Favourite Diablo Quotes

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    "You cannot judge me, I am justice itself." Tyrael
    "The first three were dead before they hit the ground. The others weren't so lucky."
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    ...I am impressed, mortal. You have overcome the greatest challenge this world has ever faced and defeated the last of the Prime Evils.

    However, we are too late to save the Worldstone. Baal's destructive touch has corrupted it completely. Given enough time, the Worldstone's energies will drain away and the barriers between the worlds will shatter. The powers of Hell will flood into this... Sanctuary... and eradicate your people and everything you've labored to build.

    Therefore, I must destroy the corrupted Worldstone before the powers of Hell take root. This act will change your world forever, with consequences even I cannot foresee... However, it is the only way to ensure mankind's survival.

    Go now, mortal. I have opened a portal that will lead you to safety.

    May the Eternal Light shine upon you and your descendants for what you've done this day. The continued survival of mankind is your legacy. Above all else, you have earned a rest from this endless battle.

    - Tyrael, Diablo 2: LoD

    And yes, the fact that I know that whole dialogue off the top of my head is kinda sad :P
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    I just heard this when entering Cains house when Leah starts following you when starting The Legacy of Cain quest:

    Leah: You know is not polite to go through peoples things, don't you?

    I lol'd :P

    Thanks ScyberDragon!!! you're awesome!!:D:D
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    The lord of goats!
    "For the price of one bullet you can eat 4 hotcakes." - Vash the Stampede.
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    Quote from Cyberwaste

    The lord of goats!

    "I still have to work on the title though..." xD

    I'd quote practically anything Shen says.

    And for the sake of the lesbian touch:
    Enchantress to DH "You know I sort of see you as my older sister. Is that wrong?"
    DH: "No. As long as you don't expect me to give you advise on men."
    Ench: "No! I would never!"

    Or something among those lines x)
    Or her "Should I buy new clothes, the old ones are becoming a bit too small."
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    i hate templer for giving himself for killing things around =D
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    So easy.. "Fresh Meat"

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    Quote from Sallazar

    "You cannot judge me, I am justice itself." Tyrael

    Love it ;D
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