Diablo 1 issues

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    After the d3 release date was set a friend and I were planning on playing through d1 and d2, but after installing my friend is unable to play the game, once the opening cinematic starts the game crashes. The dual monitor problem isn't the issue, and he says his drivers and such are all up to date.

    The error he gets is: appver: 2011.5.11.1 offset: 0002e284 modname: storm.dll modver: 1999.11.18.1

    Can anyone shed some light on this issue?
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    Ah yes, I have ran into this problem b4 what you have to do is run the game in windows mode. The way I got to run D1 in windows mode is that I found a draw.dll file on the web and was told to put that in my Diablo directory and then startup Diablo.exe and then see what happens.

    If you're still interested just reply and I'll send the DL link to you ;)

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