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    Warrior Nation is one of the largest known organized multi-platform global gaming clans and communities in the world, and we're about to introduce Diablo 3 to our pool of games. As of now, our Diablo 3 forum is in development. We need 25 active members with Diablo 3 as primary game in order to become a fully developed and stable section of Warrior Nation. But that's not why we're recruiting, we're already more than that, but we still hope that you would like to join us in the fight against the forces of evil. :)

    We don't let everybody in, but not much is required. You have to be 13 years or older. No cheating or multi-claning is allowed. You have to respect other members. You have to speak English on the forums. On our forums it's required to pick a name with our tag "WNx", so WNx[Name], but a name is changeable. But we are not strict when it comes to Diablo 3 character names or battletags, you can use your old characters despite them not having the tag. You can read more about responsibilities and requirements in the law and policy links below.

    About us:
    We're currently 1500 active members across all games and platforms and many of us are excited for Diablo 3. We've been around for roughly 12 years, though I've personally only been in it for the last 5 and a half years. We have Teamspeak, Ventrilo and Mumble servers for verbal communication and some of us use Xfire for chatting when not in-game. When we aren't playing, we're on the forums, where we discuss and share game knowledge, and when it comes to games like Diablo we make guides like skill builds, class tactics, beginner guides and so on. We have all kinds of great gamers from casual to hardcore and from beginners to veterans, so no matter who you are and what you want to do in Diablo 3, you won't feel like an outsider here.

    Diablo 3 forum

    I would personally love to vouch new members, but as you've probably read already, any member can do it. If you have any questions, please ask here or PM me. I can forward your question if you want to ask someone higher ranked in our roster.
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    You guys have a VoiP Service :)?
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    Quote from Hpnot1Q

    You guys have a VoiP Service :)?

    We have Teamspeak, Ventrilo and Mumble. Our Teamspeak server has a maximum of 128 clients online. I don't know about the other two. I can forward your question if you need more information.

    EDIT: We might only use Mumble now. It seems most sections including our D3 section only uses that one.
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