US Server: Looking for HC players to group with

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    Hello everybody, new to this forum, and relatively new to HC. Just dinged 60 with my WD and was looking for others to play with, it gets boring going solo (and pub games are dangerous). At the moment trying to gear up for inferno but eventually will be doing alk runs, key runs, etc. So feel free to add me or post in this topic, battle tag is React#1515
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    I'd be willing to play, but I don't have any lvl 60 HC yet. I'm spending too much time leveling (trying to get all 5 up at once). If you want to do lower level play, I'm TheDFO#1665.
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    That's quite ambitious of you, leveling all 5 chars to 60. While I do want to spend the majority of my time gearing my WD, I do have a level 42 barb and a wizard in the teens also, I will add you next time I log on.
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    Moving to LFG.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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