Are you bored with D2?

Poll: Are you bored with D2?

Are you bored with D2? - Single Choice

  • Not sure 1.9%
  • Maybe a little 26.9%
  • No 7.7%
  • Yes 63.5%

Poll: Will you snap out of your bordom?

Will you snap out of your bordom? - Single Choice

  • Not sure 17.3%
  • Maybe, some day 40.4%
  • No 25%
  • Yes 17.3%
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    I know that some of you, or a lot of you, if not most, are bored out of your skulls with D2. It could be because you find it mundane, or you've done every build, or the story just is getting old with you.

    I would like to hear as to what it is about D2 that you are bored with, and why. Also, do you think you will ever snap out of the bordom zone.

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    Ive been playin D1. Kinda been bored of d2 a lil for a while. for all your Trans Siberian Orchestra listening pleasure
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    1) rune words, bots, shops, d2 jsp destroyed the game.
    2) theres no co op these days all u do is rush ur char, lvl up and then just mf with ur pals or go lone wolf
    3) hacking and botting in pvp - fcr, fhr, auto tele, bugs (charge bug, charge freeze - not fixed for years).
    4) graphic in d2 is rlly twisting my balls lately xD
    5) system that bans normal players when u connect to multiple games too fast - clever but rlly dosnt solve the problem of botting

    had fun with d2 for years. and will never forget it :)

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    Well in my 'Games Most Played' list, D2 comes second only to 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein'. And hell i am still not bored with Wolfenstien. Can't say that about D2 though. It has gotten a bit uninteresting now. But every game does at some point.
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    Yes, I'm bored by the fact that you can be lvl 70 pretty fast by following one dude that kill everything and send you the tp.

    I guess in Diablo 3 this kind of rush will be out, because there is no TP.

    The bots are another annoying things that spoil the experience. I hope Blizzard will be more present in Diablo 3 to avoid this kind third party application.
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    So if I vote no on the first, what do I vote for the second?
    I have to field answers for both...
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    1 simple reason: lot of years playing
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    Ya, I'm pretty sure most here are in consensus on just so many years playing. It's the game I've played the most in my life and I just can't do it anymore. It will not be reinstalled. After my last run to level 80 with my hardcore wind druid(r.i.p. MaceWindooo), I think it was just time to say goodbye to D2. I'm doing some D1 playing now!! :D
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    Quote from Nektu

    I know that some of you, or a lot of you, if not most, are bored out of your skulls with D2. It could be because you find it mundane, or you've done every build, or the story just is getting old with you.

    I would like to hear as to what it is about D2 that you are bored with, and why. Also, do you think you will ever snap out of the bordom zone.

    Hey Nektu, this is an interesting question.

    For me my d2 experience ended about 2 years ago. The only reason I'm back is to get that hard as hell elusive lvl 99 char(cosmetic) yeah I know...

    But D2 is the only game where I haven't reached the MAX lvl... SO once I attain that I'm done, I'll delete all my copies and just move on to newer better games and just leave D2 to my fond memories. I remember sittin on the couch when I was in HS late on a friday night playing D2 on the big screen(projector)... That night was awesome!! I also played abit of Wc3 TFT on it - Played some Sheep tag, that was crazy.

    I think blizz really screwed up how XP was handled... You shouldn't have to run the "last area" in the game to get the "best" xp to get the "highest" lvl... I can understand if they want it to be difficult. But ATM I think its insane. I'll still attempt it (All legit btw) however, I still think its crazy how many runs / hours you have to baal to get a lvl 99 character in D2.

    In saying that my favorite time In D2 was the 1.09 cow days. No runewords... Yes you could get a 99 char in 3 days... big whoop... so ladder was pointless who cares eh? As Blizz as said "lvl 99 doesn't make or break the game" but what they did to the game did BREAK the game... If you know what I mean.
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    Some of the things that have ruined game play for me are, in no particular order; bots, always doing the same runs for xp, dupes, web sites that sell D2 items for cash, insificient content, not having the same play times as the people I know.

