LFm HC Ladders

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    My friend(wizard) and I (Barb or monk) are looking for two others to be competitive in the upcoming ladders. We are planning to do an all nighter on the first night and then at least 6+ hour days following that week. Looking for some others who could also keep up with this playtime and would be looking to be competitive in the ladders.

    Please know your class extensively. Help with prior planning to be competitive would also be a big help but not required. We use voice chat. Having stable internet and a solid computer (good load times) are also a must.
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    Won't do an all nighter but plan on playing 12hours a day. We are also two players, but I suppose you are NA, right?

    I am a DH and my friend would play a Monk (sharing some Dex gear)
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    Yes we are from NA. Would you be playing on NA?
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    Nah, ping is too bad on NA for us. EU only for HC. SC I'd consider NA.
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