Myers Briggs + Diablo

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    For any Myers Briggsians out there. I thought I might take a stab at this. This is from the overall vibe of each character.

    Barbarian - ESTJ

    Demon Hunter Female - INFP
    Male - ENFP

    Witch Doctor Male - INTJ
    Female - INFJ

    Wizard - ENTJ

    Monk Male - ESTP
    Female - ISTP.

    Diablo - ENTP or INTP not sure which.

    Tyrael - ISTP?

    Inarius - ESTP

    Uldyssian - ISFP

    Mendeln - ENTP

    Rathma - INTP

    That is all I have so far. If you know anything about the system let me know if you agree or not.
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    I'd say change the demon hunter to ISTP (they seem more of the gadget wielding, bounty hunter/assassin types, very ISTPish) and the monk to ISTJ (the reliable, religious paladin/cleric type). Everything else sounds about right.
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