Looking at beta, how many times longer do you think D3 will be?

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    We have hopefully only seen a tiny bit of what Diablo 3 has to offer!
    Considering how long they've been working on D3, i really hope we will be seeing a lot of content!
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    I have been watching the development of the beta since it was first released. blizzard keeps saying it is just a fraction of what will be in the full game. I would safely assume that there will be at least 60 hours of play until true end game content or the story is mostly resolved. When you factor in the patches and updates and added content, I'm sure it will be much longer than that. What do you guys think?
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    I agree to peat85's post. I think it will be 40-60 hours of play. It depends on how long you allow yourself to be immersed in the story and the rate of progression you need to finish each boss. Even though I know Starcraft 2 is different from Diablo 3, the massive amount of content they put into the campaign was more than I expected from the original starcraft. If Diablo 3 at least doubles the expectation of that then we are all in for a treat.
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    It's been said many times that the beta content is 1/3 of act 1.

    Hard to guestimate the total length of the game.... need to know if each act is same length roughly... and how many acts etc.
    Plus factor in the difficulty scaling up dramatically through NM and Hell into Inferno.
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    mh while it might be around the same lengh, i definitly think that diablo 3 will feature more "deep" quests, making it feel longer and more intense then d2
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    I took around one hour to kill leoric (exploring almost all areas).
    I take around 20 minutes to kill blood raven ...

    As someone said, it might be the same size in area terms but it's alot longer in content. In D2 you had huge maps without anything but monsters and it was extremely boring to explore everything. In D3 theres allways a random event in each corner, a passage that leads to a crazy little dungeon, etc... Exploring 100% of the tarrian is really fun. This is why i think the avarage time invested to finish normal will be much more then D2:LoD. I think 50% more.
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    Quote from rozmata

    I wonder if D3 will be bigger than D2. Is beta a half of Act 1. How many bosses per act do you think we can we expect?
    For me it looks like beta is at least a half of Act 1 as you do quite a lot of different quests in it. What do you think?
    i remember seeing a panel at blizzcon and this question got asked,they said its impossible to say because of the randomization in d3,your first playthrough could be alot shorter or longer than your second playthrough,every path you take changes every time you play the game,you can walk through a forest and see nothing which takes 1 min yet the next time you walk through the same forest you could come across a mini-boss and 50 monsters which takes 30 mins,its too random to to give an approx playthrough or compare to d2!
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    Quote from falcompsx

    I think its a pretty well accepted fact that the beta is between 1/4 and 1/3 of act 1. Definately less than half of it. Content wise its similar to killing blood raven in D2, which is well before what i would consider the half way point of act 1.

    I always considered saving Cain was the halfway mark of Act 1. I haven't played the beta for Diablo 3 but from what i gather its probably less than half of the first Act... probably not even a third of act 1 but i guess we'll wait and see?
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    Well at least it will be longer because of the new Inferno difficulty. It makes the game much harder, so you just can't rush forward. But i think it will be much longer, the beta which introduces roughly 1/3 of act 1 lasts approximately 2 hours. Haven't played beta so don't exactly know how much time it takes to complete. And your question how many bosses in one act...well it depends do you mean ''real'' bosses or just some harder unique monster which spawns on same location.But...hmm i say 2-4 bosses per act could be realistic answer.
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    Now that we have 1 more level of difficulty, besides that 3 that we had on Diablo 3, I suppose the game is gonna last a lot longer. Especially if we start seeing those immune kind of monsters. Gotta love a physical immune, sparking, extra fast zombie, when you are a barbarian.
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    Like the story as a whole or total playthroughs? From what I've seen, Inferno is going to be intense and probably gonna take some time to clear.
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    Whilst I think the "physical" length of the game will be about as large as D2:LoD. The lore and all the things you find to look at will significantly add up the play time, if you love the lore like me, you may find you end up sinking 15-20 hours into the game to complete normal and from what I have explored of the beta, different pieces of lore appear in different randomly generated areas.

