Problem Playing D2 LOD

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    Started playing D2 finally again, for like the 40th time, first time LODer. Sometimes in game, everything will stop, then resume with parts of the game missing, like the graphic for the ground will be gone, only certain things viewable while the rest is black. The resulting image problem also makes items on the ground via ALT button appear as only a few letters with the rest missing, for example,

    __a__h p__i__ for health potion. All it takes to fix this, is ALT TABBING back to the desktop and re-clicking the playing icon, the image restores itself. I noticed however the error message I get when I tab out, it reads as such:

    Display Drive Intel Graphics Accelerator Drivers
    for Windows Vista(R) stopped responding and
    has successfully recovered.

    Now i JUST noticed something when writing this, it says VISTA but I upped this laptop to windows 7..... hmmm.

    Now, my problem is not that sometimes I have the above error, its solved with alt tabbing. By problem is eventually ALL the time, i get a worse problem. The game stops, and never recovers. It stops the laptop from working, keys dont work, nothing and it doesnt recover. This requires a manual shutdown which im worried will eventually damage my laptop. Ive had to do this minimum 10-15 times now in the 3-4 days ive been playing,

    What is the problem and how can I fix and stop it so I can play DIABLOOOOOOOOOOO
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    BTW guys, its me. I made DIMD forever ago when I couldnt remember this accts login details, so finally im back! Please help though.
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    Right click on the shortcut for D2 LoD and the then properties.
    Go to the compatibility tab and then disable visual themes and disable desktop composition and place a check mark on run in administrator mode.

    That should take care of the issues.

    If problem continues than I suggest to reinstall the game and install the game to c:\Games\Diablo II. The reason I suggest this is that Windows Vista/7 likes to be to protective of the programs folder and does not allow the game to have full access to the files that the game needs.

    other things that may help is.

    Get the latest drivers for your videocard as well as the operating system.

    Check to see if your security software is blocking D2 from accessing parts of the game.

    If problems still occur please tell me more of your computer.
    Such as if Windows 32 or 64 bit.
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    The installation location will come in handy when I install my original Diablo 2 and LoD disks (never needed to buy more) onto my new machine. Windows 7 64 bit.
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