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    I am getting this error message when I try to connect to Battle.net in Diablo 2 (not LoD): "Unable to Identify Application Version". I have look on the Blizzard Support website, but it's out of date, claiming that I need a CD in the tray. However, I have downloaded the game from the Battle.net website. Anyone have any ideas as to what the problem is?

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    try deleting, redownload and reinstall maybe.
    i've had that before, and think it was an installation problem due to unorthodox install. (installing over network due to no cd rom drive or some other craziness).

    also found this, you might try this first before reinstalling:
    I'm having a bit of a frustrating problem, and seeing as it is a holiday I cannot contact Blizzard's tech support directly.

    I have (LEGIT) digital downloads for both D2 and LOD from Blizzard.com, so it can't possibly be a pirating issue. I had lost my CDs/Case for D2 so I bought a digital download, and I registered my LOD CD-Key on the Blizzard website to get the digital download for it free of charge.

    After installing both without a hitch, I noticed a rather irritating issue that I'm hoping can be resolved.

    When I attempt to run D2:LOD by using the Desktop shortcut, I get the error message "Battle.net is unable to properly identify your application version".

    What's VERY odd about this, is that if I attempt to run D2:LOD directly from the INSTALLER, I do not get that error at all. Does anyone know why or have any experience with this? I'd like to be able to use my desktop shortcut (primarily because I want to play in windowed mode by adding -w to the shortcut) and not have to start up the installer every single time.

    Thanks for reading this! I tried not to make it a wall-o-text.

    EDIT: I FIXED IT! What I did was change the program so that not only does it run in XP compatibility mode, I am also running it as Administrator. Seems to have done the trick! I hope perhaps someone else that is having this issue can solve it the same way.

    OS: Vista Ultimate
    Solution: Right click on LOD desktop icon and enter properties. Change the compatibility mode to XP and also check the box so run as administrator.

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    Thanks blood doll, running it in compatibility mode for XP and administrator seemed to do the trick. Thanks again for the find!

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    np glad it worked :)

    they'll never see me coming..
    life is a sequence of tragedies, inconsistent only by fleeting, elusive moments of pleasure,
    serving only to ensure absolute vulnerability to the pain of their inevitable absence.
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    Just come back from a 3 year break from Diablo LOD. i have a legit cd copy of diablo 2 and diablo LOD installed on windows 7. This copy worked fine a couple of years ago when installed on my windows xp.

    After a bit of trouble installing it on my computer i manage to get it working but i cant seem to connect to battle.net because battle.net was Unable to Identify Application Version.

    i am running the game in windows xp compaitabilty mode as the admin so i am clueless on how to get it up and running on battle.net. Tired reinstalling it a couple of times and looked at othere sites for help but no joy :(

    Anyone suggestions would be great and thanks inadvanced.

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    Emobiscuit, I cannot help with your problem, but seeing as your new here, please refrain from posting in any thread that hasn't seen activity in 3 or more months as this is thread necromancy and cannot be tolerated. I also suggest to read the rules here.
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    run in administrator mode (right click program)

    I have to do this for Ventrilo and Diablo 2 with Windows 7
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    As far as I can see, he said that he has tried running it in administrator mode:

    i am running the game in windows xp compaitabilty mode as the admin

    Unless he justs means he is an administrator and is trying to run it while logged on as one, which isn't the same as right-clicking on the program and hitting "Run as Administrator".

    Emo, I'm assuming you tried this?

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    If you are receiving an error message that says "unable to identify application version", then your game data may have been altered or corrupted in such a way that Battle.net no longer can determine if you need the patch.

    When you connect to Battle.net, it will check the version of the game you have installed and patch the game to the latest version if necessary. If Battle.net cannot determine the version of the game you are running, then it will not allow you on. Only the latest game version will be able to join Battle.net. First, just to rule out any type of connection problem and to make sure you are not getting a false error message, please try to join Battle.net a few times in a row.

    If you are using Windows Vista, the first thing to try is to launch the game in Administrator mode. Right click on the game icon and a popup menu should appear, select Run As Administrator from this menu to see if this allows the game to start correctly.

    Also, make sure you are using the original game CD in your CD-ROM drive. Any programs or patches that allow the game to run without the CD in the CD-ROM drive are not supported and may cause this error.

    In addition to third-party programs causing this problem, a virus may alter the game data and prevent you from joining Battle.net.

    VIRUS CHECK: Please make sure that you are using the most current update for your virus detection software. If a virus is detected, you will want to clean the infected files, not delete them. Deleting the infected files could cause serious problems with your system. After you have cleaned those files, the programs that were infected will most likely need to be re-installed in order for them to work properly. If your virus detection software is not able to detect or clean the infected files, or if you do not have any virus detection software, then please try a virus scanner listed below:


    REINSTALL GAME: In order to restore the original game data files, we recommend that you fully reinstall and patch the game before trying to log onto Battle.net again. You may wish to back up your saved games to another directory before uninstalling the game. Now reinstall the game and download the patch from http://www.blizzard.com/patches/.

    Now you should be able to log into Battle.net again. If the "unable to identify application version" error happens again, this indicates that the game data is continuing to be altered and a virus may still be present on your system. You may need to contact your system manufacturer or your local computer technician for additional help cleaning the system.

    Blizzard does not officially support Windows 7 with Diablo II yet, but that is an issue from other OS's, as well, that this might help you troubleshoot. (The part in red is a bit outdated, but you could try the other things.)
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    Blizzard help says you have a virus when that message comes up, but that is a lie. I spent months purging my hard drive with virus, malware, and trojan scanners of all kinds, including reformatting my hard drive. Then once I finished reinstalling everything, I tried the Run as admin, and voila! :facepalm:

    You have to right click on the DII link, and select Run as Admin every single time you run the program. You can't just set yourself as admin in the Control panel, for some reason that isn't enough.
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