How did you like Diablo III: The Order? (spoilers)

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    I really loved this novel, and it got me into reading the Diablo books full force. Since I finished The Order I've read Legacy of Blood and started reading The Black Road.

    Don't read the following unless you have finished Diablo III: The Order or never intend on reading it! I warned you :P

    Mikulov was a great character and seeing Leah adventure with Cain was awesome. It was cool to see how Leah came to use the bow as a weapon. The events of Diablo III have more impact after reading this novel because you see in this book how Leah struggled with blackouts and the powers inside of her even at eight years old. The antagonist was wicked and cruel, but ultimately a pawn of Belial and a victim of circumstance, which I felt the author handled with some finesse. What's really cool is that the book had a few surreal moments to it, visions and what not that were handled perfectly I thought.

    What are your thoughts on the novel?
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    The Order is certainly enjoyable. It gives background to a few things from D3.

    I'll say that I really loved the book's story even more than the game itself...
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    sorry, didnt have it
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