Gunslingers ~ The Diablo III Clan for Adults.

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    The Gunslingers is an oasis for parent and hard working adult gamers from around the world that was formed back in June, 2007. The underlining goal of our group is to create a gaming environment that is fun yet civil and friendly for mature, casual gamers. It is a goal far too uncommon in the gaming community, and is not often honestly sought. For anyone wishing to escape the lulls of silly clan probation periods, distinct divides in community ranks, unrealistic demands of attendance, and continual ugliness of clan wars, the Gunslingers is your haven. We have attracted thousands of like-minded adults, so you are not alone in your wants.

    The fruit of the Gunslingers is being continuously surrounded by folks sharing your general gaming wants and perspectives. There is plenty of obligations and negativity wishing to take up your time in your career, in your personal life, and certainly during your online travels. It doesn't need to be that way. The Gunslingers clan, however existential as it may seem, seek to inject some positivity and even escapism in your daily obligations. Come. Kick your feet up. Decompress. Be merry! Everyone deserves that, and, regardless if you are new to online gaming or a veteran, you will be welcomed by the rest of us. Share in our cheer!

    The Diablo 3 Clan for Parent and Adult Gamers.

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    For those of us celebrating the holiday by popping in some classic horror movies and handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, the following two Halloween-themed arcade games have also been added to the Gunslinger Arcade:

    Zombie Storm
    Image removed due to its file extension:

    Zombie Breaker
    Image removed due to its file extension:

    Let's also take the time to give a public shout-out to all the fantastic folks who have walked through our saloon doors and became Gunslinger members between October 13th to October 31st! Here they are:

    Huge Zits
    Buzz Killington
    lll Dingus lll
    GEN HT
    HERO 331
    LiamO 71
    Iron Batus
    MenTaL Riot
    Big Country BL

    Thank you for joining and welcome to the Gunslingers!!!

    With 128 people joining us in just 19 days, we are the most active clan exclusively for parent and hard working adult gamers. Get the most out of your gaming experience by joining us!

    The Diablo 3 Clan for Adults.

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    If you have a pulse, you may already know that the U.S. Presidential Elections take place this coming Tuesday. If you are in the United States (particularly in a swing State), how could you not? It feels like you can't escape the attack ads, right?

    Well, you can.

    At the Gunslingers, we practice an understood measure of mutual respect. While other clans get themselves in heated conflicts and delete each other off of friend lists because there are lines being drawn amongst themselves, we continue to let the good times roll. Why? We ain't about politics. We are about good times. That, and perhaps drinking. ;)

    All fellow parent and adult gamers are invited to join the Gunslingers. Keep your gaming experience uncomplicated and as positive as possible. Why else would you be gaming, right? So, join the group that already gets it!

    The Diablo 3 Clan for Adults.
    The Diablo 3 Clan for Parents.

    Gunslingers - Blazing Trails for Mature, Casual Gamers.
    Gunslinger Gaming
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    Every month, we randomly select an overtly active Gunslinger member to interview in the GS*Blog. November's Member Spotlight features none other than GS*Spooky! A father. A husband. A veteran. A horror film enthusiast. Spooky is all those things, and, fortunately for us, he is also a Gunslinger.

    Learn more about this Gunslinger member by reading his interview:

    He is a fine example of the sort of folks that populate the Gunslingers clan. When a group is a dedicated to creating the largest and most successful home for adult gamers, you find yourself gaming with people sharing your own time restraints, interests, and desire to keep your gaming experience a mature, casual one!

    Join us and join in on the fun!

    The Diablo 3 Gunslingers - Blazing Trails for Parent and Hard Working Adult Gamers.
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    Do you only accept U.S based people?
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    The Diablo 3 Gunslingers is the largest and most active Diablo 3 clan specifically for parent and hard working adult gamers. Without doubt, you will be scanning through the clan section of these forums to see which group(s) you want to join. I promise you will notice some things.

    First, too many "casual" clans have voucher and/or probation periods. Before you are even allowed to be "one of them," you have to jump virtual hurdles or have a specific number of pre-existing members vouch for you. Not at the Gunslingers. We have no probation periods or voucher systems. We strongly believe that all our members, regardless new or old, should be treated with respect and consideration. Join. Meet fellow adult gamers. Let the good times roll. Any group that demands more than that is wasting your time.

    Second, too many "friendly" clans don't let you see their community prior to joining. Essentially, you are being asked to join their group blindfolded while hoping that their claims made in their recruiting threads are legitimate. When was the last time you ever bought or signed up for something without getting to see the product? I would hope never. The Gunslingers clan wants you to feel confident that you made an informed decision when joining us. That is why nearly all of our forum, chat, and site content are viewable as a guest. Come. Check us out. If you like what you see. Join. It is as simple as that. Anyone trying to get you to join something without letting you see if they are active or a cool collection of folks with whom to game is someone to be cautious of.

