Project Duel - Now with 16 player max games

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    Do you miss Diablo 2 PvP? Do you wish something revolutionary came out that allowed D2 PvP to be active and fun. Do you wish this happened and you could participate without the need to invest countless hours to gear up a char? Well, today is your lucky day. Project Duel is an amazing realm, that just released a patch that changes D2 dueling FOREVER. Some of the features of this realm include:
    • Maximum character limit per game has been increased to 16 players. No additional lag is created by this revolutionary game-breaking content either!
    • Fast server with hard-coding that improves the pesky “WW lag” problem that many players have previously faced.
    • No more black screen tele!
    • Instant level 99 characters with gear that can be bought at vendors. Create your dueler within 5 minutes and get out and have some fun!
    • Tournaments every day or every other day. Tournaments range from 1v1 all the way up to 8v8 and include both east fpk, east non-fpk, west fpk, and west non-fpk rule sets
    • LLD options to instantly create a lvl 30 char, with a lld vendor!
    • An import system through donating/winning tournaments/trading for fg. Create or request unique items to be created that allow your character to stand out as a champion!
    • A command bot allowing you to announce any challenges across the realm, so all warriors may hear and heed to your call for a fight!
    • A PvM zone that allows for the farming of certain special items including: The west bugged nost belt, certain hybrid runewords, certain 1.08 items, and colored runewords!
    • A brand new administrative team with a very active and assisting moderator team that constantly keep the server in good shape by helping users with questions/problems, monitoring for any hacking, hosting tournaments, and assisting with donations/importing.

    Check out the site:
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