Diablo2 in sc2 mods official website/forums are now live!

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    The website is still in developement (so much info to share)
    But the forums is fully working!

    Take a look and sign up!

    Sanctuary here we come!

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    Moved to the D2 forums (I could also put it on Other Games or Off-Topic if you prefer, let me know via PM).
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    This looks really interesting O_O
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    Diablo - Mortal Shroud should team up to make an amazing map/mod for sc2
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    Quote from JCarrill0

    Diablo - Mortal Shroud should team up to make an amazing map/mod for sc2

    Well, that won't happen.
    I prefer to work alone on that and I dislike his coding style (I even dislike Blizzard's own style within sc2 maps) and the D2 terrain images aren't properly compatible with my randomly created dungeons.
    But I've altered my systems recently to become closer to diablo 2 as a few of diablo 1's systems doesn't work for skills (defense + chance to hit) and I started to implement some skill systems like auras http://i.snag.gy/xgSsL.jpg which always use the highest value of an aura around (-> "better" implementation than D2).
    In the end I will have a combination of skills and learnable spells via books that have synergies to the skills creating a system that combines D1 and D2. :)
    But, good luck with your project, egod. I hope you will push me to work harder on my map once again. Some people want your starcraft diablo mix as a few people suggested that to me already. :)
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    This looks downright weird, but awesome.
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