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    There is a lot going on within the Gunslingers clan, but I wish to bring the following two updates to your attention.

    First, the gaming couple that has been button mashing with us since 2012, GS*Crof2003 and GS*FutaChan, have tied the martial knot a few weeks ago. Congratulations! We wish them a happy life together. You can take part in the sending of good wishes and even check out a photo of their gaming-themed wedding cake here:

    Second, the very talented GS*Excess-Evil has been kind enough to add his self composed music to the Gunslingers Jukebox. The jukebox is our local playlist featuring music written and performed by our clan members. The playlist is over fifty songs long, and we are stoked to so many musicians within our ranks. Listen for yourself by clicking the jukebox image near the bottom of all our clan's Text Chat pages. A list of the songs and associated GS*members can be found here:

    So, what does the above updates have to do with the game? What these items should tell you is that, by joining the Gunslingers, you will be gaming with real, functional people. We have lives, family, jobs, and probably a lot of the same life experiences as you. Why not game with folks who get your need to balance free time with obligations?

    The Diablo 3 Clan for Adults.
    The Diablo 3 Clan for Parents.
    The Diablo 3 Clan for Older Gamers.
    The Diablo 3 Clan for Mature, Casual Gamers.

    Gunslingers - Blazing Trails for Parent and Hard Working Adult Gamers Since 2007.
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    Sounds like an awesome group!
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    The above theme song of the Western classic, The Magnificent Seven, is quite appropriate for us in June 2014. You see, as of right now, the Gunslingers clan is officially celebrating its SEVEN year anniversary!

    As Vizzini says in the Princess Bride, "Inconceivable!" And, yes, I do know what that word means. I can honestly say that, in no way, did I plan or expect the Gunslingers to still be around seven years later and accumulate over 9,000 (cue Vegeta meme) members along the way. We started as a strictly in-game clan for the PS2 title, Jak X, and the idea of putting a website together for our operations seemed quite beyond our ability.

    But here we are all those years later. Our continued success is a collective undertaking. When you think about it, our formula is not rocket science. We keep it friendly. Casual. Inviting. Why don't more clans default on that? The secret ingredient is all of you. Your welcomes to new members, your tradition of inviting people into your parties, and your tendency to treat everyone like, well, fellow humans are why the Gunslingers are still riding into new games rather than into the sunset. You did this. Be proud of it.

    That is why this month-long anniversary is starting with a raffle for a chance to win an actual Gunslingers Frosty Pints mug. Here is a sample image of the prize:

    Reply to this topic for a chance to win. That's it. It can be one word. Preferably, it will be your thoughts or favorite memories as a Gunslingers member. Your choice. Either way, your name will be added to the hat (Seriously, a hat. We are old school, remember?). A name will be randomly pulled as the winner at the end of June. Please keep in mind that you will need to privately provide your mailing address to collect the prize.

    Before wrapping this up and letting you all get back to playing those games, let's tip our hat also to the past and present Gunslinger Leaders. You may not see it (and that is sort of the point), but they donate an incredible amount of time to the group so we can run smoothly, and I don't go insane trying to keep up. Thank you, Dunkaroo, Merky Water, Ironsides, Toezer, Balki, Chilly Husky, Fed Architect, Shwan58, Mikelaird, Sosyc, Wikilectual, Lamporello, LawnGnomer, and Scope, for keeping us going. We also wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the efforts of past GS* Leaders like Dick Lazer, 4th Mason, Scars, Misfit, LilBev, Korchie, Thorny, Enemyonwheels, Filoofo, Tick, Bobafett, OilBaron, FishinNick, leiflvr, loper42, forming, goppfather, conbrio, BlastingSlick, BJS, Captain Scarlet, Teufel, Slammer, gmaCher, VykkDraygo, Aki, Osi, and Missie. Man, I sure hope I haven't forgot someone. If so, my apologizes. Thank you for your help building this group.

    Where will we go from here? Who knows, and, really, isn't that what it is supposed to be? What I do know is that, regardless of where our travels take us, we will do so while continuing to set the bar of how a mature, casual clan should behave and treats each other. Let the rest of the internet driven gaming groups have their platform wars, their elitism, and their alienation of others. We will have the parents. The hardworking men and women. The average casual gamer. The shared laughs. The memories. The anniversaries. The years.

    The magnificent seven.

    The Diablo 3 Clan for Adults.
    The Diablo 3 Clan for Parents.
    The Diablo 3 Clan for Older Gamers.
    The Diablo 3 Clan for Mature, Casual Gamers.

