"Remnants Of War" Recruiting! Active D3 Clan!

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    "Remnants Of War" Recruiting! Active D3 Clan!
    Death, Destruction, Pvp, And EPIC LOOT!


    About Remnants Of War

    Remnants Of War was found on 12/8/2012 by a small group of friends dedicated to helping others grow. We started off small with just my self and Braveheart, we found each other over a forum post on Battle.net that was in regards to finding more people to play with. After a few days of grinding and meeting other players struggling to find a home in D3 we decided to form a guild of our own. We take pride in helping each other with gear and advice. We don’t condone in selling items to guild members or charging crazy prices for runs. We are mainly a pve guild as of now but once pvp begins we will strive to go rank 1 in the American servers. If your looking for a small group of helpful and dedicated players then R.O.W. Is for you. We will help you gear and provide all we can to insure that you enjoy your stay here at R.O.W.

    What can you expect from the R.O.W.?
    • A Mature Gaming Clan who uphold Respect, Honor, Loyalty & Team work.
    • Skilled players and mentors willing to help you learn and improve.
    • Mature, friendly players to have fun and play with.
    • Leadership that listens. We make sure to get your input and always try to improve the clan.
    • Weekly Events and Guild Runs
    • Monthly Prizes
    • Live Stream Events
    • A competitive place to play and win.
    Recruitment Information

    We are looking for members looking to join our ranks as of now.
    What are we looking for you might be wandering?

    • You must be 18 or older before you apply. We do make acceptions
    • Must be active
    • Have a working Mic and voice chat software
    • Be willing to grind out gear and help others
    • Be Pumped for the up and coming PVP Patch!
    • Be Active on the forums
    • Press buttons be champions
    Go to the Below Website and sign up and put in a app and introduce yourself if your interested in joining the guild
    If you have any questions you can get in contact with
    AbandonCTRL#1391 or Braveheart#1980
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    Unfortunately, I don't see a link for the website :(
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    just add me in game and ill send you the link
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    Interested in looking at myself, but login in to fetch a url seems a little much to expect from any potential recruit to a clan. Would like to see myself though, GL!
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    yeah sorry they wont let me post urls for some reason h t t p : / / r e m n a n t s o f w a r d 3 . e n j i n . c o m / h o m e
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    lol found my way around it hahaha
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    HI there are you guys EU or US ?

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    are this guys still recruiting,i am 500 mil barb looking for eu clan
    i have got nothing against god ,it is his funclub i cant stand !
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    Cool Clan...
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    There you go with a link. ;)
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    id like to join this clan
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    You must be 18 or older before you apply. We do make acceptions

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    Are you guys US?
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