    The Gunslingers clan is an active and friendly community of fellow mature, casual gamers. We are able to accomplish this feat without making new members jump through probation hoops or hiding our content. Get the most out of your Diablo III gaming experience. Join the Gunslingers.

    The Diablo 3 Clan for Adults.

    Gunslingers - Blazing Trails for Parent and Hard Working Adult Gamers.
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    Within the first weeks of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 launch and on the eve the Nintendo Wii U console release, an incredible Gunslingers milestone occurred.

    The Gunslingers group is now over 5,000 members strong!

    I hope you find that amazing, because I sure as Hell do. Bend the ear of long time members like Balki, Korchie, Dick Lazer, or anyone else who has been active within GS for more than a few years. They will tell that it was never in our game plan to have so many fellow mature, casual gamers also consider the Gunslingers a needed outpost in their internet travels. Please, take a moment to view all the fantastic folks who have joined the rest of us in the last fifteen days.

    To the above new members and to everyone else registered as a Gunslinger, I sincerely thank you all for joining.

    The 5,000 mark is no feat in the ledger of a salesman. It isn't some sort of return of investment from advertising. GS has and will never be a money venture. We can celebrate such a milestone because of you. Because you wanted to escape typical clan obligations, because you wanted to game with other adults who share your own time restrictions, because you welcomed new members in the Introductions section, because you posted in the Introductions section, because you said "hello" in chat, because you were willing to make new friends by sending out invites from the Master Lists, because you were steadfast in keeping the GS narrative about friendliness and mutual respect rather than bragging rights, we have 5,000 members.

    The way we have collectively went about making this grand experiment in social gaming succeed is also something we all should be proud of. We did it by sticking to our guns over being adults-only and casual specific. When we first entered the scene, most clans assumed that the competitive clan model was the only way in which to succeed.

    Fast forward five years and, largely due to more and more adults playing video games, the general clan scene has become generally more casual. If you noticed our recruiting messages being echoed in those of other groups, you aren't alone. Sometimes, entire pages of our website are literally copied and pasted onto upstarts. Plagiarism is never welcomed, but it does serve as a positive meter-stick in regards to our influence.

    That isn't to say that we are no longer ahead of the curve. The norm of gaming groups is making new members jump through hoops otherwise known as probation period, voucher requirements, and a stepped process in becoming a "true" member. People are still being asked to join groups without being able to even view their content prior to registering. The belief is that such hurdles are necessary to ensure a positive gaming experience.

    Again, that is where you all come in. You are the ultimate rebuttal to that myth.

    Because of your commitment in keeping us friendly and playing clean through natural social dispositions, we don't need those restrictions. We get to treat everyone here as they should be treated, regardless of what "Join Date" is stamped next to their name. Sure, there have been times when moderation by GS Leaders were needed, but moderation should always be a safety net, never a shadow cast by a gavel.

    So, that was a heady rant, and I am sure I have thoroughly embarrassed myself by this point. Let's get to what all the above is really about. Celebrating! Fridays and Saturdays represent a long running tradition at GS called Frosty Pints. Grab some drinks. Grab a headset. Send out those friend invites. And light up those online servers with the GS tag. Make this Frosty Pints a toast to all that you have accomplished by continuing to do what you always have done: welcoming your fellow Gunslingers and having a good time.


    Gunslinger Founder,
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    On behalf of the Gunslingers, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Eat too much turkey.
    Watch too much football.
    Banter with too many relatives.
    And be thankful for all of the above.

    The Diablo 3 Gunslingers - Blazing Trails for Parent and Adult Gamers.
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    The weekend is coming to an end. Time for another work week. Time for another round of pretending to like your boss. It also means less time to enjoy Diablo 3. That is why we in the Gunslingers clan have decided to show our grey hair and give another opportunity to sneak in some retro gaming while at the workplace by celebrating Q*Bert's 30th anniversary. GS members, while unable to get in-game, can try to get and hold the highscore in this arcade classic. The member who holds the highscore at the end of December 15th receives a custom GS Forum title. Find out more about the event here:

    Outside of work, however, I will see you all on the killing grounds! :D

    Gunslingers - The Diablo 3 Clan for Adults.
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    Just wanted to bump this thread, and also mention we've started doing some organized Uber runs. We've been farming keys and running ubers on Tuesday nights, usually around 8 PST. These are in no way mandatory. One of our members has also offered up their Vent server.

    And, if Tuesday nights don't work for you, fear not. We have people on at almost all times of the day. Whether you're still leveling, or a 40+ paragon player with 50 billion dps, we have people to play with. Everyone is helpful, and ready to group!

    Anyway, if you're interested, head on over the the GS site that McMurphy has been linking. Sign up, introduce yourself, and start adding people from the Master list!
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    We're still cruising along. We've got a great group, and it's always growing. Whether you play once a week, or everyday, we've got people at your level.

