Have you dusted off your Diablo CD recently?

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    Greetings, I'm a follower of this website but I havent ever posted. I recently reinstalled not only diablo, but Windows itself.

    I was wanting to know if anyone still played the Classic Diablo we all grew up loving. If you do perhaps youwould be interested starting up some online games again, (Only Legit players please). I would be interested. Now I know someof you might like the idea but others just hang around to help and that's cool, but maybe everyone would liek to have perhapsa monthly game night for those who hang around and a weekly game night for those who would liek to play activly again (any anyone else wanting to play more, feel free, i just can't be on as much).

    My point is, I loved Diablo. It's not my first PC game I ever owned (that was Star Trek: Armada), but it was the first game I could actually play on my computer. I loved the shareware and I had to get this game! From there i have made and remade characters and now I have none, even my Hellfire ones are all gone, but I want to start over and finnish it up again.

    I see there is somone leveling there toon to 50, and if they would like to try multiplayer I would LOVE to join in the fun.

    To those who don't know, Multiplayer is max of 4 players in a single game, and has 3 Difficulties (unlikesingle player, which has one), and only has 5 quests, The Butcher, The Skelton King, The Chamber of Bone, The Archbishop Lazerus, & Diablo - The Lord of Terror.

    I would also be willing to "convert" and set up my Hellfire to get multiplayer again if anyone would be interested as well (I haven't played on hellfire before).
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    Diablo 1 would rock :) Too bad I dont have much time to play right now :(.. I hope that changes before D3 comes out!
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    im down :d3d:
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    Awesome! How about this sat?
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    i have both HUGE boxes ready for a nice photo opertunity when diablo III finally comes out..  shame there isnt a big diablo 3 box to go with them, but should make a nice photo either way =P 16 years in the making? my copy of diablo is older than my kids! will have to load it up and meet yall's on there!
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    i have been thinking about it for awhile, but it is unlikly that i will get around to actualy doing so. but i did find my old cd, and it still works.
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    I have no idea where my old CD is. And this depresses me. I was kind of wanting to play for a few minutes the other day just to remember the old days.
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    I wouldn't mind playing through some Classic Diablo again. My personal preference would be Hellfire but can you even play Hellfire on Battle.Net? I remember being able to unlock LAN play through the command.txt 'hack' but I don't recall an online option in there. If it can be done, I'd definately be interested in playing anytime Sunday thru Tuesday.

    Edit: To whoever's trying to get a toon to level 50, good freaking luck! Haha I played single player Hellfire (allowed all three difficulties on single player) for months and months and months on my Rogue and never got past 47. Grinding Hell and the Crypt gets really, really boring after a while.
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