Looking For Group

Looking for some people to play with but not wanting to commit to a guild or clan? This is the place for a quick group.
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[EU SC] LFM Act I Normal Split Bounties Cache Farming 5 515
[US] Day 19 of Helping Players Through Torment III Rifts has started ! 0 208
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Looking for laid back group
by Jevega
3 201
[US] <WRATH> Clan and Community 0 92
Can't find the T6 rifters for group play? Come to T6 Legit Rifters. 17 2,053
LFG key&uber farming SC EU 0 133
Chiltara farming 4 1,433
LF a Group for T1/T2 Speed Rift Farming 1 236
lfg for back to back rifting t3+
by werso
1 137
[EU] HC - LF some rifters
by Xevven
1 115
[EU] T2 Rift boost for new(ish) players.
by Apache
1 418
Join me in the quest for Thunderfury and Shard of Hate 0 397
[EU SC] Any interest in a Community?
by n0kz88
0 78
LFM clear the hell rift t6 farm. 0 218
by Exilen
0 152
Leg material farming 0 211
LFM Hellfire Ring Farming (Around T1 Level)
by jjyykk
0 248
[US SC] Farming act 1 bounties, normal 0 188
[EU SC] tank/pull monk lfg t4-6 rifts
by Crensh
0 147
[US] [Softcore] [LFM T1 Act 3 Bounty Farm]
by atk
0 101
[SC US] T1 Bounty Farming
by Faunzey
0 197
[SC EU] LFM Normal Split Bounties Cache Farming
by Atachzy
0 124
[US SC] LFM Normal Split Bounties Cache Farming
by Thrixel
0 113
[EU] LFM T3-4 Rift Farming (Softcore) 1 175
[us] wizard lfg;
by spaace
0 53
[US SC] LFM Act I Normal Split Bounties Cache Farming 2 267
LFM Normal Bounties Act 1 (EU Softcore) 0 162
LFM Normal Bounties act 1 and 2 (US Hardcore)
by Agony
0 89
LFM FAST captain crimson Twin of Essence farm
by Sharpz
0 340