    Be sure to stop by the website, which McMurphy has linked above!
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    Gunslinger Newsletter for Week of 12/12/12

    Christmas is almost here. It is easy to get caught up on shopping and making holiday plans, which is why you haven't seen a Gunslinger update here for a few weeks. That, however, does not mean there is nothing to report. Quite the opposite. In fact, the following list is a quick breakdown of all the updates that have occurred within the Gunslingers---the most active clan for older parent and adult gamers:

    New Members: In November, GS hit a membership milestone by having our 5,000th adult gamer join our posse. The dynamite keeps booming throughout December. Since the 5K mark made on November 16th, 195 fellow mature, casual gamers have signed up with the Gunslingers. If you are an older gamer looking for a like-minded, laid-back gaming experience with folks your own age, come join the rest of us at GS!

    Updated Chats: Our custom Chat page that allows you to correspond in the general GS chat while still exploring more specific genres of gaming discussions in our other chatrooms has been given an update. Now, via a drop-down menu, you can choose from chats specializing in Xbox360, PS3, PC, Nintendo, Action/Adventure, Shooters, Retro, Sports, Role Playing, and Racing. Everything about GS is about giving you everything you need to make gaming a social experience regardless of your unique gaming schedule. Being a group comprised of adults, we all fully appreciate the fact that our free time is quite limited. Come chat it up!

    Updated GS Jukebox: You probably have looked at a few clan or gaming community sites in your time. You may have noticed a pattern. Some (perhaps many) of them feature some sort of on-site playlist of music that you can listen to. The Gunslingers also have such a playlist, but with a unique twist. With GS, our entire jukebox is comprised with music written and/or composed by fellow Gunslinger members. That is one of the great things about being in a group for adult gamers. We bring folks from around the world, from different backgrounds, and wielding different talents. Now, you can listen to some of the musicians that have joined Gunslingers more readily with our new version of the GS Jukebox. Visit any of our GS Chat pages to try it out!

    MP3 Support in Forums: Speaking of music, Gunslinger members are now able to post direct links to MP3 files in their posts and have them show up as mini music players. No downloading necessary, and it is a great way to share in our tastes in music in a more convenient manner. Take a look how it works at a sample topic I created:

    New Arcade Games Added: We are keeping to our tradition of adding new games to the Gunslinger Arcade every week. Since last noted in this thread, Gunslinger members can add the following games to the list of installs they can play while the boss isn't looking: Knight Rider, Chap Hai Wildsnake, Jungle Quest, Mario & Friends Tower Defense, and Counterstrike!

    End of the World Frosty Pints Event: Having some fun with the supposed foretold end of the world, we are having a special edition of our infamous Frosty Pints tradition on December 14th and 15th. Grab your pick of poison, slap on that headset, and party it up while you game with other adults! It is a weekend tradition that has been going strong at GS since 2008. Perhaps if the Mayans had beer and video games, they wouldn't have believed the world would end now. View more details about the event here:

    Thank you for taking the time to read the more recent activity at the Gunslingers. Again, if you are a fellow older gamer looking to keep your gaming experience fun, casual, and always within your own time restraints, you are invited to join the Gunslingers!

    The Diablo 3 Guild for Parents and Adults.

    Gunslingers - Long live the gamers who are long in tooth.
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    Hi Are you only US based ?

    No man is sane who does not know how to be insane on proper occasions.
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    Is this clan is still active?
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    Quote from Punkskelm

    Hi Are you only US based ?

    No, we have members from around the world. Currently, our Diablo III Master List has GS members from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, England, Germany, Finland, Greece, Irelands, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

    Quote from eotheod

    Is this clan is still active?

    Very much so! And we are looking forward to any clan-orientated updates to the game that seem to be promised. Any fellow mature, casual Diablo 3 gamers are welcome to join the Gunslingers Guild!

    Diablo III Gunslingers - Blazing Trails for Parent and Hardworking Adult Gamers.
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    I hope everyone had a fun New Years! 2013 is now in full swing. The kids are back in school, the workplace is back to lecturing you about productivity, and we STILL don't have hover cars.

