The D2 heroes in D3?

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    Greetings there! ^.^
    Since the heroes from D1 returned in D2 as bosses, what do you think happens/happened
    with the heroes in D2, such as barb, necro etc. Do you think they will return to D3?
    I have been searching about this and not found any answer, so what are your thoughts?
    And also would you like to see them return in D3?? ^.^
    Else what do you think happened to them after D2?

    Thanks for your time ^.^
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    Necro... why aren't thou in DIABLO III??? On a serious note Blizzard did say they are open to bringing him back, maybe in a future expansion. Oh how I miss my golems and bone spears..
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    I like how they did that from Diablo to D2 and i hope that they do that with D3!
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    I'll miss the druid myself, lol. But they did say you'll run into the apprentice of one of the former heroes. Not sure if he'll just be a "pale" imitation of what once was, see what I did there? Pale =D
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    i never played D1 or D2, i know im on the D3 band wagon, i should lower my head in shame

    my missus on the other hand is a diablogon and said she would love to see them back but at the same time no

    her words " we have to move on in the history of sanctuary & let new heroes partake in brave role that our old legends died for, we will always remember the souls lost to the darkness"

    i agree with her, i really have no choice in the matter

    and on a side note, your avatar? is that you or a photo of your neighbour you took from the tree outside her bed room? :P
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    I think the D2 heroes went mad. There are similar threads like this:

    But yeah, this will be cool if we will fight them as mini-bosses, or even as an NPC
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    I see the Paladin making a return to Diablo 3. I think Heaven and hell are going to war on Sanctuary. With Holy knights as Paladins, my money is on them to make a return.
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    I think they a rrelaxing by a hous made out of bones and waiting for more monsters to kill. What else can they do? They have the gold and they are heroes so hopefully they have some fun.

    I realy hope necro and druid will return ti diablo 3 in a future expansion. Necro is a must but druid is little diffrent becourse I can live with a shapeshifter class.
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    I doubt necromancer will return, it's quite similar to witch doctor. Also assassin to monk, sorceress to wizard, and amazon to demon hunter. Barbarian is in. So that leaves us with paladin and druid, and I would like both. :D That are my predictions for playable classes. As for the NPCs, all can be in. :)
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    Nooo why did they have to go mad?? It is a shame we won't get to see the Necro or Druid back for Diablo 3...They were awesome champions. Lycanthrope form was awesome and commanding an army of 30+ minions was the best
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    I too would love to see the Necro make a return appearance. I tried a Druid tank build in D2, but could care less if the character didn't make it into the expansion. A shapeshifteing character would be nice though...
    Also, I really don't think it's too far out of the realm of the possible for them to have both the Necro and Witch Doctor. While they have similar skill sets, if Blizzard wanted to they could slightly alter the Necro's characteristics, making him (and his minions) a welcomed addition to the team!

    Lastly, I'm not sure when the beta keys are going to go out...But after three failed sweepstakes attempts AND missing out on the 100K invites a few weeks back, I could use a little love!!!
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    I think i remember somewhere that you meet the Diablo 2 heroes within the story just chilling in towns. However, I agree that I will miss my necro a ton. The WD is another summon class but from watching videos the amount of hunching over he does just drives me nuts. I miss the skulls in my shoulders.
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    If i remember correctly, Tyrael said something like "you have earned rest from this endless battle" when you defeated Baal in D2.
    So from what i think, they were sent to a sanctuary to live in peace etc.
    OR they went mad after everything they saw/did aso..
    However, i think the first option is correct.

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    Well i hope they bring back the necromancer and paladin! Was my 2 favorites ^.^
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    I' love to see any of the D2 heros in the story. It sounds like we're not going to see any of them, but I'm still confident that blizzard is going to give us an awesome story. I'm really excited to see more of the big picture revealed, stuff about the angels and really how our characters are just caught in the middle of something so much bigger!
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    I'm hugely interested in being able to interact with the former necromancer of Diablo 2. I really enjoyed his set ability of being able to turn into a vampiric humanoid and hope that something to that effect makes it into the third installment or one of its expansions. Overall however, I feel they made the right choice in bringing the Barbarian back. There was obviously room for the developers to expand on him, which they have!
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    I could see the previous heroes going mad from being exposed to so much evil that it would eventually overwhelm them even after vanquishing Diablo; they would still have some connection so it would be simple for whispers from below to creep into their heads during sleep eventually influencing them further and further into madness. Rumors that they were targeted by this new evil so they would not interfere; or they could even be some of the mini-bosses.

    I'll Miss the Druid myself and Necromancer being they were both pet style classes. So guess I'll wait for an expansion to see what they might add.
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    *SPOILER* If I'm not mistaken, we'll encounter the necromancer and the barbarian in later acts, not sure about the others. Metzen and that other guy got a question about it at Blizzcon.. Shouldn't be too hard to find on YouTube but I'm to lazy to find it myself.
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    I loved mostly the necro, Sorc, Druid, and zon just because they were so much fun to play and i would love to see the necro back but i highly doubt that they will just because of what i have heard aroud the block about them overcrowding the screen and everything. I like the barb and what they have done with him but he never really interested me so much just because there was so much to put into him and i couldn't find anything worth crap to expand on him. I hope they keep the pally out because they just were so idk annoying. I can't tell u how exactly they just annoyed me and too many ppl played them so u saw them everywhere and if u wanted to do anything decent u needed a hammerdin and really expensive crap for it. I would like to see the Druid come back just for the fact I loved the Shapshift Lycanthrope and i always played the werewolf or went for the elemental side of things.
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    well i def hope they don't go with the same old 'heroes going mad' again! Hopefully something new will happen ^.^
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