[US] Wizard Looking for Infernal Farming group

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    Hey there, I'm currently looking for a group to farm for rings. Currently I have been doing MP3, though I have done MP4 - it just took a bit longer.

    Currently sitting at around 62k DPS.

    I also have a Monk h\who is lacking even more so, but he has ~700k EHP if needed.

    Anyways, I don't mind doing farm runs on either toon though i'm better with the wizard.

    (I don't think the below link will work so my Battletag is Odinra#1523)

    E: also, message me in game if you would like to see about joining a group.
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    I am also looking for at least 2 others to group with. I have 4 machines so far, but my friends havn't logged on since the patch. I'm a descently geared monk usually running mlvl 3-5. Organ runs I would like to do over 5, but need to test it one day. Just hit me up in game after 6pm est weekdays.
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