2 man inforno farming group

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    Hello everyone,

    Me and my friend have just finished leveling our 4th class in Diablo and we decided we want to focus on a 1 character each to clear and farm inferno mode. Both of us have gotten to act 3 on our own but now we want to play togheder.

    We both have all classes lvl 60 except WD. So our question is what combo is the most fun/confortable to farm inferno mode. What spec should we go and any other tips any of you feel its relevant to help us out.

    The only guides ive seen for classes are solo ones. I was woundering if there are guides on how to maximize stats from specing acording to what class we play with and so on.

    Thanks for the time taking to read this and posibly anwser it!!!
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    well now i have been looking for a group and few times i have joined players with way better gear than me. I have a problem with gold and can't get decent gear to farm act III. I too have 4 toons exept WD on 60 but have progressed on all 4 to act 3 and my barb got to act 4 by getting boosted. Now I have a tanky wizard build witch is played on crit chance all resist vit and int. This is very effective for low gear like mine. basicly use crit mass to refresh armor and freez. On freez and time zone put the rune that increases dmg taken by enemies. A DH is good but its still a one shot target for mobs in A3 so i would suggest a barbarian. If low geard i got a tanky build with some DPS but again VIT, block, all resists and posibly crit this combo is good cause you have decent damage and there are 2 of you side by side so the mobs woulnt focus on a single target. a mage with enaugh crit can keep them frozen 24/7 but still if not the barb is there to split the damage, if you can afford top of the line gear duble tornado barbarian and with a geard tank wizard is a way to clear every room in A3 with the whole act in under 1.5 houers. If you'd like i can send you all of those builds and you can try to play like that.
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