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    So I'm about to make a new character but I'm not sure what are good ones for soloing in hell (and maybe also against the ubers). I'm interested in Amazon, Assassin, and Sorceress. And is the Daggermancer any good? Anyone have links to builds and equipment setups?

    Actually, a MF build wouldn't be too bad either. I used a Summonmancer for MF runs, always works really well. Unless there's a build that can kill faster with /players 8 and MF gear

    Other than the auras, why do most builds recommend the A2 merc over the A5 merc? Does the A5 merc have less HP/DEF?

    I just tried to fight Uber Andariel with my Fury Druid. I lost pretty badly, despite having lvl 33 skills, 5300 HP and BOTD ogre maul. I just couldn't leech enough health back, she's too fast.
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