[NA] Glass-cannon DH LF Partner(s)/Group

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    Primarily play from 7p.m. central until ~4 a.m. Farming Act III and Pony land( i have staff). Killed up to Rakanoth pre-inferno nerf, killed diablo post nerf. 67k dps. Looking for tank or 65k+ dps partners. Add Kinithor#1193 if interested. I have teamspeak and an available server. Looking for reliable, skilled players to farm with.
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    Starting an Act 1 warm up run in ~20 minutes. Add Kinithor#1193 if you're interested.
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    Looking for a tank or 65k+ DPS for Act III farming starting on Siegebreaker or Heart of Sin, 5 stack NV farming. Currently sitting at 67k dps. (Not using sharpshooter, have 36% crit without it)
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