Lord of Sin, Lord of Lies, Lord of Hate

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    ok again i was reading more of the book of cain (if you havnt gotten a copy i suggest getting one amazing read!!) it states that azmodan loves the failures of others? anyone think that hes trying to get some or any of his brothers to do something and hes setting up to fail? On that note it also states that Mephy LOVED to turn his brothern aginst each other basicly like a older brother would instageate with his 2 younger brothers and sit back and watch them pumble laughing out loud while eating popcorn....

    which then brings me to belial...it states that basicly hes such a good lier and deciever that he even starts believeing in his own lies? so if this is true why could it not be possible that cain could be belial? and hes been cain for so long (trying to set a plot with in a plot with in a plot) that hes really starting to believe hes cain? or maybe someone of signifagance? tyreal? anyone? it states in the book of cain that basicly he would be someone of great importance and influance...so who would fit that? only 2 people come to mind, cain....or tyreal? atleast for me..

    I ont know what do you guys think basicly brainstorming here?
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    Whenever they mention "someone of great importance" I feel like they mean someone like a king or a political leader of a town. those sorts of positions of power i.e king leoric, juris khan etc. cain doesn't really command much authority, since everyone still thinks he is just making up stories. Tyreal is too old of an angel (angiris council for many thousans of years or more) to be belial.
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