Full inferno clear anyone?

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    Been thinking it might be fun to do a full inferno clear, thinking mp6 a1 all the way to diablo. It would take a few hours so I will probably put this off till the weekend, if anyone's up to join please post your btag here and the time you will be on this weekend.

    I couple of conditions.
    - similarly geared as myself, ehp and dps (I'm 430kehp and 160k unbuffed dps), glass cannon DH's are ok if your skilled and have good dps.
    - I'm a CM wiz so pleeeeaaaaasssseeee don't use knock back skills, I sometimes run into monks (who I love playing with as a class btw) that use some skill that keeps throwing and scattering mobs everywhere and it sucks seriously.
    - Stick together! Sprinting off, sitting in town crafting or whatever, not cool.


    Edit, this is the US server.
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    Tried this last night with a friend on mp5, took 3 hours. Ended up with 23 legendaires, 94 DE and 2 plvls.
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