Worth getting Diablo 2 now?

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    Still a great game.
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    D2 is the game I played most out of all games. The closest to the amount I played D2 is the time I played CS, TF2 and HOMM3 maybe. I love this game, and it was becoming better with (almost) each patch.

    For a young player (2005-now) it may not look appealing or attractive. However that game is a true gem.
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    Yes it always is.
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    Why not? It's cheap and fun.
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    always! but you mentioned you like graphics and d2 is kinda... well, it's 800x600 and 4:3, looks worse on widescreens TFT than it does on CRT, if you happen to have one

    be warned, for a reasons unknown, it WON'T WORK on certain hardware anymore - i'm kinda good with that stuff and couldn't make it run properly - graphics gets really messed up randomly, so you have to restart the game. on legacy systems, it works fine...

    i've spent days looking for solutions on internet, and found only that minority of people have it, and most of them don't - hardware/driver configurations of affected were wildly different, while on some newest hardware game worked flawless
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    I got mine to work great once i figured out that I must have it in windowed mode.
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    Diablo 2 sits fairly highly on my top 10 games ever - the innovation at the time was just immense. A lot of what made it great was the community and ladders, but I'd still recommend anyone try it at least once. Necro summoner is my choice.
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    I really dont get why people liked d2 so much. I guess it was a different generation. I really am oldschool i loved d1 to death. I never got into D2 much. I was so hyped for the release and decided that it wasnt as innovative and good as D1 used to be. I played once trhough it and never touched it again.
    D3 is already much much better than d2(spcially without LoD) ever was imo, just pvp missing.
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