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    I am in the process of writing a series of books on the Diablo Series. I need information DEFINITIVELY where each classes come from in sanctuary. My biggest problems are with the Necromancer and Sorceress classes.

    Ive read online from search results that Sorcs were from eastern jungles, then I read Necros are from Eastern Jungles, Eastern Swamps, Southern Swamps, all depending on what my search brings up. Some same articles show two places in the same article for necromancers, like they just copied and pasted other peoples crap and never realized it was double stated.

    Majorly, I need the specifics of it. Like say for example, "Necromacers are from the ______(eastern,southern) _____(jungles, swamps) of _____(regional place) in _____ (larger or major place, or in sanctuary) - for example.

    I need that as specific as possible, for most importantly Necromancer, but also Sorceress, Barbarian, Amazon, Paladin, Druid, Assassin, and then the D3 class, Wizard.

    Thanks a million! Need the legit sure info, so I dont run into this multiple info, multiple crap source stuff from google searches.
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    Here are some brief summaries about the characters that you asked for. For more information, check out the game manuals for Diablo II and Diablo II LoD. For information on the Wizard, check out the short story 'Firefly'

    Hailing from the Skovos Isles, the amazons, or Askari, are a matriarchal society of warriors. The civilization began with a firstborn Nephalem named Philios, and a woman named Askarra. They birthed twin girls who vowed to find the angelic relic called the Sightless Eye, a mirror that allows contact to Heaven as well as seeing the future. They found the relic on the Skovos Isles and made their home there. From the tougher sister, the amazons descended, and from the mystical sister, the oracles descended. After some time, for unknown reasons, some of the Askari disagreed with what their sisters were doing, took the Sightless Eye, and fled to mainland Sanctuary. These Askari came to be the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye, or the rogues from Diablo I and II. The Askari and the Sisterhood seem to be in good relations despite the revolution.

    Approximately 1500 years before the events of Diablo III, the powerful Vizjerei mage brothers, Bartuc and Horazon, fought the battle of Viz-jun. Bartuc, also called the Warlord of Blood, used his magical ability to control the armies of Hell and Horazon disagreed with his dangerous techniques. Bartuc lost the battle, but at the cost of an entire city and many of the Vizjerei clan. The remaining mages formed a secret order dedicated to killing any corrupt mage, Vizjerei or otherwise. They were known as Viz-Jaq'taar, or assassins.

    The Children of Bul-Kathos hail from Arreat, as you know. Bul-Kathos was a firstborn Nephalem who believed in strict martial discipline. They guarded the Worldstone, almost as if by accident. No modern, or even relatively modern barbarian knew exactly what the Worldstone was or the extent of its powers.

    The first druid was a Nephalem named Fiacla-Gear. He was either the brother or close friend of Bul-Kathos (it is not known which it is). After the two prophesied the destruction of the Worldstone, they decided how best to guard it. They disagreed, but both acknowledged each others' merits. Fiacla-Gear gathered the greatest shamans from the tribe and left to Scosglen, where the druids still exist today. The remainder of the tribe grew into what the barbarians are.

    The ancient guardian Trag'Oul taught the Linarian, a firstborn Nephalem, the ways of the Balance and he became the first Necromancer, taking on the name Rathma to spite his parents Lilith and Inarius. Rathma is the patron of the aptly named Priests of Rathma. The priests are dedicated to the Balance, a philosophy of both life and death, order and chaos, and good and evil. A balance must be stricken between all of these, therefore, the necromancers are none of them. They hail from the Eastern Jungles, or more accurately, under them in a vast city.

    The Zakarum Church first dispatched paladins to protect their missionaries while spreading the word of the Light. After Zakarum had successfully dominated the west, they disappeared. Much later they were called into action once more under the name “Hand of the Zakarum.” These warriors were responsible to expunge demonic corruption, even though their own Church was under the influence of Mephisto. From these inquisitors, some rebeled after questioning the intents and actions of the Church. This New Order became the paladins that we played in Diablo II.

    Esu was a firstborn Nephalem and a master of the elements. Her followers became the female clan of the Zann Esu Sorceresses. Little is known about the clan, only that it is based in the Eastern Jungles.
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    If you are also looking for the D3 classes then

    Wizard is from xiansi
    Monk is from Ivgorod
    Barbs are the same from D2
    Witch Doctors hail from Teganze, in the Torajan Jungles
    Demon Hunters are normal people forged into slayers in a secret camp in the Borderlands.
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