worldstone. Robbed of his power, Uldyssian easily imprisons the angel before focusing his attention of the angels and demons. At that moment Tyrael uses Uldyssian's distracted mind to attack him, temporarily disabling him.

    Mendeln regains his strength after his duel with Malic with the aid of dead nephalem who've come to his side. He and Achilios race off to help the edyrem.

    Serenthia leads the edyrem and fights on, but with little hope. Achilios arrives to help her, but she dies at the sword of an angel.

    Watching this, Uldyssian breaks free of Tyrael's curse and puts an end to the struggle by freezing everyone in their tracks.

    Important Points:
    • 313 - Serenthia dies.
    • 315 - Unnamed nephalem: "a sleek warrior woman who fought with more abandon than even Serenthia had ever exhibited. Her hair flying about as if alive, she met the blade of an angel with a black axe."
    • 306 - Tyrael is far stronger than Inarius (without the Worldstone's power).
    • 307 - Descriptions of angels: "All held ready fiery weapons — from swords to lances to scythes and more — which somehow Uldyssian understood were actually manifestations of their individual powers."
    • 307 - Description of demons: "The demons were not like the angels. They had no uniformity save their savageness."
    • 309 - Achilios thinks himself part of the afterdeath.
    • 312 - Death of an angel: "The armored female finally exploded in a flash of astounding colors and a sharp, keening noise."
    • 312 - Description of a female angel: "The angel differed little from her male counterparts, save that her general outline was more feminine and what appeared to be hair hung longer."
    • 314 - Description of the Nephalem: "And there were others with them, others who were not exactly edyrem but who were in some ways much, much more."
    • 314 - There are several other nephalem currently alive other than Rathma and Bul-Kathos.
    • 316 - Tyrael seems to purposefully test Uldyssian to see whether or not humans deserve to live.
    • 316 - Uldyssian freezes the entire world, including all angels and demons in it. Unclear whether Tyrael is also frozen.

    Pages: 317-335
    POV: Uldyssian, Mendeln
    Characters: Achilios, Auriel, Imperius, Inarius, Itherael, Malthael, Mephisto, Serenthia, Trag'Oul, Tyrael
    Locations: The grasslands, The Silver City
    Mentioned Characters: Lilith

    Filled with near unlimited power, Uldyssian forces back the angels and demons from where they came, all the while being consumed by the magics he wield.

    The world heaves with the power unleashed, and Trag'Oul tries to warn Uldyssian of what is happening, but the human is blinded by the power. Tyrael has somehow escaped, but Inarius, still imprioned, appears to laugh at Uldyssian.

    The world continues to heave, but the more Uldyssian tries to stop it, the worse it gets. Realizing that it is him causing it, he draws all the magical energy released into himself to contain it. Unable to contain it for long, Trag'Oul shows him "somewhere" where he can release it. He heals everyone in the world, and resurrects Serenthia and Achilios, before unleashing the energy and for a moment he becomes one with Sanctuary.

    The Angiris council convenes, and allow Achilios, Mendeln, Rathma and Serenthia to view the proceedings. They vote to save Sanctuary, much to the dismay of Imperius. Mephisto arrives, and together they make a pact to save Sanctuary from outside influence. As part of it, all humans except the nephalem are made to forget what has happened.

    Important Points:
    • 326 - Imperius has robes of royal red and a shining breastplate with an upturned sword on it.
    • 327 - Auriel has robes of a softer blue and appears to be female.
    • 328 - Itherael is gray clad, and appears to be neither male nor female.
    • 328 - Malthael wears robes and a breastplate in black, and his voice brings visions of nightmares and death.
    • 331 - Imperius wields a sword of fire.
    • 332 - Mephisto's has green scaly hands, great sharp teeth and a red orb for an eye. The rest is hidden in shadow.
    • 323 - All the edyrem have the same potential as Uldyssian (without the aid of the Worldstone).
    • 324 - Uldyssian sends his accumulated energy "somewhere" that Trag'Oul shows him.
    • 326 - Description of Heaven: "It became a grand chamber of gleaming crystal and
    • diamond carved with a perfection that no human artisan could reproduce. Gigantic statues of other winged champions loomed over the interior. The floor was composed of the most intricate of marble mosaics, with patterns that made no sense to Mendeln but were utterly beautiful and very difficult from which to tear his eyes."
    • 327 - The Silver City is the "capital" of Heaven.
    • 331 - Auriel is surprised that Mephisto, and not Diablo, is responsible for negotiating with the Angiris.
    • 332 - Mephisto and the Angiris make a pact to leave Sanctuary to grow for itself without interference.
    • 333 - Tyrael asks Mephisto to cast his mark on a place to solidify the pact. This is done to alleviate the fears the Angiris have whether or not Hell will turn on their word. The mark is cast at the rubble of the Cathedral.
    • 334 - Another pact is made regarding the Worldstone.

