D2 - Debating on playing.

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    Hey all - I haven't played D1 or D2. I can't wait to play D3 though. I've played torchlight though, so I'm not a total noob to the style of play. I've tried to learn as much as I can about the Diablo Universe and the features of D3. I've also played through the beta many times as I've recently gained access to an account with beta (Good friends - didn't buy or anything)

    I'm not really interesting in making it my game until D3 or anything but I would like to get a feel for the lore and such and most of all play through all of the Acts. I'd be pretty much buying the game just to play through the story and reach level cap, get an idea of how it works here in Sanctuary.

    I'm curious of a few things

    1) How long would it take me to play through acts?

    2) How long to reach level cap? Is that something I should strive for based on what I'm looking for out of the game?

    3) Edited this one in. Expansion worth getting based on what im looking for?

    Any other comments or tips are welcome. Thanks guys.
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    1) On your very first character, you should plan maybe an hour for act 1 normal and several hours for acts 2 to 5. That is because you don't have any transferred equipment from previous characters. And the higher difficulties may or may not take longer due to you having to farm equipment.

    2) This isn't WoW or DAoC or anything where the real game starts when you hit this point. The soft cap depends on your character build and is around lvl80 to 90, which is easily attainable. Going from 90 to 99 takes days of pure grind.

    3) I consider the time before LoD better than after its launch, but from a single player and collector's point of view, you should absolutely play with LoD from the get-go. "Vanilla"(pre LoD) was better for pvp reasons.
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    Like the previous guy said about the lvl 90-99 thing, he's definitely right about that. There's no real reason for trying to get to 99 (except if you want some sort of bragging right or something).

    I wasn't a real pvper, so I don't know anything about the difference in pvping between vanilla and LOD D2. Personally I really loved the expansion set. To me it was a great improvement to an already great game!

    The first play through of normal might take you a good day of gaming or just a quick afternoon, depending on your experience with Action rpg's. But it's certainly not going to take very long.

    Oh and, if you're planning on just playing to get to know the lore and all, I suggest you play it on singleplayer. I'm playing on singleplayer only now too, there's way too many bots and spammers on D2 battle.net atm in my personal opinion...

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    Another reason to get the expansion, it allows you to play on 800x600. Otherwise you are playing at 640x480 resolution. It will be worth it.

    Don't try to get max level which is 99. Anything around 85-95 is great. Above that it doesn't really make a difference. And if you are only interested in lore and the game. Then you really don't want to go for 99 as is a very long and boring grind.
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    I think lod is def worth getting it gives a whole nother act 2 characters and makes it much more fun. If you do decide to play it let me know i may be on lol
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    Diablo 2 is a great game whether you're just getting into it in preparation for D3, or if you want a solid game for some pass-time. I've played it off and on since it's release and still find it enjoyable. If you plan on playing it online, there's usually plenty of people willing to help with free gear/rushes just look for the games. If you're playing solo, it will probably take you a good 10-20 hours of game play to get from Act 1 normal to Act 5 hell mode, based on the fact that you'll need to gather some decent gear with resists and such to get through the bosses on the harder difficulties. But like I said, it's a great game either way, definitely recommend giving it a shot.
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    Diablo 2 with the expansion is definately worth a shot! If your not new to the genre it doesnt take you very long!
    But the story you get from diablo 2 + exp is fantastic and even if the graphic is old and everything the story can still get you!
    I played diablo 1 recently too but it was very hard to like it i wouldnt recommend it if you havent played it already XD
    Reaching the lvl cap takes very long and you have to grind and fight a lot to reach it i wouldnt recommend this either:P
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    Awesome guys thanks for the replies.
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    I suggest everyone reload D2 and play one more time though. I havent played for a few years and it brought so much joy to me to relive the story and hear my favorite sounds and what not
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    *Chuka Chuka Thump of a skull dropping.. Hopefully D3 inspires the same (sounds nerdy) lifelong memories
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    I think i'm going to give this a shot. I have a test tomorrow, plus homework to get done for a couple classes, but I'm sure I can fit it in there...

    What class do you recommend for a first playthrough?
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    Paladin should be the easiest and most intuitive character to start with. I think, he's the strongest class overall, he just can't teleport(unless you cheat or, *err* win the lottery.. twice).
    Once you feel comfortable with the game and if you want to dig deeper into it, you can roll a Sorc to provide your characters with better equipment. That's why most experienced players start with her in a new ladder season or when they decide to play D2 yet again after years. But she's a squishy, so not the best bet for the beginning imo.
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    Phew, the class question. Now you will get many answers and probably a discussion. ;)

    Nonetheless I would recommend a feral druid because he is easy to play and doesnt depend that much on gear like the above stated paladin.

    Personally, I love the sorceress but Solmyr77 is absolutely correct. In the beginning, she is a pain in the ass and you need to know the mechanics, mobs, bosses and your spec (what you want later on) if you dont want to suck in hell (immunes, farm specialization etc.).
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    1. You could do it in a probably 12 hours.
    2. Absolutely not. You will not reach max level before D3 comes out.
    3. Expansion is a must.

    Side note: D2 is full of bots now, expect to be spammed.
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    Quote from Bandyto

    Phew, the class question. Now you will get many answers and probably a discussion. ;)

    Nonetheless I would recommend a feral druid because he is easy to play and doesnt depend that much on gear like the above stated paladin.

    Ok, let's have this discussion :)

    I can't say much about early game gear issues, since I've played neither class w/o items from previous chars, but I don't think, that a Feral Druid and a Zealot(which is, what I'm suggesting) differ much in terms of itemization. I see the Paladin having an easier time because he uses a shield and because he gets his main attack(Zeal) at lvl12, which should be during act1 normal. The Druid gets his Fury at lvl30, which is after facing Baal for the first time(eg beating normal difficulty).
    And from a late game point of view, my Feral felt just soo much weaker than my Zealot, I think it's because he lacks the shield.
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    Quote from Solmyr77

    I see the Paladin having an easier time because he uses a shield and because he gets his main attack(Zeal) at lvl12, which should be during act1 normal.

    (1) Werewolf, Lykanthropy
    (12) Feral Rage

    (1) Poison Creeper
    (6) Oak Sage
    (12) Carrion Vine

    These skills on slvl 1 are more than enough for every encounter in act1 and as a Wolfdruid you even put some more points in Werewolf while leveling up and the leech from Feral Rage is probably more flexible because you just need to recast it every 20 seconds, not like Zeal which consumes your low mana pool much faster. ;)

    Late game is mostly about gear because your class should have spent all necessary points in its main spells. Speaking of 90+. Everything below is very easy reachable. I guess your Druid didnt have sufficient gear compared to your Zealot or your spec wasnt appropriate. :P
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    Not much room for error there, I actually checked my chars, they don't vanish from my hd. Wolf, Lyca, Fury and HoW capped, every companion and vine 1 pt. Both have unique/set gear, the Pala is 10 lvls ahead, but that's because I liked him and was able to do the uber quests with him. The wolf on the other hand.. no way, seriously ;)

    But we're carrying this away. Sure you can beat a1 with any class. Barbs get decent a1 skills on their way to WW, too :P
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