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    So I've only recently (last two months) discovered Diablo as a franchise. I've been roughly familiar with it but never understood it's appeal. I am relatively new to Blizzard games in general. I've always known they were there and were apparently some of the greatest games ever made, however I've never been much of a computer gamer (Xbox fan mostly) but I've finally jumped into the Blizzard world with SC2 and WOW in the last year. SC2 is still and enigma and I'm probably only going to finish the campaign and play random PvC matches from time to time afterward. I'm starting a whole new WOW character and mostly want to just take my time and soak in the lore in that area. Essentially both games don't scratch that itch. Which brings me to D3. I recently tried Torchlight on the PC. Wow. That was awesome. This is the experience I have been looking for, and Diablo 3 seems to be the EXACTLY ideal game for me... so my question is this. Should I even bother with D1 and D2 if D3 could potentially release in the next year? My concerns are the advances in the controls and mechanics of this genre of games in the last few years (namely Torchlight) might make playing older titles frustrating and the whole experience would be lost on me.... and if I shouldn't, what should I do to get my Diablo fix in the mean time?
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    You could give Diablo 2 a try. It's a very fun game and it still holds its weight. First Diablo, in the other hand, may be not that interesting for you considering that pretty much all scenarios are the same, there are no skills (just some spells), barely no customization, etc.

    I'd always recommend Diablo 2 to any gamer to be honest.
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    Eh, I don't think you'll get a very big kick out of Diablo 2, especially not the first game. I played both when I was a kid and they first came out, and torchlight really is quite different from D2. Seeing as Torchlight 2 and D3 are coming out in a few months, I would just hold my breath. It's definitely a cool experience playing through that old game, but a lot of people like it more than they should because of the nostalgia.
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    if you just like slashing monsters and the fast paced of the game i would recommend you to try diablo 2. if you like story, lore etc etc you could give d1 also a try.
    but you have to remember that d2 is 10+years old so basically if you also look at graphic as high factor of liking/disliking a game you better wait for d3.
    still you should give d2 a try.
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    Just play Diablo III and all your problem will be solved, nuff said.
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    I would say if you love Torchlight, you will love D2 too. But do keep in mind the game is 12 years old. And will look old. However gameplay is great. That's why a ton of people still play it. Do get the expansion too, because besides new content, it also allows you to increase the resolution. Otherwise you are stuck with a resolution of 640x480.
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    Well, I'll wait for the release date announcement and see if you can work a Diablo 2 playthrough to at least Nightmare Difficulty. Or if you prefer just to get a run through of the lore, just through Normal will suffice. But the game only gets real good until at least Nightmare...better loot, more challenging ect.
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    try Diablo 2 WHIT the expansion (makes quite a difference)

    its a very VERY fun game... i still play it very often!

    but now that im "quite" experienced (lol read played for 12!! years) i only play Hardcore.

    but you should start out whit softcore, meaning its ok to die. if you play hardcore. its not ok to die ;) if you die then. your DEAD, your character is dead for ever whit its gear and all!
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    I still play D2, and it's fun, but the graphics and mechanics are dated. It's nice to play through it so you get a feel for what's leading up to D3, but I'm guessing the game will turn you off from ever finishing Nightmare. I was determined to plow through Hell, but I'm finding SW:TOR to be too damn addicting as I wait for D3. If you want to know about the history of the game, I'd buy the Book of Cain. Good read, if that's something you might enjoy.
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    Thanks everybody, I am glad to see that I appear to have some sort of clue of what I'm talking about seeing as how most of these responses are what I figured. Good news is I'm happy to see a helpful and positive community here. I am thrilled to hear (on youtube) that there's more beta codes being given out!! So I think i'll see if i can borrow a friend's copy of D2 and try it out for now and continue watching and learning as much as I can about D3 and the lore. The lore really does interest me, looking at the books as well... think I know the overall story so far, but being a HUGE Halo fan and knowing as much as I do about that franchise I'm sure a story that's been around twice as long has just as deep a story...
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    Try Diablo 2. It's amazing. I still play it sometimes and it makes fun. But play battle-net with other players.
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    Diablo 2 is multi faceted, I mean almost all blizzard games are. You can never really win, there is so much to do and explore. And finally when you do kill him, go try it with another class, then on hardcore. The fun is in that fact it's never the same twice.
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    D2 is certainly worth trying. As others have said, graphics are pretty dated, but the gameplay is still fantastic. D2 is capable of holding your interest for a while and still stands up well against Torchlight.

    The original Diablo is another story. You'll definitely notice that it's lacking in features compared to the much newer torchlight. It can still be fun though.
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    You really should try Diablo 2. It really gets you into the Diablo scheme and lore, and there's a lot of lore there that will surely be on Diablo 3. It is a very good game also, I mean, even if it's an old one, I started playing it about a year ago and finished it in 2 months or so, and I also played the expansion which is also really good. I have never played Torchlight so I'm afraid I can't give a point there, but perhaps I will try it out someday. Anyways, playing Diablo 2 will surely get you to have a different view of Diablo 3 - a deeper one.
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    TBH, I feel Diablo 2 despite the fact it is very old game, it is still pretty cool to play even nowadays. Each time I launch it I am amazed of all the good job Blizz have done back then, that they paid attention on every miniscule detail, such as the day and night cycle, some weather effects, the critters running away from your feet in rogue encampment and all those animations that makes the game feeling it is alive. Many older games had very still graphics mostly, and even games that were released after Diablo 2 also failed to create the feeling of exploring live world.

    So I would certainly recommend you to play Diablo 2 at least, while waiting for D3 (which is being delayed all over again...)
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