So who used to kill their friends on PS1 Diablo

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    I just was wondering if anyone besides me used to love to shoot their warrior friend in the back while playing a rogue during coop mode in Diablo1. It used to give me no end of delight and he used to get so pissed.
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    I forgot D1 even came to PS1. I never played it personally, as I had endless enjoyment killing complete strangers on D1. :P
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    That were golden times, when I with my brother and cousins have been pvp'ing on D1. Always there was Sorcerer who placed 4 firewalls in order to create area of battle. That was the best PVP after nights of leveling :)
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    Diablo 1 on PS1? Never heard of it. Sounds sick. :D
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    Good goood good good good
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