Can Diablo come back from the dead ?

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    I know that Blizzard told us that the 3 headed red monster is Diablo, but is it really ? Because I've been reading the 3 lore books, and they mention other original demons like mephisto and baal. I just can't remember their names ^^. Anyway, do you guys think that we could see Diablo rise once again ? Or would a fellow demon avenge his death ?
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    Think of Diablo not as dead but on another plain of existance. Since they could not destroy Diablo directly in D2, but destroyed his soul stone that was his hold to world.
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    Well there is more then one Artwork from Blizzard showing Diablo, i have to admit he looks like a female in those pics... but oh well do Demons really have Genders?
    And i remember reading somewhere that, from the D2 Demons, we only will not see Baal in Diablo 3.

    One way or the other, we will see and fight vs Diablo. It may not be in the launched version of Diablo 3, but maybe in an Expansion, throughout our actions in Diablo 3...
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    That'd be pretty cool. But I'm a little disappointed, I really thought I had killed him back in D2 :D ! Anyway, if we can fight against him once again, lets just hope that the lore won't be as bad as "bwaaaaa diablo kill and get loooooot", or something, as D2 lore pretty much ended up with the death of Diablo... (not LOD of course)
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    Quote from Rhou

    Think of Diablo not as dead but on another plain of existance. Since they could not destroy Diablo directly in D2, but destroyed his soul stone that was his hold to world.

    What he said, i do not know if their even is a way to kill diablo in sanctuary.The dev team said that we have never seen the "Real" Diablo but that he just takes a different physical form in the world of sanctuary, kind of how the Angels of the angiris council are cloaked so we can recognize them, but they do not have a true physical form. Perhaps in the future we will have to actually journey to hell and defeat him in his own domain?I know WoW References are a big no no, But similar to how Ragnaros had to be slain in his domain of the firelands rather than in azeroth. Hopefully that is not in Diablo 3 though, but in a future game, diablo 4 or 5 perhaps :D.
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    *major spoilers*/not

    Diablo 3 features Diablo as the final boss. Either for the launched version of the game, or towards the end of the last expansion. However it will most likely be the earlier of the two. That's why it's called "Diablo 3", because we fight diablo a third time. He's made more significant than his brothers because of that reason. I won't go into too many details with actual spoilers, but rest assured you will fight diablo.

    Diablo never died. Demons and angels, as far as we know, can't even die (though apparently angels can be corrupted). At first demons had a rough time manifesting on sanctuary at all because it was hidden with a tweaked/tampered with world stone. But then people inhabiting sanctuary started summoning demons there, which in turn revealed its location to the evils. The evils were eventually trapped in soulstones seeing as how they can't actually die. Whenever you fight diablo he has a giant soulstone in his head for a reason. If you don't know why I suggest taing a look at Force's lore videos on youtube explaining diablo 1 and diablo 2.

    Now, for some reason we fought diablo in his own lair (in hell) during d2 and "killed him", but we were informed he can't actually die. So what was that all about anyways? I guess we'll find out the specifics during diablo 3.
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    We could very well see Diablo indeed, as most of you said. But i'm very afraid that this game series will just turn out to be "let's take diablo, make him looks like a new badass monster, add some huge boss and cain, it's done". The more we will kill Diablo, the less credibility the lore will have, imo at least.
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    As far as my knowledge in the lore (which is around moderate) demons can never die. No matter how many times they die they will can always come back. The only known way to get rid of them is to banish them to the void. And even then they can still get out. Just becomes incredibly harder.
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    As others have said; While diablo and other demons are roaming sanctuary we are just seeing manifestations of them in a physical form but because they are "demon spirits" when "killed" they simply return to hell, and can thusly return again.

    Anybody watch Supernatural? Perhaps to finally kill of diablo we need the dagger!
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    Well, it's hard to gather up what happened during d2 happen because diablo 2's lore was really just all over the place. If d1 was about the story d2 was about the gameplay and systems. We have a new team working on D3 and while they're (the lore people) trying to keep the old lore as it was and build upon it they are changing certain things so the story will make sense as we learn more in the third game.

    It may seem anti-climactic right now, but they are focusing more on the story now than in the past, plus there are two planned expansions for the game and it is said this is the last of games in the diablo series.

    I don't want to spoil too much for you but the angels are going to get more involved and everything in the past has been happened for a reason leading up to what is about to happen. The horadrim (group who initially imprisioned the prime evils into soulstones with some help from Tyrael) are being brought back into play if only through zoltun kulle/the Cains.

    Did you know the people living in sanctuary were originally growing more powerful than the demons/angels and their power was contained through tampering with the warp-reality world stone (which was shattered at the tail end of D2)? That is because they were birthed from an immensely powerful demoness and angel and contained qualities from both. Now that limitation is gone the "heroes" are experiencing growth in power and will be able to determine the fate of what is really their world. They've really wanted nothing to do with the eternal battle between heaven (angels) and hell (demons), and now they have the chance to prove their worth to whatever side, or their own, that they choose.

