Why does Diablo 2 lord of destruction keep freezing on my new windows vista premium

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    can anyone help me ?
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    Mine does that as well. Except it flashes for a while, and then the graphics screw up and everything goes mysteriously black. Work of the devil!
    I had to download a patch just to get it running, so the answer is: Go Back To XP
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    could you please tell me where u got the patch ?
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    Due to vista being gay. ]:
    Sorry, it's true.

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    Throw the Vista into garbage and get Ubuntu... for me, Windows is shutting down with Vista, I can live with crap, but not that crap...
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    Vista is known to have problems with games. Even with current, not just older. A friend of mine has the same issues with Lord of the Rings Online (runs perfectly well on a way worse system with Windows XP). The main issue is that Vista uses up ur ram. If u have less than 1.5 gb ur fucked. Try to get a ram cleaning program to make it work slightly better but i'd suggest u to get back to XP.

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    vista doenst use all of the ram...

    vista puts the ram to good use

    so that none of its wasted...

    i guess its just bad for games.

    so when theres an update for that

    download it

    would recoment at least 2gigs for vista / games anyways
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