Skilled CM wizard looking for group

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    Hello I am Projax and IM looking for group for mp10 ubers and for 1.0.7 mp10 farming

    im playing cm wiz (reroled from wd (para96)). atm 150k dps 2.5 aps but didnt have much problem with ubers 10 2 and 3 man.

    Im ex oldschool wow raider (world top guilds like - The legacy, Black divisionm Scrubbuster , the method) So I would say im experienced player in terms of game mechanics and pve content.
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    hi if your bored and want ppl to farm with hit me up


    i play a WD (from Wizard)
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    Are u still looking for a team, Im a CM Wiz too, I got 9 portals(3 runs) I wanna do on mp10. Tomorrow Im getting some new gear and I wanna get a HR.
    Here is my Profile:

    Getting new chest new lacunis and a zuni pox.

    Add me if u want, or anyone for that matter. AlphaLucifer#2540
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    230k dps monk (can spec cyclone strike) ready Ezkaton2012#2660 [EU]
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