    Did you know that many locations of importance are part of the original being's body (like the world stone), and cannot be destroyed as far as we know? Isn't it a little odd that the world stone was destroyed so easily by tyrael (after baal corrupted it) given that knowledge? All demons and all angels were originally part of one being, and that the prime and lesser evils were all originally part of one enormous evil entity(a 7 headed dragon) split off from said original being.

    If you were to really dig into the books (the book of cain for instance) you'd have yourself a fun, interesting read... For instance (also), that angels are born from a... what was it a crystal spire/Arch that was part of anu the original being, and that demons are created from a heap of carcass flesh that came from the dragon tathemet, souls that feed upon it and gain form.

    Did you know that it was the daughter of mephisto who out of hatred for her father and the endless struggle between heaven and hell got together with the angel inarius and others who are also tired of it and stole away with a stolen world stone- the world creater which was fought over endlessly by heaven/hell (and with it create sanctuary- I think, when in the past the worldstone had always failed to create new attempted worlds supposeldy).

    Or that leah was born from the dark wanderer who had thrust diablo's soulstone in his head. Many have guessed how this will play into the story, it's fairly obvious that leah has the power of vision as a possible result. Many think she will be the link for diablo to come into sanctuary, though at most I would think diablo is using her to hide/trick others seeing as how he no longer should need to possess someone to manifest himself..

    There's a lot going on. Don't judge a book by its cover. I didn't even talk about the other evils and what they're up to and their role in everything, or what happened as a result of the hunt for the prime evils when they originally manifested on sanctuary before Diablo 1 (by the horadrim) and how that will play a role in the third game with Zoltun Kulle/the black soulstone.
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    Well, the Abyssal banishment, with Diablo's Hellforge-destroyed Soulstone, makes more sense if it's permanent...but everyone wants Diablo back, so he's going to come back...whether it makes sense or not. Whether he can come back after his third defeat, though, would be interesting to consider...
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    Thing is, why would diablo's soulstone being destroyed kill diablo? Wasn't he just trapped within the soulstone to begin with, and aren't the prime/lesser evils immortal/return to the void when they are "killed".
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    Its never that easy to kill a demon who has as much power as a prime evil. Even if they could kill him what would happen next? There would be a bigger bader deamon coming along to take his place so that they can finish off what diablo has started and may even announce that they are diablo but then again thats just speculation. Anyhow diablo won't die just for the fact if you think about it u can't kill Terror. Terror isn't a tangible thing to kill its a idea and as long as there is terror and fear in the world Diablo will always be able to come back.
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    None of the primes nor lessers can supposedly die, just like how the angels and items of contention like the world stone cannot be destroyed as they are linked as part of the One. It's called the eternal conflict for a reason, and correct me if I'm wrong but many things in sanctuary had never occured before, including the very creation of the world using the worldstone? Sanctuary was originally a place to try and create a world away from the conflict, though it's fairly obvious that the resulting nephalem will be what determine the future in the end.
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    Blizz talked about somekind of rapture in the timeline, thanks to the meteor falling in Act 1, and that some demons would be able to go through that. Maybe even Diablo.
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    If you can't destroy his soul. He will keep returning. A normal kill would not work. How we kill him we will see in diablo 3. Maybe we won't kill him at all. :) I have readed a little whats gonna happen around that. But further I keep the story for myself so I can fully enjoy whats gonna happen.
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    I sort of think that Leah has something to do with Diablo's being still alive. And everyone has noticed that Diablo looks much more female. I think she is his link to the world, his soul survived because it still had her.

    I think you can kill angels and demons, but they also have ways of surviving. And killing them is much harder than destroying their bodies.
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    Apparently we went back to the hellforge to smash diablo's soulstone after "defeating him" in d2.... And what did that accomplish... seeing as how he was trapped in the soul stone at best which means they required a vessel.. So we sent him from the stone to the void, didn't change much other than that once he comes back once again he won't be bound to the stone the horadrim trapped him within.
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    Remember the fact of the matter is you can't kill a demon unless it's ACTUAL physical body is there(or so I assume).

    D1 he possesed Albrecht,the youngest son; and in D2 Aiden,the oldest son. So what we fought was just Diablo(in his soulstone) who modified a body he possesed, not his actual physical body from Hell itself. So you can't kill a demon who isn't in his own body persumably, if he posseses Leah like many theories point to, then we still won't actually kill him(again).

    However, remember that the Worldstone is now gone and demons and angel can just walk to Sanctuary no problemo now. So, if we kill Azmodan and Belial, they're probably gonna be in their actual bodies and be gone for good. Which in theory means Diablo can walk into Sanctuary full powered in his real form/body as well.

    So to answer your question: He was never dead in the first place! :olddiablo:
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