    Gunslingers - Blazing Trails for Parent and Hard Working Adult Gamers.
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    We are officially over half way through the month of June, and, already, the summer season has been a blast for the GS* clan. We hosted a E3 viewing party right on our clan site and chatted in our clan chat the entire time, sharing our initial thoughts about developments as they were revealed live. As you may have already read earlier, we are in the middle of celebrating our seven year anniversary as a group. Currently, we have a raffle going so members get a chance of wining an actual Gunslinger Gaming frosty pint mug, and, since the last time I posted, we have added five Gunslingers-themed games to our clan's custom arcade. Shooting galleries, billiards, slots, and betting on black on the roulette table. Sounds like the Old West, right? ;)

    But what is important is that we are playing in game together after all these years, welcoming new and returning mature, casual gamers into the fold on a daily basis. THAT is why we are celebrating seven years of success. If you are a fellow gamer looking for a group that respects your need to juggle your time in game with your duties in real life (a balancing act that any well adjusted adult can properly appreciate). No probation periods. No try-outs. No silliness. You don't waste our time. We don't waste yours. It is all about the good times.

    Join us.

    The Diablo 3 Clan for Adults.
    The Diablo 3 Clan for Parents.
    The Diablo 3 Clan for Older Gamers.
    The Diablo 3 Clan for Mature, Casual Gamers.

    Gunslingers - Blazing Trails for Parent and Hard Working Adult Gamers.
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    I've recently just started getting into RPG games and now have Diablo 3 in my sites. I've been watching a ton of videos and gotta say that I am very impressed. Also it really helps to have a great group of friends to play with and show you the ropes. If you're looking for other mature games, but don't want to confine yourself to the silly conformities that other clans have, then I strongly suggest checking us out at:
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    The anniversary month in which we celebrate seven fantastic years as a gaming group has passed, and we have a winner for our annual Gunslinger Gaming Frosty Pint mug raffle. Congratulations to GS*Hir3ling for winning! Hopefully, we will all get to see you put it to good use on your Twitch channel. ;)

    It is amazing to see all the responses of good wishes and shaded memories by members. Here are a few examples:

    Man - 7 years is a LONG time! Think of how quickly some Internet groups and stuff fade out. Some don't make it a year. Can't imagine how much work goes on "behind the scenes". Thanks 2 Murph and all the other officers 4 keeping this ship afloat. It really is the perfect place for casual adult gamers like us. The website - with everything that's offered to us - is great, too. I mean, chat, free games, some cheesy movies, links to everything a gamer would want to access . . . words can't describe how awesome it is!

    When people ask me about Gunslingers I always say, "I've never met a mean Gunslinger. I don't think they exist!" It's true. If I ever ask someone a question, send a friend request, ask another member to join a game to fill a squad, a Gunslinger always steps up to help. When we game together, we don't try to crush the other team, but a lot of times we compliment each others weaknesses and we do end up doing really well. Funny how that works!

    Cheers, GS! To 7 years under our belts and to many more in our future!

    C ya' out there!


    7 years??? Wow, can't believe how this community keeps on growing. After being here 4 years, I thank all of you putting in your time and effort to make newcomers feel welcome, old timers feel young and us busy dad's still have time to play knowing that there will always be someone on the other end willing to hang out. I'm here to the end, you can count on that.

    Hip, hip, hooray!!!


    A great place to be, a home away from (well actually still in our home :P

    I haven't got anything more to say, I have met and had a laugh with many people, all have made my time here a true pleasure.

    Many have become true friends to discuss the many trials and tribulations that the great mystery that is life throws at us.

    Too many people to mention, many of whom have been mentioned in the original post by McMurphy.

    This place feels like "Cheers". Here's to another 7 years. Happy Anniversary GS :D


    These were only a few of the many great comments posted by fellow GS* members in our anniversary thread. You can read all of them yourself here:

    Think of the gaming memories and great moments shared by all of us as testimonials for why you, fellow older gamer, to join us. The ability for parents and adults to be part of a clan yet not be expected to log in a crazy amount of gaming hours or beat his/her chest in skill boasting has always been our top priority. Your down time away from work is valuable. Join us and put it to good use with people who share the same time restraints.

    The Diablo 3 Clan for Adults.
    The Diablo 3 Clan for Parents.
    The Diablo 3 Clan for Older Gamers.
    The Diablo 3 Clan for Mature, Casual Gamers.

    Gunslingers - Blazing the trails of what a clan experience should be.
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    How is the summer treating all of you?

    County Fairs. Feeding relatives, friends, and co-workers (some who you only marginally like) by hosting Barbarques. Eating charred hamburgers cooked on other people's BBQ pits. Dropping the kids off at their swimming lessons or seasonal camps. Watching the World Cup (man, the Golden Glove was given to the wrong goaltender). Watching the 4th of July fireworks. Setting off your own hidden and totally illegal stash. Setting up the tent. Reeling in the fresh water fish. Jumping into the lake. Pretending to like Corona and doing so with a lime like a pro.

    In other words, summer can be busy!

    That could be why we don't see many new video game releases during this time of the year. More reason to join a crew of gamers who share the same sort of life experiences and expectations as you. If you are an older gamer juggling free time with family life, work, and/or night school, you are invited to join the Gunslingers!

    The Diablo 3 Clan for Adults.
    The Diablo 3 Clan for Parents.
    The Diablo 3 Clan for Older Gamers.
    The Diablo 3 Clan for Mature, Casual Gamers.

    Gunslingers - Like at your last picnic, it is B.Y.O.B.
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