    What we do have, however, is another year for gaming. Here is a quick list of some recent updates for the clan for parent and hard working adult gamers, the Gunslingers:

    1.) January 2013 Member Spotlight. We have started the New Year with another edition of the Gunslinger Member Spotlight: a monthly tradition of interviewing a random GS member and learning some things about him/her that we may not otherwise get to know through the course of gaming. This edition features none other than the ever popular, GS*Yuuuki! She has been with GS for a few years, so find out more about her here: Gunslinger Gaming

    2.) '80s Classic Added. Who didn't love the 1980's? Well, besides the USSR or the Cobra Kai in Karate Kid. Well, being a gaming clan with plenty of members who grew up in the '70s and '80s, we have installed the classic quarter eater, "Lunar Command", into the custom Gunslinger Arcade! Can you get the high score? Atari joystick not required. ;)

    3.) Gunslinger Raffle. For our members playing in more than one game (or even platform), we are starting 2013 off right by giving away two Xbox360 copies of Elders Scroll: Skyrim! Reply to the following topic prior to January for a chance to win. It is that easy! Thank you all for supporting GS throughout 2012! • View topic - Gunslinger Raffle ~ Free Copy of Skyrim! (digital download)

    4.) New Forum Features. We are always looking for ways to improve the GS homebase for our members, and have added several features to the Gunslinger Forums. Now, members with Twitch Live feeds have their own forum section to broadcast their channel for other members to watch. Additionally, if you find a Twitch channel you find particularly interesting and would like to share with the rest of the group, you now have the ability to embed them in your forum posts. Speaking of embedding, you can now also add either your PSN player card or your Xbox360 gamertag card (or both!) in any of your posts or signature with a simple click of the button. Finally, some of us on the Nintendo Wii and Wii U like to use Skype as our voice chat program, so that is why you can now include your real-time Skype status in any of your forum posts or a signature. Stay tuned for more updates! I have a whole checklist to go through!

    Thank you all again for reading the recent events of the Gunslingers. We are proud to provide an incredibly active and evolving home for parent, adult, and mature, casual gamers from around the world in 2013. If you haven't yet joined the party, consider yourself invited. :)

    The Diablo 3 Clan for Adults.

    Gunslingers - Blazing Trails for Parent and Hard Working Adult Gamers Since 2007.
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    Every year, we gather as a Gunslingers community and vote for our favorite games in various categories. The polls to vote on games published in 2012 are open and let the voting begin! Here are the categories that all members can vote in thus far:

    Game of the Year
    Favorite GS Clan Front of 2012
    Best Wii Game of 2012
    Best Wii U Game of 2012
    Best PS3 Game of 2012
    Best Xbox360 Game of 2012
    Best PC Game of 2012
    Best Vita Game of 2012
    Best 3DS Game of 2012
    Best Action/Adventure Game of 2012
    Best Role Playing Game of 2012
    Best Shooter Game of 2012
    Best Fighting Game of 2012
    Best Sports Game of 2012
    Best Racing Game of 2012
    Best Dance/Music Game of 2012
    Best Platformer of 2012

    Do you have a strong opinion in regards to which games should win? Join the rest of us Gunslingers and cast your vote! The results will be published in article for in February! Here are the polls: • View forum - 2012 Gunslinger Games Awards

    Diablo III has been nominated for Favorite GS Front, Best RPG, Best PC Game, AND Game of the Year! Help it win!

    The Diablo 3 Clan for Adults.

    Gunslingers - Blazing Trails for Parent and Hard Working Adult Gamers.
    Gunslinger Gaming
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    While the rest of the gang (or, in light of our clan's motif, chain-gang) is in game enjoying Frosty Pints---our weekend tradition of grabbing some brews and sharing some games---, I thought I would sneak in here and share the latest update on the Gunslingers front.

    Forums have whole sets of short code or tags to utilize while posting. Some communities create customized tags for specific purposes, such as posting streaming game feeds. We, the Gunslingers, do both in the GS Forums and are taking the customized user experience a step further. Upon request, any member can have his/her own forum code!

    For example, my GS Forum code would be "[McMurphy][/McMurphy]". Maybe I would want my game stats to show up anytime that is typed. Maybe I would like my signature banner and a brag-worthy gameplay video to be displayed anytime those tags are typed. Now, GS members can do just that!

    As a band of fellow adults, parents, and mature, casual gamers, we are always welcoming the like-minded to join in on our fun. Come share in our cheer!

    Happy Frosty Pints everyone!

    Diablo 3 Gunslingers - Long Live the Gamers Who Are Long in Tooth.
    Gunslinger Gaming
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    Over at the Gunslingers clan headquarters, there is a long-standing topic entitled, "How Did You Hear About Gunslingers?" Lately, GS*Beagles329, who has been a GSer since December 2010, has posted an interesting reply that well illustrates the sort of normal (Ha! Like any of us are normal, right?) adults that join up with the Gunslingers. Here is his message, quoted:

    True Story... I was on a road trip through the western US, stopped at a gas station to fill up and grab a beverage. I go to use the bathroom and written on the wall of the stall was, "Gopp was here, GS-4-LIFE". Once I got home I Googled GS and the rest is history. Over 2 years of gaming enjoyment. I have since met and played quite a bit with the now famous Gopp. Like I said, true story...

    Come and join the fastest growing group for parent and hard working adult gamers! Share in our cheer!

    Diablo 3 Gunslingers.
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