    Right now I'm just walking the game by myself. It is a little bit more fun. I think that if Blizzard had put out more expansions, like they did with WoW, it would gave made the game even more enjoyable. But to give us new patches with barely any new content over the years has pushed players away. That and not taking a firmer stance on duped items, items being sold for cash and bots for adds or bots that do mf runs.

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    Diablo 2 in its core is my favorite game of all time. The problem is bots/trade system/world pk(hardcore). In hc you can find a chant game get to level 24, get a Grush and baal and be level 80 within 3 hours. When I play, I like to actually do all the quests and walk through... so the game doesnt work for my style of play any more.
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    I think I got tired of everything D2 have.
    1 - Bots for ads; 2 - Bots for rushes; 3 - No in-game transfer system;
    4 - Lack of personalization at end game since everybody uses the same Builds and exactly the same itens (forced, cause others builds and gears would suck in Hell);
    5 - Temp ban while playing legit;
    6 - always worried about dupes when trading;
    7 - Useless NPCs (gold for what? Buying Tomes?);
    8 - primitive/fail crafting system;
    9 - broken runewords;
    10 - Full imunities (prevents you for experimenting in solo games);
    11 - Over dependency on Hirelings; 12 - excess of shitty itens; 13 - lag/instability;
    14 - graphics (not Blizzard´s fault I know);
    15 - Lack of new content (like more pandemonium events and D clone stuff).

    Most of these probably can´t be corrected cause the core game has its limits, but others (dupes and bots) Blizzard clearly fails to solve. All this plus item shops and vicious character leveling services ($10 for a lvl 90 char. $#%@ you). After so much time I can´t overlook them anymore. I will always remember Diablo 2 as my most played game (for now atleast), but I moved on and I´m happily waiting for D3.
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    i like pvp, and i like the coop option. currently everyone in pvp uses mods cuz they suck, and theres not enough time for people to do nice long walks, plus the parties usually become less dynamic and the game less challenging when someone decides they want to xfer items over.
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    I'm bored of Diablo II, even though I love it. It's just that I've played it so much for so long, I know it too well, and therefore, all the compelling factors of the game are out the door for me. Knowing exactly what to do for every quest, knowing every set item and unique in the game before I even identify it, making the same cookie cutter build I have for years, to get what? The same fortune I had on an account 2 years ago that expired? The sense of purpose is gone, and it's what keeps me from playing it anymore. It's due time for a change.

    When D3 hits, everything will be refreshed. And I mean everything.
    - New Characters
    - New Skills and BRAND NEW Traits
    - New Monsters and Bosses
    - Better Cinematics
    - New Music
    - More and new loot
    - Dedicated PvP
    - New functionality
    - New Quests - continuation of the beloved story left off from D2
    - New Acts
    - New and improved graphics
    - New "mercenaries"
    - New and improved Vendors
    - A revamped Trading system
    - Achievements

    I could go on, but you get the idea. The sense of surprise and thrill will return. I can feel it.
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    Of PvP-ing and PvM-ing? Yes. Of all the minigames? NO! I juggernaut all the time so I never get bored.
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    Haven't played D2 in over a year now, maybe even 2 years.. Sad truth is I don't think I'll ever go back to actually play it. Maybe for a quick second to compare D2 to D3 and smile. I'm done with D2 because I honestly can say I've experienced 100% of the game. I'd bet my life that I've played over 2000 hours of D2, probably closer to 3000, maybe even more. Played it daily for years, hours at a time. Weekends would consist of my best friend coming over and us playing D2 online, just in the same room lol.
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    It isn't just D2... I have been playing the older dungeon crawlers for years... I mean:

    NWN 2
    IWD 2
    Torchlight (not old but it ultimately didn't last me that long tbh)
    Titan Quest
    Diablo 2

    (and expansions in most cases)

    These were all still being replayed by me regularly up until Blizcon 2010. Since then and seeing a more complete D3 I sort of feel lost with these other titles. D3 is introducing so much to freshen up the genre that these other games just feel flat by comparison.

    It is a shame as some of my best gaming moments were the plot twists that hide within these classic titles.

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    I don't play D2 cause it's fun. I merely play it cause it's one of my compulsions to do so.
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    Really? I've never had a compulsion to play D2. For a long time it was like an addiction. I needed my fix.

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    Not Bored.
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