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    hey i haven't played d2 before and im planning on buying the battle chest cause everyone always says how good d2 is. Do you guys think its still good to play it now?
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    If you like 800x600 resolution, a talent tree that you can't reset (i.e. one wrong click = reroll) and no auction house, by all means go for it.
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    is it playable on vista and can you play online with friends?
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    It probably is playable on Vista but with some inevitable issues. Also, you can reroll skills ever since 1.13 i think. Yes you can play on its still up (multiplayer). And you can use a resolution mod if you play on single player.

    Good luck.
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    thanks man, it works fine on vista and im having no issues with the graphics. I can also play online on battlenet which is even better so i hope Blizzard won't shut down the servers anytime soon.
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    I can't see them shutting down the servers soon. Especially since every time I ever went back and played it seems during the new ladder season tons of people are playing. I'd say there is a couple more ladder seasons at least before they shut down the servers (if they do). But Diablo 2 is getting older and older.

    I am thinking about starting up a lightning sorc or something if I get bored of D3 anytime soon.
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