The Prophet

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    I'd place my bet on Inarius too.
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    If you want a little bit more of an explanation regarding the prophet, I think you might benefit from (and would enjoy) listening to all of the conversations that the Enchantress has to offer. I really enjoyed listening to all of her conversations. I got the achievement for listening to all of the conversations for the followers and other characters in the game. I would highly suggest that everyone check them out. I had not idea how interesting the followers were, or how well Blizzard had worked to create interesting back stories for all of them, until I went after that achievement.

    Although they do not give all of the answer to everything. They do a great job of giving somewhat of a back story to about the Prophet. One other thing.....after, you get the achievement and listen to all of her conversations, there are three extra conversations that become available after you beat Diablo. Whatever you do, do not click on the angel to finish the quest, as these extra conversations are only available after you kill Diablo to before you talk to the angel to turn in the quest. I think you will enjoy them, and they will help you out a lot in understanding her background.

    Sorry, If I repeated anything that other people have posted, I didn't get a chance to read through all of the posts that were already made.

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    Highly doubting it's Inarius... and in case it is, it's such a horrible mangling of the lore that it is not even funny.
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    The Prophet is Inarius, and I'm guessing he has a major role to play before Diablo III is concluded.
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    I have no idea what these books are
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    are the books worth reading? i mean, there were small inconsistencies between diablo1 and diablo2 lore, but huge holes and mistakes at D3.

    on OP, and as someone who didn't read the books (yet) i would prefer The Prophet to be someone more earthly, since neither hell nor heaven were much involved in business of mankind in first two games (with Tyrael marked as an 'exception')
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    so whos Akarat again?
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