Prophecy Clan recruiting for Diablo 3!

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    124 members, and still looking for more. come join us today for a nice laid back group to always have friends to run with.
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    ProphecyClan is where it's at! Great community, and growing. Currently have Mumble and TeamSpeak. Mumble has been VERY helpful ingame. Check them out.

    EDIT: Members: 148
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    How many active players do you have? Only asking because I have weird play times, and I am trying to progress through Hell.
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    We currently have 160+ members around the globe so I'm sure there will be someone to play with or atleast talk to for advice at all times.
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    That's been my experience with them. Always someone around, and I actually haven't had a bad occurence yet. It's a good clan.
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    Is this clan open to aussies?
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    Our clan is open to all. We have members playing on EU, US, and Asian servers. Stop by the site and check us out.
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    just submitted an application :) figured nowadays i'm sending out tons of applications - what's one more. keep your fingers crossed for me people. i'm applying to burger king
    NA servers - add me if ya want - ysoserious#1178. - i run a clan if anyone wants an invite. no requirements to join - as long as your nice and friendly your more than welcome
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    Just submitted an application :d3d:
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    We have surpassed the 220+ members mark and we still have slots open. We have many teams training/farming inferno on both US and EU servers. Stop by and join in on the fun.
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    Great guild... rly... at first I was kinda like "what to expect"... before myself joining prophecy, I was used to be part of rather smaller groups, but this one maintains cool atmosphere, people are talktaive, always helpful and active on forums, clan chat and mumble voice chat too...

    I do rly recommend to apply for this guild, if you feel you are up for it ;)
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    Coming up on 400 members and are running clan events. Stop by and join in on the fun. Still have slots available on US, EU, and AZN.
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    Prophecy Clan is as strong as ever! Come along to to see how many new friends you can make today and have fun playing Diablo 3 together!
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    May i ask why anyone would like to join a clan in Diablo 3 when you can only play with 4 peoples at the same time? Whats the benefits and how do you run a guildchat?

    Iam sorry but i dont understand, and if you would explain throughly i might wanna be interessted in joining :)

    WW Barb - Inferno Diablo down.
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    I joined last week and am really glad I did. It's a great online community with many active posters. One of the things I've enjoyed the most is that there's always someone cool online to play with. It doesn't cost you anything to check us out!
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