    Pages: 337-341
    POV: Mendeln
    Characters: Achilios, Rathma, Serenthia
    Locations: Seram
    Mentioned Characters: Cyrus

    Everyone in the world has their memory erased, but death cannot be undone and those who died during the events are now believed to have been killed by a fierce plague. The Cathedral and Triune are no longer remembered either.

    Important Points:
    • 339 - Rathma received gray hair and some wrinkles after the final battle.
    • 340 - Trag'Oul renames Mendeln Kalan, which means student.
    • 340 - Trag'Oul calls it the intention for the edyrem to become masters of their own destiny and not suffer at the hands of angels or demons.
    • 337 - At least half the people from Partha died from following Uldyssian. - PlugY PlugY for Diablo II allows you to reset skills and stats, transfer items between characters in singleplayer, obtain all ladder runewords and do all Uberquests while offline. It is the only way to do all of the above. Please use it.

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    Pretty interesting though, but sad to hear about Mendeln's arm, really waiting for the upcoming stuff as well.
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    Quote from IdalinaPage

    Pretty interesting though, but sad to hear about Mendeln's arm, really waiting for the upcoming stuff as well.

    Spoiler: he goes all Luke Skywalker on it. Sort of :P - PlugY PlugY for Diablo II allows you to reset skills and stats, transfer items between characters in singleplayer, obtain all ladder runewords and do all Uberquests while offline. It is the only way to do all of the above. Please use it.

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    At chapter 8 theres a really confusing point.

    At page 91, paragraph 8:

    "(...). A Peace Warder sought to seize Achilios, only to nearly break his hands against the very air near the hunter’s neck. "

    But Achillios was not in the camp (he was hunting in the woods right?). The book doesn't mention his retunr from the hunting and later on:

    At page 94, paragraph 1:

    "He had no idea if any of the three were still protected or, for that matter, what had happened to Achilios, who had never returned from his hunt. It was likely that the archer had been the first to die, slain by the Peace Warders while in the woods."

    seriously wtf x_x
    "In time the hissing of her sanity
    Faded out her voice and soiled her name
    And like marked pages in a diary
    Everything seemed clean that is unstained
    The incoherent talk of ordinary days
    Why would we really need to live?
    Decide what is clear and what's within a haze
    What you should take and what to give" - Opeth
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    You are correct, as I pointed out in the chapter summary. It's most likely just an editorial error where the wrong character was named. - PlugY PlugY for Diablo II allows you to reset skills and stats, transfer items between characters in singleplayer, obtain all ladder runewords and do all Uberquests while offline. It is the only way to do all of the above. Please use it.

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    ^ Oh, nevermind. didn't saw your notification about the error !

    "In time the hissing of her sanity
    Faded out her voice and soiled her name
    And like marked pages in a diary
    Everything seemed clean that is unstained
    The incoherent talk of ordinary days
    Why would we really need to live?
    Decide what is clear and what's within a haze
    What you should take and what to give" - Opeth
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    Nice compilation.
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    And there we go, the final part of the reference has been added. - PlugY PlugY for Diablo II allows you to reset skills and stats, transfer items between characters in singleplayer, obtain all ladder runewords and do all Uberquests while offline. It is the only way to do all of the above. Please use it.

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    Man i LOVE those books! <3
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    first, without any doubt the story itself is awesome and solidifies what we know and value of diablo.

    BUT (!!) I read the books in german and it took me a month to read the first book... it was just sooooooo (!!!) unbeleavable bad written -.-' maybe I have to blame the translator...

    but your summary is really great it leaves out the R.A.Knaak style!
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    Really nice job man! You know I'm a big lore junkie and might do one of these reference write-ups for Moon of the Spider, which I think might be one of the most interesting of the books considering it takes place after D2 but before D3 and there's a lot of mysterious stuff in it we could see show up in D3.
    A dripping sword / removes all memories.
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    Quote from Tyara0

    first, without any doubt the story itself is awesome and solidifies what we know and value of diablo.

    BUT (!!) I read the books in german and it took me a month to read the first book... it was just sooooooo (!!!) unbeleavable bad written -.-' maybe I have to blame the translator...

    but your summary is really great it leaves out the R.A.Knaak style!

    Oh no,it was badly written in English too. The overall story was awesome,but some stuff...bleh. Something that really irked me is that the beginning of the 2nd and 3rd books they had to give me a recap of the characters like I had never heard of these people before.

    That and the relationship between Serenthia and Achilios basically came out of nowhere. Yes, he loved her all this time and she knew,but didn't care and never showed any inclination that she thought of him as anything but a childhood friend. Then She is sad and he sits next to her they talk about random stuff. Then bam next chapter they are suddenly in love. It left me scratching my head wondering if I had somehow skipped a chapter.
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