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    I'm new here,joined today seeking help.
    I find this game to be incredibly challenging and hard.
    My character is a level 20 Warrior on dungeon number 13 (first dungeon of Hell).I am playing singleplayer and believe on normal difficulty since the game didn't ask me to choose one.
    My stats are as follow:
    Strength 59 76
    Magic 23 32
    Dexterity 48 67
    Vitality 56 60

    My armor is:
    Harlequin Crest
    Optic Amulet
    Red Ring of Skill (+8 Dexterity)
    Empyrean Band
    Glorious Armor of Power( +76 % Armor ,+13 Dexterity)

    My weapons are:
    Sapphire Hammer of Slaying(Resist lightning: +54% ,Adds 8 points to Damage)
    Shield of Skill (+7 Dexterity)

    I sometimes use Sword of the Moon(6-15 damage , +5 to all attributes)
    My damage is 28-32 ,to hit 83% and Armor Class 42 .

    The problem I am facing is that I cannot advance forward in the 13th dungeon because enemies are literally slaughtering me at any given moment.I try to play tactically,to get in front of a door so enemies can attack me one at a time-but there are no doors in hell,using Mana Shield and Town Portal as my only spells... My biggest problems are archer types enemies,like Succubus.There are dozens of them at any given moment firing 10+ blood stars at me ,and seem to run away every time I approach them.
    I just need a few tips on how to deal with such range type enemies who run away from you all the time leading you in bigger groups of enemies.
    Thank you for your time reading this.
    Let me excuse me for any grammar mistakes and a wall of text.
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    It's been forever and a decade since I played Diablo 1. But if I recall correctly, mobs that run away from you are on a chain of sorts. So if they run off, you should be able to do the same, which will make them chase after you.
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    Same problem...
    Strength: 57_68
    Magic: 29_56
    Dex: 46_67
    Vitality: 52_63
    Life: 184
    Mana: 69 (lol)

    armor: 65
    to hit: 103%
    Damage: 25-37

    Res Magic:32%
    Res Fire: 32%
    Res lighting: 52%

    Gnarled root (Damage: 3-6)
    +20% to hit
    +300% Damage
    +10 Dex
    +5 Magic
    +10% res all
    -10 armor
    Jade spint mail (armor: 34)
    +22% Res all
    Saintly crown of the stars (armour: 8)
    +120% amour
    +11 all atributes
    Valiant shield (armour: 7)
    +66% armour
    rings and amulet (in total)
    +11 magic
    +60% light radius
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    Good goood good good good
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