Anyway to download D2 without CD's?

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    Hey guys and gals. Quick question. I have Diablo II and LOD on my old comp (which barely works), and I want to put it on my new computer for nastalgia/boredom playing. But I'm missing one of the install CD's apparently for D2. Is there a way to download it from bnet? or a website that has it for like $5? Just wondering. Want to get my chars up and running to see the grainy awesomeness! Thanks.
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    If you've registered your copy of Diablo II and LoD on then you can just download them from there. If you haven't though you'll need that CD Key. :/
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    What about if I just have the LoD cd key and not D2? Can I play it or do I need to repurchase/look harder though piles of boxes D2?
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    They're separate CD Keys. I had the exact same issue. Have my LoD key, couldn't find D2 one. Blizz informed me I'll need to purchase the original to play LoD though. Sad.
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