The best and worst moment in D3 storyline

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    best: that crypt with mobs that are named after blizzard employees.
    worst: azmodan, for sure. such an easy fight.
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    Quote from Kallizk

    Zoltun Kulle By far, awesome character "we all know the end times are upon us" ^^

    totally this guy has balls
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    good moments - Zolltun Kulle and Shen. Also Enchantress. Cain while still alive

    bad moments - Magda. Adria (and supposed Aidan-who-is-not-by-any-mean-Leah's-father). Leah - sickening sweet, helping puppies and grannies. Azmodan, the-what's-his-name-ex-tyriel lieutenant (coming back - why? to see familiar faces? he's dead), all other demons - why their voices are just sound effects? this is huge decline in comparison to wc3 voices, beautiful and atmospheric, unlike sc2-ones (i don't play wow)

    azmodan is irritating because all he says is basically "you destroyed XXX, but it's actually BENEFICIAL to me, stupid fool". a tactical genius, indeed. he could as well come without any army, such a mastermind

    and, of course, templar and scoundrel...

    don't get me wrong, i really like the game (especially since it started improving with patching), and through a lot of blizzard games i played - well, pretty much everything-except-wow - i've noticed good and bad storylines trend. this is basically a bad one...

    but the expansions can be good, especially if they DON'T follow leah/adria/templar/scoundrel stories and concentrate on shen/enchantress/kulle/vizjhai/prophet line

    being over MM years old and writer myself (in latin, of course), i don't like bad storylines and current one is on the level of fanfiction
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    zulltan kulle and act3 (except for azmodan stupidity, ofc) - it's kinda very atmospheric in breaking the siege - so much better than actV in diablo2
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    I also like the whole Zulton Kulle story on how he is trying to free the nephalem from being a tool in the sin war.
    My least favorite part had to of been how Azmodan and Belial fits into the story. Azmodan/Belial is one of the lesser evils - If diablo, baal, and mephisto were already killed - And they were the greater evils!
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    Best: Opening quests up to killing the Skeleton King and finding the fallen star. There is a dark, ominous tone to the NPC dialog, atmosphere, and general ambience of the opening zones. The dead are rising and you don't know why. The contents of the fallen star are a complete mystery. Leah's backstory is vague and hints at revelations to come. You get to visit the ruins of Tristram, the most famous location in the Diablo franchise. It just worked exceptionally well.

    Worst: All of act 4. Ugh, total garbage.
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    I liked the Leah storyline and mostly hated Act 2 story asides from ZK
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    Quote from RMrulz

    Worst: All of act 4. Ugh, total garbage.

    So much this. God, visiting the high heavens could've been done so great... And they ruined it :
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    I loved Cydaea, very compelling voice acting and it fitted well in her own story, and all the cursed giants worked really well with the maiden of lust :D
    Worst, I'm torn between azmodan and diablo, but I'll say diablo, at least act 3 had the guards dialogues that made it better. But act 4 it's just lame :P

    Thanks ScyberDragon!!! you're awesome!!:D:D
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    Best: Skeleton King
    Worst: Belial!
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    I loved Act I up to the Skeleton King, it reminded me a lot of D2.

    Worst moment is probably Belial the 'master of deception'. Oh dear didn't he manage to keep his identity a secret!
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    Worst moment is definitely Cain dying to a random butterfly so early in the story. Best, not sure.
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    Isn't it kind of the point of the game that the demons (as well as angels) are actually no match for the Nephalem? So the Lords of Hell getting their asses kicked, Azmodan's tactics being paltry, Belial's lies being transparent and Diablo's realm of teaaarrrrorrr not being very scary is kind of in synch with the whole plot direction? Those guys didn't really have a chance once the Worldstone was destroyed and the main characters decided to side with Heaven.

    Quote from Irrational
    Worst: You can't fight Imperius. The build up to this fight was huge, and when it didn't happen it's pretty much hot porn turning into the Republican Candidate Debate.

    That would be quite a twist in the story wouldn't it?
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    Best: I liked the Leoric part, although it was ridiculously overshadowed by the whole Maghda ordeal. Short, but at least it was pretty cool.

    Worst: The creation of the floating pink horned-butterfly we have come to know as Maghda.

    Actually, I might argue the best stories come from each character's intro before you actually start the game. After the little intro pencil cutscene finishes, everything goes downhill from there.

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    As far as we know, the prophecy has yet to be fulfilled.

    But, but... when I finished Inferno with my wizard, it showed an achievement that said "Prophecy Fulfilled."

    :?: :?: :?:
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    but that's an achievement, it's not cannon ;)

    Thanks ScyberDragon!!! you're awesome!!:D:D
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    Best well, i like anything with Tyrael he is damn cool imo
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    Quote from InMinion

    Best: Zoltun Kulle, cool character with nice backstory, actually the most honest character in D3, has some issues with himself but he has good motives, Engaging dialogue (one of the very few :/)

    I agree with that totally !

    Quote from Valonqar

    Worst: Dialogue, especially Kulle's and Diablo's (That of his "TerROAR" is on of the most irritating things I've ever heard), oh and Tyrael standing like some zombie for the WHOLE of Act II, remember this?:

    I've been helping a friend getting the hellfire machine plan last day and every time i hear diablo say that i can't help myself but think about that lol. It make me laugh all the time now with is terROAR lol !
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    I love Tyrael's story but my favourite character is Shen! He seems terribly funny but when you are actually listening to what he says he is so very complicated and only leaves you with more questions that answers!
    I also love Lyndon, apart from the fact that he actually can be very endearing, his dialogue as follower is funny! ^0^
    Another more general good point: the lore everywhere. There is much more to read about random villagers which actually gives you a feel of what is going on (the prisoner-turned-monster, the man-turned-cannibal), same for the side quests (the man who stays with his wife who is long dead in act 1). It gives an example of the terror other villagers are going through.
    And of course the Leah/Adria plottwist.
    (and a bonus for Cydea being all seductive ^^)

    Worst: Maghda. She is just so... predictable and not at all scary >
    Cain's unepic death.
    Emperor Hakan (and his terribly annoying voice!!)
    The fact that Haedrig is always angry at you >
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