[EU] Paragon leveling, item/key farming MP4+

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    Hello there!

    I'm a Barbarian on EU looking for people to play with since I've grown tired soloing for several hours a day. Unfortunately pretty much all my IRL friends who played have quit and left me all alone, in the dark, dangerous realms of Diablo... But my hopes will not be shattered!

    Since I've never posted anything here before I can't link you my profile, but my specs are as below:

    70k dps
    2027 str
    896 vit
    42.5% crit
    434% crit dmg
    700 all res
    2132 Life on hit
    7k armor

    A few upgrades needed for sure, but I'm saving up to buy bigger upgrades, instead of spending tons of money on small upgrades.

    For now I'm just looking for people to play and have fun with, nothing too serious, but perhaps in the future I'll set up for voice communication and eventually we can run high MP machine runs.

    My battletag is anearob#1464 so if you're interested, and your gear level is around mine (or higher of course!), just add me or post a reply here and I'll contact you if I think you're a good fit!

    TL;DR: 70k dps Barb looking for people to run mp4+ farming runs.
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    I'm interested, I also main Barb though. I'd like to get parts for a hellfire ring, it's boring farming keys by myself!
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    i would like to join in with my dh so add me if u want ;)
    p.s. profile in the siggy
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    Barb here, but my gear is worse than yours sadly :(

    On the plusside, got an infernal machine ready to go!
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    Monk here, farming currently on MP4-5 but I'm on my way to gear up (need some luck with legendaries).

    Add me ingame if you like:
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    Im up for this I have your same problem with my IRL friends.

    Add me ^^

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    Hi there. I am up for this too. Have 1x Infernal machine.
    Heidern #2465
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    please add me too.. thanks

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    I think my monk can be a good partner for some runs. Add me if you, or anyone else in this thread, want:

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    Maybe i can help.


    4 machines ready.
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    Whirlbarb lf group for ubers lvl4+. i have 3 machine's ready Halfgood #2310
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    DH is here! Farming 4 Legendaries!
    Add me if u want...
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    Getting bored of the solo thing also. Look me up :-)

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    Hey im up for grp farming high mp lvls as like you farming on your own is boring and public grps on mp0 is just as boring.
    Add me if you like DH
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    Feel free to add me. My characters aren't the greatest, but it's always fun to play in a group.
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    You can add me.Usually playing in the evening, would rather play in a group than solo.
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    add me lopu#2336
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