Looking for a scan of the Monster Folders from D2 D&D

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    Hello everyone; first post here.

    I was cleaning out some stuff and found the Diablo II: Dungeons & Dragons that I want to give to my friend. He plays a lot of tabletop. Unfortunately, the "Monster Folders" are missing. I have all the other parts. I'm looking for a scan or photo of the Monster Folders contents, I believe there was about 5 or 6 sheets.

    I know there have been several releases of D2 D&D, so I've provided pictures to show which version this is. As you can see, I have everything except the Monster Folders. I believe it's the original, it's from 1999. Thanks!

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    Any Luck? I saw that, while doing some Google searching of my own, you had posted the same inquiry on a few different sites.

    Give Blizzard Support a call, they might, just might, be able to help you out.
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