Fast Leveling (1-60)

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    fast levelling from 1-60. mp10. [EU only]

    from 1-60 ( 9 mil )

    Level 1-60 = 2h30min garantee!
    over 20 characters done, all satisfied!

    Doing runs with my DH 250k+ dps.

    For best result equip yourself with (cain's set, leoric's signet, the best ruby possible in a helm, and hell fire ring) for XP.

    Also equip a shield, and gear with vitality and armor all item with socket and amethyst in to provide you better liveability (don't pay too much... buy gear at 5k and less)

    playing usually from Monday to Friday evenings after 5 pm.
    sometimes at weekends.


    GL HF
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    fast and trustworthy!
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