Is Hellfire canon?

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    So recently I've been seeing how Blizzard is pretty much ignoring the shit out of Hellfire. I can only assume it is because of them not being the developer on the game, but it feels pretty weak imho. I think it was Eidos who was credited for making the expansion, and it was a really fun and really good expansion!

    But on the the subject, a lot of things happened in the expansion that I'm not sure if it counts as canon lore. Not only does the last boss play a major role in the big scheme of hell and heaven, but the whole inect-y things and all the characters that are introduced, are those also ignored by Blizzard?

    Btw, Hellfire had the best classes of all time.

    Of all time!
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    Nope, definitely not canon. Blizz didn't support even the idea of Multiplayer for Hellfire, that pretty much speaks for all. It sure had some cool editions ( and some lame aswell ) but it's not a canon, sorry. :)
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