Lookin for Chill People to Kill Monsters With!

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    Witch Doctor here. I farm MP5 comfortably solo. In a quality group, due to the reduction in HP scaling I feel comfortable in MP7 with competent players. Interested in doing Ubers too and willing to farm IMs if others are interested in that.

    I'm a laid back guy. I don't play for uber efficiency. I don't get too worked up over deaths, in fact I like to laugh at them. All in all I'm interested in meeting people who enjoy to play the game, don't treat it like a job, but obviously take it seriously enough that we can enjoy our successes and laugh at my deaths!

    I use the AH, but not all that frequently anymore and I have a pretty good availibility.

    If you're interested just send me a PM or leave your battletag here. I'm on the Americas region.
    p450 :: 92.2k EK :: 2.54m TK
    Planet Express <PlanEx>
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    My battletag is on my profile, hit me up whenever. Just so you know, I usually come as a package deal with my girlfriend. A second disclaimer - she's probably a better player than me, lol
    Check out my blog at archmagelezard.blogspot.com :D
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    Hulk #1109 if your still looking for more people to farm with.
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    Always lookin for more people who are interested in killing some monsters!
    p450 :: 92.2k EK :: 2.54m TK
    Planet Express <PlanEx>
    (V) (°,,°) (V)
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    You more or less described the way I play exactly. All of my real-life friends, and most of my in-game friends, have quit, so I'm always looking for more people to team up with on farming runs. My main is a wizard, high 60s paragon at the moment. I can run MP10 solo with CM/WW spec, but elites take forever to actually kill, and I'm still building up my gearset. I'm much more comfortable at MP6-8.


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