Duriel wtf drop.

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    So I was playing D2 singleplayer with my fire sorceress and fight against duriel for the first time as that char.
    After a battle and 1 death I finally beat him.

    And what does he drop? A town portal and a yellow katar that's worth nothing.

    How is that even possible? Aren't bosses forced to drop a lot of goodies?

    Also, I sometimes had levels with a very small amount of mobs, and I've yet to find a charm.

    What. D:

    How is this possible.:(
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    Haha I hear ya bud. In all my fights with Duriel, I've never gotten really anything good. Ever, a unique ring turned out to be a Manald (No surprise there). But even in hell he drops gold, town portals, crappy set items and uniques. I have no idea why this is, but never have any hope in getting something good from him, because the chances are pretty much slim to none.
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    IT happened to me lots of times in D2 that a boss dropped a health potion only... with some gold or a tp scroll..
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    Duriel was nice enough to say "Heres a town portal I mean you are traped in here right., right? After I die ya got no wheres to go so here ya go man im sorry to be such a pain in the ass so heres your scroll with the little blue thing on it."
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    The best drop I got from him is an arach mesh, but for the rest of the time he drops crap. Still, I do some duriel runs hoping that he drops a ber or a jah :D

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    I hope they fix that in D3. XD
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    Quote from "Airandius" »
    I hope they fix that in D3. XD

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    Duriel drops are always shitty. He's OP'd, and drops nothing even in Hell mode. He often just drops gold and a tp after I kill him. He's easy to kill really..he's just hard when you're still on Normal and have a weak character and all that stuff.

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    Duriel never gave me shit, it was always the unique monster hanging out in the staff room that dropped good stuff lol.

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    Ive had this happen soooo many times myself....very annoying especially is the battle was hard fought
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    I just kill Durial randomly just so I can piss on his corpse later.
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    Duriel has the highest chance to drop a BK ring in hell. I probably found 5-6 of them in one ladder season.

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    Quote from "Airandius" »

    How is that even possible? Aren't bosses forced to drop a lot of goodies?

    Nope. He has a good chance, although "good" is of course relative. He has a higher chance of dropping "Junk" compared to the Three, coupled with a lower chance to get good items. His drop chances are just about as good as Andariel's, except the drop different items due to their monster levels.
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    I would have to agree in part that Duriel drops junk most of the time. Though I must admit I used to run all the bosses for days on end. I got many good items from him that I found nowhere else. I found Wisp projector ring, Tgods belt, war travs, arachs and numerous other items. Not saying they don't drop elsewhere they just never dropped for me. He didn't drop anything very often so I would say he is skippable if you are in a hurry. He can drop good you just have to keep looking for it.
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    Bosses are actually not required to drop anything. I've killed them well in the hundreds if not over a thousand times MFing and there have been many times nothing has dropped. Literally.
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    Yeah, duriel is really mean when it comes to dropping stuff, I remember when he dropped a SOJ (only one time in 5 years), then I told my friends about that, they were laughing at me and called me crazy :D
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    I think I can recall him dropping a few rare and expensive Uniques for me a few times a long time ago. But I figured killing the summoner (which is now a good thing for Hkeys, so it's not such a hard task), finding out which tomb he's in, then finding his lair wasn't worth the time to get a TP scroll.
    But, as a monster with a higher mLvl than others, and a boss still, he does have a higher chance to drop some things like the unique rings, etc..

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    I think its done on purpose. Blizzard is laughing, "why would you go through all the BS to fight Tal Rasha over and over, unless your a sorc or have one partied with tele, theres no point, so lets make shit dropes."
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    I always liked that Assassin weapons sold for practically nothing. It just goes to show you how special they are. Cause no one but the Sins can use them that even vendors are like, "What the hell am I supposed to do with this?"

    But anyway, I've easily had shittier drops than even that from D2 bosses.
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    My worst drop ever is nothing. I got this 'nothing' from Andariel on Normal difficulty. She didn't even give me a penny.
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