Summoning Druid Build

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    I was looking around the forum and wiki for a build for summoning druid and couldn't find anything. Anyone know the build and is it any good compared to summoning necro?
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    Compared to the summoning necro it's nothing, but I used to play a Hardcore Hunter. 20 in both wolves, bear, life oak and life "snake" or whatever. To keep me entertained, I used throwing axes and a shield. But it's not very viable, your summons aren't that strong in hell
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    Are you talking about a pure summon build or a wolf-clan/wolf-brother/wolf-kin/whatever build? They are completely different. A pure summoning build would just be using the wolves/bears and anything to buff them. A wolf-kin build is using the summons in conjunction with werewolf and fury.
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    wolf-kin sounds like it might be fun, hows that build go and does it require good gear?
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    Quote from "Gotan" »
    does it require good gear?

    Only a decent weapon.
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    Basically you get 10 in werewolf, 10 in lycanthrapy, and 20 in fury in the Shapeshift tree, then 10 spirit wolves, 10 dire wolves, 10 bears, 1 raven, 1 oak, 1 poison creeper (Prereq) and 1 carrion vine. Get heart of the wolverine if you want more damage over more health.

    You should have plenty of spare points, so if you want to boost your damage, put more points in werewolf and lycanthrapy, if you want to boost your summon's damage, put more in the spirit/dire wolves/bears. Just one point in raven, oak, carrion vine, or heart of the wolverine though.

    Just a basic rough guide, but you get the idea. Basically it's a combination of the Zealadin and the Summonmancer. :P
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    Thanks i'll have to give that a try, I'm guessing normal stats (str for gear, no dex, no mana and rest into vit).
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    I always put like 10 extra points into mana, but that's just me personally. I do that with all classes that use magic. (ie Sorc, Necro, etc)
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