    Factoring that each class interacts differently with the quest giver (not so much so that the quest outcome is different mind you) and a second play through will be worth it, I'd pin playing through normal at a generous 22-25 hours.

    I am curious if new random lore will open up as you increase the difficulty and for that matter additional randomizations. For instance Hell spawned pools in Act 1 rather than a well or building etc.
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    D3 will definitely be longer than D2. When developers say it's "about the same length" regarding a sequel they're pretty much always wrong in my experience. Especially compared to older games where they don't throw as many barriers in your way. I mean in D2 you can basically run through an entire act and not complete any quests until you need to unlock the boss in A2 and A3. In the others you can just keep going. You can get to Diablo in A4 in about 8 mins of running, if you really want to.

    I'll try to avoid plot spoilers but from datamining/previous D3 vids it seems for A1 we still have to (dunno the order):

    Go through the jail areas and see the Leoric background lore as depicted in the Blizzcon 2010 stuff. See the queen get chopped, fight the Warden, etc.
    Go to the Fields of Misery, Festering Woods, Drowned temple, recover several quest items.
    Take the boat to Wortham.
    Go through a giant spider nest and fight a boss there.
    Go through the two highland overworld areas.
    Go into Leoric's manor and down into the multi-floor torture chamber dungeon shown 3490726 times in Blizz clips.

    Another factor is that A4 in D3 is super short. Three quests, only 5 overworld maps, a handful of superuniques. From datamining we already know that D3's A4 will be much bigger than that, if still shorter than the other D3 acts as a means to focus the story to the dramatic conclusion (as a blue commented upon once).

    A lot will depend on how they structure the plot trinkets. If they're commonly found in random dungeons like the crown then it could take a lot longer than D2. Another factor is that Blizz seems to be working hard to make you want to explore side dungeons with resplendent chests and side-quests that cover the ground in loot. Whereas in D2 it could be fun to explore all the side dungeons but until they did the lvl-85 areas like 6 years after the game came out there wasn't much of a reward for doing so, other than the exploration factor or checking in on bosses like Cold Crow or Ancient Kaa the Soulless.

    Speaking of which, you can look at superunique bosses as a very rough proxy.

    Diablo 3 Beta SUs:

    9 total

    1. Sarkoth (Dark Cellar)
    2. Wretched Queen
    3. Captain Daltyn (I know the spelling is supposed to be old tymey but it reminds me of a yuppie soccer mom's kid)
    4. Mira Eamon
    5. Manglemaw
    6. Lord Dunhyld -- ghost woman quest
    7. Chancellor Eamon -- for the crown
    9. Skeleton King

    And that doesn't count easter eggs like the Data Miner or Lloigor the Crazed. Add those to the total if you want.

    Diablo 2 Act 1 SUs:


    1. Corpsefire
    2. Bishibosh
    3. Bonebreaker
    4. Coldcrow
    5. Blood Raven
    6. Rakanishu
    7. Treehead Woodfist
    8. Griswold
    9. The Countess
    10. Flamespike the Crawler -- removed in LOD but I'll count him anyway.
    11. Pitspawn Fouldog
    12. Bone Ash
    13. The Smith
    14. Andariel
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    Story wise the beta is about 1/2 of act 1. I think you do not kill the SK that quickly in the retail game. Content wise we are about 1/3 of Act 1.
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    Diablo 2 has lasted 12 years so I don't think we'll have to worry about Diablo 3 being too short.
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    My guess would be around 30, upto 40 hours for first playthrough if you include everything: exploring, listening to dialogs, leveling up crafting, trying things out in general. It really depends on your playstyle. There's people who get to Skeleton King in an hour or less, but it takes 2 hours for me almost every time, because I like exploring every corner, and doing all 3 crypts in the crown quest, just to kill a couple extra rares/champions and complete events. However I'm sure there will be people who will complete it in 20 hours or less.
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