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    Hello im playing D3 on Ps3 im not new to the game played D1 and D2 but having a ps3 and not a great computer playing on the consel this round ! Looking for group or people to join me ! Add me PSN: Reaper19862005 add in tittle D3 !

    Have a lvl 42 Wizard (med) playing Nightmare

    lvl 22 Barbarian (easy) playing normal

    lvl 12 Monk (easy) normal

    lvl 8 witch Doctor (easy) normal

    Will play any of this charicters if there is a lvl your closer too ! Love to Rank up my Barbarian the most so anyone in act 2 in the 20"s would be great !

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    Make that a lvl 30 barb getting ready to play threw nightmare think ima do a speed run to get to hell and inferno !
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