The voice of diablo,

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    when u started to play diablo 1 it was clearly one of the best games in the world, the ppl that played it was going up and also, but now when it comes to my question,

    What was the first thing u did when you faced Diablo, and heard his voice by entering his chamber in hell.
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    Honestly. I had the game on mute so i didnt hear it... haha when i did hear it though i must admit it was quite a daunting experience. The pressure builds as you realise that its the last boss in the game, and of course the hardest one, which showed through his absolute ruining of me... But yeah i must say i felt a bt anxious.
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    I thought the best touch was on the installation screen, when Diablo just laughs at you. At the time I was 7 years old and that stuff right there is nightmare fuel to be sure.
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    The Butcher was way much scarrier to me when I was younger! :D And I always get a chill down my spine when I hear " Not even death can't save you from me " in D2.

    D1 was too awesome. : ( It's a pity I was too young at its peak...
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